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  1. Iron Covers

    I rock covers too...$700 irons are gonna be around for a while, why not keep them as nice as possible. As was mentioned before, covers are stock on woods, hybrids and putters...can someone explain the exception?? Not to mention that if my iron covers are bugging you...you should probably pay attention to your own bag.
  2. I hate to agree with a Michigan fan but I'm almost in the same boat as the both of you from PW (45) to GW (52). I was considering getting my GW bent as well but I'll probably hold off for now. The biggest problem that I have with taking something off of the PW is getting the ball to hold on typically fast greens.
  3. Favre to unretire. Again.

    It probably does suck to be Sage Rosenfels. I'm sure it stings to see someone else handed the job buuuut...he was traded from Houston to Minnesota, not signed as a FA. He didn't really have much say in that. He can also look at how long he would have been a backup in Houston behind Matt Schaub. Potentially alot longer than for the 2009-2010 season. I'm also a firm believer that if you've been an NFL backup for 8 years....your probably just an NFL backup. Not to mention that he actually had more time to seperate himself from Tarvaris and apparently couldn't win over the majority of the staff/players. As a fan, I want Favre behind center...as a human, Childress handles the situation poorly. As far as Favre playing poorly last year...most people attribute that to Mangini completely abandoning the run down the stretch, coupled with Favre's bicep. Could be excuses but seems reasonable to me. If Favre throws 19-23 times a game, completes about the same percentage (66%) and can keep the picks to a minimum (for Brett Favre)...I think they'll be really really good.
  4. Favre to unretire. Again.

    Hmmm....I sort of remember Koren Robinson signing with Green Bay post DUI. Odd. Green Bay drafted Tony Mandarich...it must have been shocking to find out that he was on the juice!!! Devastating blow to the franchise. Favre had his issues in Green Bay. Every team in the NFL has players with issues...they're human beings. I live in Ohio and always had a hard time figuring out if Browns or Steelers fans were more delusional...guess I over looked the Packers faithful. By the way, that classless franchise happens to be defending NFC North champs...that must sting, huh?
  5. Favre to unretire. Again.

    I agree that it's old...my point is, who are we to tell him when he has to hang 'em up. As long as players in any sport can un-retire, it's going to happen. Favre isn't the first guy to do it...probably won't be the last. It seems cut and dry to the fan...but we're not getting paid (extremely well) to do something that we love and are expected to give up at a reasonably young age. As for the "getting back at the Packers"...I can't say for sure how much motivation there is to do that. Last year Chicago and Detroit had openings at qb...I didn't hear anything about Favre wanting to go to either of those places. I can, however, say for sure that Adrian Peterson had something to do with Favre wanting to go to Minnesota. Along with the familiarity with the offense and playing in a dome.
  6. Favre to unretire. Again.

    I'm not trying to defend the flip flopping but the bottom line is that when Favre decided that he wanted to come back, Green Bay said that they were going with Rogers. Which is fine. Moral of the story, Green Bay was where he attempted to come back to prior to going to the Jets...right?
  7. Favre to unretire. Again.

    As a Vikings fan, I'm okay with Favre coming in to lead a team that isn't far away from being elite. Do I wish that there was a little less drama surrounding the entire situation...yes. Do I wish that we was in camp with the team...yes. But all in all, the Vikings are a better team with him playing that position and those other things didn't happen. I'm not a Brad Childress fan at all (we should have promoted Mike Tomlin from DC) but he clearly knows that his job is on the line and that dudes named Tarvaris and Sage just aren't going to get it done. As for the bitter sports fan, turn on the Golf Channel. You don't have to watch ESPN. I feel the same way about steroids in baseball. The bottom line is that ESPN can't break down the St. Louis Rams and actually get ratings. As for bitter Packers fans, try not to forget that initially Favre wanted to keep playing in Green Bay. They decided that they were going in a new direction with Aaron Rogers (who is a hell of a quarterback by the way)...so who are you to say when Favre should have to hang it up???
  8. Rife IMO

    Has anyone had a chance to game this putter yet? I can't find anywhere to get my hands on one but they look interesting...
  9. New Scotty California Putters

    Just switch hit...
  10. Callaway X-Forged

    I have the 52*, 56*MD and 60* MD with the C-Grind...couldn't be happier with them. I'm still dialing in some distances, especially with my gap wedge, but I'm not disappointed with my wedges. The MD grooves have chewed through a dozen balls so far but that's to be expected.
  11. Moving to Cincinnati

    Check out www.ovgatour.com I'm from Youngstown, which is way north, but I was looking into starting something similar to their tour up here a few years ago. Even if you don't want to get into the tournament side, I'm sure that Chad would be more than willing to get you pointed in the right direction around Cinci.
  12. Iron Recommendations

    I'm playing the Callaway X-22's and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Any golf club comes down to personal preference though, so like the others said, hit as many as you possibly can. I've been playing Callaway products for 5+ years...they've never given me a reason to change.