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  1. Winter Depression Thread

    ...om a cheerier note...
  2. Winter Depression Thread

    Here in Western MA it's been snowing for days. Luckily, I have a snow plow and a mat in the drive with a 90yd wedge shot out to a cup and flag in the front yard. I plow and hit wedges, plow and hit wedges. Lately though, there's been no thaw so I can't retrieve the balls. I have a buddy though who gets buckets of balls dropped off by his friend who works at a golf course so I just keep stopping by to get more balls from him. Come the thaw, I'm going to collect about 4 spackle pails full of balls! I'l always psycho this time of year but this season I joined a beautiful private course so my looniness is tenfold.
  3. Banning People who Disagree

    Awesome OP. Spot on. I've never found it too difficult to find the scroll wheel on my mouse!
  4. The shipping is way too expensive.
  5. 2018 Valspar Golf Championship in Tampa, FL

    If Tiger had stuck the 18th pin and birdied, we'd be saying what a wise move it was to go with iron off the tee. There is no greater hindsight than in golf!
  6. Graphite Shaft Irons

    I switched to a set of AP1s with regular flex graphite shafts 3 years ago and I have never struck the ball so well as I do now. The ball flies further and straighter for me. I'm 57 so not particularly old nor was I suffering any big loss of swing speed. I happened to meet a couple of friends late in the season on the course and I just had street clothes and shoes on. Played a couple of holes with my buddy's set and cripes. I was driver PW over the green on the 7th where I usually hit 9 or 8. When he upgraded that winter, I took his set and have used it since.
  7. Taking A Break - A Form of Practice?

    I haven't measured yet this morning but we just got hammered with I'm guessin' 18 inches yesterday and all night. Forced break here in New England too.
  8. Dealing with slow play

    You assume I'm a non-smoker. You're swinging a club 100+mph at a 1.68 in diameter ball with a clubhead that's 40 inches away from your hands and you're suggesting that getting high has no affect on a head game like golf? Sorry bro, leave it in the glovebox for after the round if you truly want to play and score your best.
  9. Re-Write the Anchored Putter Rule

    What perceived advantage was addressed by the ban? Was it just because it looks awkward?
  10. Taking A Break - A Form of Practice?

    Sometimes the best thing for my golf game is my fly rod. I always feel fresh coming back from a short break.
  11. Re-Write the Anchored Putter Rule

    If anchoring was such cheating and an advantage, why did only one in 4 players anchor?
  12. Dealing with slow play

    but it helps my enjoyment immensely on a slow day. As long as you're ok with not playing your best, smoke 'em if you got 'em. If the course is so busy that teeing off means a 5 hr round, I'll grab my fly rod. If there's room ahead of the group I'm following, I've taken to my buddy's approach. We call out to the ahead group and ask to play through. People almost always are more than happy to let you through....they commonly just don't think to initiate it.
  13. My Swing (Kekeisen)

    Kyle, your right knee appears to be totally straightening and locking out on your backswing. Maybe try to maintain some flex in it. That might help with the hips.
  14. Unexpected bonus from a golf book

    I want my book back! -Peter Leadbetter

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