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  1. Again everything I stated pretty much applied to my experience playing golf as I have said over and over. I never said it would apply to everyone but the OP asked for tips and I replied with what helped me. Your obviously a well respected teacher of the game but even the best teachers for some can't help others, like my old friend and top 100 teacher Tom Stickney. Both you and him are too computer, stat, graph oriented for me. Not a cut at either of you, I wish I could have made a living in golf. But old school teachers and my own knowledge of my game always worked best for me. You have 300 plus pages of Tiger was the best, the GOAT as you say. I brought up that Nicklaus was known as the best putter of my era yet when I said I would say in putting, Nicklaus vs. Tiger was a toss up I got blasted. So is Nicklaus a better putter now???
  2. Nothing you post is anything but your opinion just as anything I post is my opinion. Again you state ball striking is your main concern when it comes to teaching and practicing, great, that's what you sell, it might work for the majority of people reading this, just not me. Maybe I'm a great ball striker, I had little trouble hitting driver fairly long and straight in my heyday. I haven't played in almost two years due to medical reasons but I bet after ten or so practice balls I'd be hitting it pretty good. A round or two the irons would probably be decent. IMHO I know through 50 years of playing, some at a pretty darn good level, that my short game was always my downfall and when my putter was working I played with confidence that rubbed off on every aspect of the game. I would imagine that this would apply to others, not all, maybe not the majority. The putting green is a valuable place to practice. There either acccept that there can be a difference of opinion or put the hammer down on me As far as Tiger other places and threads in this forum has Tiger as the best putter of all time. Now I see that has conveniently changed to fit your statements.
  3. Like I said, I feel that anything I say here is going to be disagreed with by you. Everything I state is an opinion, I don't need a bunch of stats or graphs, I'm old school, I say what I say from personal experience. Fifty something years of it. I feel like I've hit a million balls in my life but to me the best thing I ever did for my game was sharpen up my putting.by working hard on and around the putting green and not stopping until I was confident that I could handle the knee knockers and par savers. By the way your comment on tour pros and tap ins is moot because we're talking about beginners not tour pros. And of course you would agree that Tiger wouldn't be where he is today in the history of the game by being just a mediocre putter. How many times has he or Jack made the putt he had to make on 18.
  4. I realize that anything I say you're going to disagree with, seems that way anyway. I think putting is an important part of the game, you don't. I think you're wrong. The old adage is correct, I still hear it a lot. Must have some truth to it.
  5. Ever knock one OB and still par the hole because you made a good putt? One of the biggest confidence builders in the game is the feeling of walking off a green that you just saved par on from 6 feet, yes or no? After all confidence is a big part of shooting good scores, right? Short game isn't important? I know a bunch of gorillas, some that have won long drive contests that couldn't break par on their best day, why because their short games were awful. Sean "the beast" Fister was one. Watched Tom Weiskopf and Gary Player play in Memphis one year, Weiskopf was hitting his one iron past Player's driver, Player was beating him like a Tom Tom. Player had a great short game, made putts, Face it putting is almost half of the game and when it comes to practice, what's easier?
  6. sheepdog

    What Drills does everyone recommend?

    Different strokes for different folks, just remember you play more shots per round with your putter than any other club. Three lousy shots and one fine putt has made par on quite a few parts fours. Then again the old adage, you drive for show and putt for dough.
  7. sheepdog

    What Drills does everyone recommend?

    Wear the putting green out. Think of a game you can play on it. Play every hole with two as par per hole. Don't leave until you can go around it at even par or better.
  8. sheepdog

    Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    Well the mystery guy says he played on tour, did he?
  9. sheepdog

    Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    Wait, he said he played on tour but he's Phil McGleno, yet when I google Phil McGleno I get Mac O'Grady. Surely you can see how little ole me could be confused.👈👉
  10. sheepdog

    Athletes in Every Sport are Better

    Maybe an ignore button would help you.
  11. sheepdog

    Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    There's a guy that played on tour back in the 80s that looked just like his avatar named Mac O'Grady. I think I saw him in Memphis. Did I let a secret out or something????? This place is awfully confusing to an old guy.
  12. sheepdog

    Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    Perhaps my understanding of his statement doesn't jive wjth your understanding of his statement, it happens. Still Mr. O'Grady called me out so I answered with my understanding of his statement
  13. sheepdog

    Athletes in Every Sport are Better

    I love when people hold onto the idea that the players of the 50s or 70s or whatever were the best players, when in EVERY other "sport" - including the "sport" of solving Rubik's Cubes - players continually get better and better. This is your statement, right? I'd say that Babe Ruth is considered a best player of a bygone era. Baseball is considered one of the EVERY other sports. You say players get better in EVERY other sport, I say Ruth is your exception. You have to try and remember what you wrote earlier.👍
  14. sheepdog

    Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    OK I get it, pay attention to what I mean, not what I say. I get it.😎
  15. sheepdog

    Athletes in Every Sport are Better

    Oh Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders were 1st class athletes but do you really think either one of them could do what Ruth did? Let me remind you, before he became the greatest offensive star of the game many considered him the best pitcher in it too. Do you honestly think Deion of Bo would have been a Tom Brady caliber quarterback if given the chance?

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