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  1. Oh man, what a drag.....hoping for a speedy recovery for you. I missed an entire season in '14 because of a partial rotator cuff injury. I was able to avoid surgery but it cost me the year and took lots of PT. The real kicker would be the wind. You could pull it off in those conditions but if there's a stiff breeze, it would be brutal.
  2. I honestly don't know why everyone got so torqued about what I said. I even questioned it myself and framed it simply as how it struck me, nothing more.
  3. So my suspicion that he was showboating destroys the notion that he may have been showboating. Got it.
  4. I read the reports when they came out and yeah, there was some speculation but this (some were really wild) one seems about as fair and balanced as any of them. https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2009/12/the-tiger-woods-incident-was-it-domestic-violence/347419/ Something happened to run him off the driveway and to crash his car. Then adjust my financial award closer to 100 million and the POINT I was making is that it was far more about the smashed car and the club she allegedly may have wielded than a simple marital affair.
  5. He "called me out" by referring to Ben Crenshaw? What possibly makes you think it wasn't? I'm going to say this for the final time. The outcome of the tournament was NOT riding on the final putt. Most players in that situation will show a sigh of relief that it's over and that they've won. Fiery outburst type reactions usually come from players in reaction to closing it out with a difficult or at least surprising shot. Ian's a showboater and imo, (which I've stated more than once I could be wrong about) it appeared that his reaction was more about a photo op. There's reall
  6. You are all over the place on this and I just don't know how to explain it in plainer terms or more succinctly. So I'll just wave the white flag on this one.
  7. So she didn't smash his vehicle and she didn't divorce him for a large settlement? Not being the Tiger fan you obviously are, I have not read "the latest report." I understand the strength of field argument but I really like the lifetime invitation because it adds tremendously to the mystique of winning. That said, yes, some players ought to excuse themselves.
  8. TO ALL WIVES AND FAMILY MEMBERS, BE IT KNOWN..... Sunday Afternoon from 3p.m. to 7p.m. kindly leave us the hell alone! signed, golf dads everywhere
  9. Just how Smokey & The bandit can OP be driving to worry about damaging clubs? Lol! I'm only concerned with theft when I tote my clubs in the bed of my truck. A buddy of mine had his clubs lifted from the back of his jeep once. Just how shitty of a human being must you be to steal someon's clubs?
  10. When it results in a wife Fing a player up with a 3 wood and taking 300mil back home to Switzerland, the story kinda gains legs past the sexual content. Just saying that it's not exactly one's "sex life" that's the story. Apologies in advance to our international friends here but I only hope an American wins this year's tourney.
  11. You had to write it twice because it's retarded. Please point out where I remotely suggested that all players showing emotion on the last hole are disingenuous unless the putt they just made was difficult. In Ben's case, he carried Harvey Penick's coffin that week. Players who's win is pre-determined prior to holing out don't generally go all intensity dude on the shot. That's all I'm saying and at that, I copped to quite possibly mis-reading the whole thing.
  12. I don't know what point you're trying to make.
  13. Can anyone recall one single, highly unlikely shot that netted more in a major than Larry Mize's chip in on 11 in 87? I know there have been a slew of great shots played and Norman might have made the long putt to tie but with one swing of the club Larry slam dunked the title!
  14. I certainly may have mis-read him but it just didn't appear to be genuine.
  15. I would have no problem if his emotions were genuine. My suspicion, however, is that he cherishes his "intensity" photo ops. The putt he just made wasn't difficult or clutch.....he could have swiped it multiple times and still won.
  16. I shook my head at his little intensity act yesterday. Beau shit his pants and Poulter had a few putts to win from 6ft. He wasn't over-charged with emotion....he was acting for the cameras... What a tosser.
  17. 4/12/89 I was playing alone and started on the back 9 cause the front was busy. When I came to the first hole to play the front, Geno and Tommy joined me. We made it to the par 3 9th and as I tallied my score, a par would net me an 81. I hit a crisp 155yd 7 iron to the green over a pond. The green was eye level and as it passed the pin it appeared to disappear abruptly....no way...couldn't be...yup, in the hole. I had witnesses, broke 80 and there were only a handful of guys in the bar so it didn't cost me much!
  18. Heading to the range for the first time today. I have a 90yd wedge shot on my own property to a pin but it's time to see what the driver has in store for me!
  19. I'm a tour pro stuck inside a club golfer's body.
  20. I thought OP was talking about the chalk fake balls that explode. They're too fake looking to prank someone into hitting one.
  21. Oh man, what a drag. So sorry to hear but be careful you don't try too much too soon.
  22. I apologize if any true insult is taken. I can only assure you that I can take a joke as well as dish them out~
  23. I have different range sessions. If it's a pre-round warm up my best advice is to walk away! ...if you're hitting them solidly, leave the half bucket on the ground and go play. Nothing worse than snapping the first 10 balls smartly down the range and then spraying the last 10. If it's an early in the spring I-can't-believe-the-F'en-snow-is-finally-gone session then I'm there for the warm sunshine and the fun of it all starting up again....just working on that 'ole keep your eye on the ball, turn properly kind of stuff...let the clubhead do the work etc. Then there's working on fixing
  24. Ha, that's considered Western MA to folks in Boston. Nice rack of bikes.
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