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  1. Shot 79 today (+7) at Brookside #1, but was even par through five holes. Gotta hit more fairways and greens to get my index low. My trend is now a 7.1.
  2. Shot an 82 yesterday on Brookside #1 (42/40). The front nine was brutal! Doubled the first hole from a hundred yards out. What a tricky opening hole. I'm thinking of going for the green instead of laying next time because I know I can get there. The only good thing about my golf was posting in the clubhouse and now my trend is a 7.8! Got out a little earlier and over did it on the driving range. Got too overheated before the round and didn't feel good on the first tee. Plus the group I was playing in was slow and the course was packed and the round played in at 6 hours! So a lot of waiting all day. I guess that's the penalty for wanting to play mid morning at Brookside on a Friday. And once again, a five iron on hole #15, a par five, and made bogey. Had the case of the hooks, even with the wedges. It's really frustrating. Thinking about playing a fade on every shot next round so I'll have to work on that on the driving range over the weekend.
  3. Yesterday played Brookside# 1 again and shot yet another 77. This time a 37/40. Back nine was disappointing. Should have shot like maybe a 37 with a 74 total. Had a seven and eight iron on two par fives on the back nine and parred them both. Only one three putt which was on the last hole and made double. Talk about a heartbreaker. A really tough finishing last hole. Ironically had a birdie on a hole with one of the worst drives of the day. Made 14 pars total. Hooking a lot of shots which is what I have to work on. Otherwise, pleased to be shooting in the 70s again. Playing same course today but at an earlier time so maybe the conditions will be different.
  4. Played Brookside #1 from the blue tees and shot 77 (40/37). Had a double and three birdies. Hit 11 fairways and 10 greens with 31 putts. That double I had was with a gap wedge from the middle of the fiairway. Next hole was a 290 par four and made bogey, so round could have been much better, but I'm still pleased.
  5. Shot an +10, 82 today (37/45). Hit about six fairways. Had two doubles and a triple on the back nine, so obviously I could've posted a lower round. Was hooking everything off the tee, but played to the numbers and laid up to every short par 4 except for one where I made a double. Here L.A. the City courses starting to charge more per round so it was like 80 bucks for my dad and I, and the course was in such bad shape you couldn't tell the fairway from the roughen certain holes. But always a good layout. Had a good time. Next time I'm thinking on playing the back tees for the heck of it. Hitting driver in fairway 280 plus today so I think it would be fun to play the course at around 6900 yards.
  6. Just joined the sandtrap today, but yesterday shot a 78. Got a double and a triple, so could have obviously had a lower score. The course was forgiving and I had a lot of three-putts, but two birdies, however I was smart and played to my yardages by not hitting driver on every par four. I tend to prefer a full swing on the second shot on the short par fours. Really pleased with a 78 being a 10.9 index.
  7. My goal for 2018 is to be a better ball striker. I'm a 10.9 index and hoping to be mid-single digits by the end of the year. I have a hook which I hope to get rid of. I tend to pull my wedges which I hope to straighten out. My driver is wild and my putting is terrible. I just switched putters today and am hoping to make more one-putt birdies. My short game is not that bad and right now and I'm making several changes in my bag. Yesterday I played eighteen holes and shot a 78 and it brought my trend down. I plan on playing at least once a week, and continue practicing every day. Maybe if I'm confident about my game I'll play in amateur tournaments again.
  8. I am a 10.9 index now and on a 10.3 trend, hoping to bring my index down to mid single digits. I used to be a 14. I go to the driving range every day and play golf about once a week. I hope to connect with others on this forum. I like to practice, play, and follow the best players in the world. Just thought I'd introduce myself and say hello to everyone.
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