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  1. sheepdog

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    I'm entitled to my opinion as you are to yours. 18 major wins 19 times placing second, 18 is more than 14, works for me. Tiger #2 GOAT
  2. Collecting old classics was big way back when the pros still hit persimmon. Jack Nicklaus hit a beautiful 1955 Tommy Armour MacGregor driver. Craig Stadler had an old Wilson R90 Sand Wedge. Ben Crenshaw made 1964 Wilson 8802 putters famous with "Little Ben". You could find these old classics at estate sales, still can, for next to nothing. Back then though you could get $500 for a 1955 Tommy Armour driver just like Jack's if you knew the right person. $400 for a 1964 8802 putter. Now no one plays with them anymore. I knew a friend that flew to Japan three times a year back in the 80s. Classic clubs were status symbols to Japanese golfers then and they would pay double what you could get here for these clubs then. Quite a profitable business. The Japanese would pay, $2000 for a 1966 Ping Anser made in Scottsdale by Karsten Soldheim himself, the founder of Ping. This was when Karsten was hawking them on putting greens at PGA tournaments. $600-$800 for a 1966-67 Karsten Co. Ping Anser, made before Karsten patented the Anser. way before Ping became the billion dollar a year company it is now. plate $1000 for a Tommy Armour driver with 5 screws in the sole plate. Clubs had character back then, Woods were works of art. You wanted to have a beautiful cut of persimmon on your woods. You wanted the old Ping putter in your bag. Yup, you can hit today's clubs much farther, they are superior in every way but today's clubs just aren't the beautys of yesterday. Here's a few that never made it to Japan. I still have them but they won't bring much. Anyone else still have a few of the classics? 1964 Wilson 8802, You can tell a real one from a replica, a nickel is the same exact width as the face on a real one. A 1966 8813, Greg Norman used one of these. A 1941 MacGregor Tommy Armour driver, you changed the loft with a wood file, not a special tool. This one spent years in my bag, I never saw a harder piece of wood. A 1950 R90 Wilson Sand Wedge, it weighs about as much as a fire hydrant and a 1967 Karsten Co. Ping putter.
  3. sheepdog

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    The thought of Hogan ever bouncing a ball off the face of a club and entertaining a crowd shows you know little of him or any of the others you mentioned, they were pure business with a club in their hands.. Of all you list the only one that might have tried it was Snead and do you really know that he couldn't. Could Tiger kick the top of a doorway? Snead could well into his 70s, it was a running bet he had at Augusta, do you know??? Tiger #2 GOAT.
  4. sheepdog

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    I'll be back to the Tiger New Testament for The U.S.Open. I'm glad y'all enjoyed my posts. Maybe iacas won't take them down since I seem to differ with him about some things. Can you handle another point of view iacas or will you banish my posts to a spot somewhere on the other side of the moon? The first thread in the index is WELCOME EVERYONE. or is it everyone that thinks correctly? If Tiger wins I'll come back and say Good Job Tiger!!!! If not I'll talk about other things.I won't talk about Tiger coming in 5th, 15th, 25th or missing the cut, well maybe a very little, i won't talk about Tiger and his caddy, I won't talk about Tiger and his bowel movements. I'll talk about what 85% of what should have been the contents of this thread..........the winner. So long friends, see ya' in a few weeks, keep em in the short grass.
  5. sheepdog

    Closed Courses You Formerly Played

    There was a nice little nine hole golf course near Union, Missouri that closed around 2008 or 2009. My in laws live there. It was owned by Larry Ziegler or maybe his family who played the tour back in the 60s or 70s. Nice little hilly course that surely wasn't set up by any golf architect. The 9th was a dogleg left par five of about 500 yards, straight up a hill for the last 150. Had a little creek that ran across the fairway about 280 or 290 out. I used to love to try and hit it over it, usually without much luck. The last time I played there I put one of the best swings on a driver I ever made and flew it by about 15 yards. Hit 5 iron to the front edge and two putted for birdie. Might have shot 34 or 35. Nice course, a lot of fun, next time I showed up it was overgrown grass and weeds, shame.
  6. sheepdog

    Wearing Out Grooves; Seriously?!

    Ever see the famous picture of Hogan's one iron at Merion. The club was stolen shortly there after and was found thirty or forty years later. The guy that found the MacGregor one iron knew it had to belong to a real good player because of the dime sized wear mark on the face. Hogan must have hit the sweet spot pretty much every time he hit a ball. It was very noticeable.
  7. sheepdog

    Y’all ever sneak on to a course?

    Sure back when I was young and broke. Public course not known for being in the greatest shape. Played 2 balls,11 through 17. Would do it an hour before sunset. Pretty much practice for the weekend. Learned to hit a lot of shots with no one watching or rushing me. Usually wound up playing till it was dark. For a while some others were there too, some well known Memphis players, we had a little game for a while. In a way it is one of my favorite memories of my younger days.
  8. sheepdog

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    I've been on another thread here today at the all Tiger Forum. One of the members showed some amazing tricks Tiger could do with a club and I admit they were darn good. The next poster insinuated that not one of the greats from the past could do the same. I brought up the fact that Chi Chi Rodriguez was great at that stuff too, I'd seen him do it, Did all the same stuff, maybe even better at it than Tiger, dunno. The Slammer had Seve like abilities with a club, he could use a 4 iron to hit explosions out of a bunker or hit a putter 200 yards. Hogan would never dream of even trying these things, he was all business. It was obvious that these facts were not known so I feel like I've made a contribution to the place.😎 So there.
  9. sheepdog

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    Ask Tiger Webb who and I haven't been to this chapter of the Tiger Fan Club since The Masters.
  10. sheepdog

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Chi Chi Rodriguez could, His last move always involved a very open face and hitting the ball straight up and catching it in a pocket. Snead could do amazing stuff with a golf club, kind of along the lines of Seve. He could have done this with some practice. Hogan would have never tried it. He was all business.
  11. sheepdog

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    What no welcome back????
  12. sheepdog

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    Just like around here, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, hey guys Webb Simpson won yet it's all about Tiger. Hey he got wet at 17, so what. Simpson got wet on 18, made double bogey and still won by 4. That should be the story.
  13. sheepdog

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    Here's what I've got from perusing the internet and my newspaper this morning. Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, oh by the way Webb Simpson won.
  14. sheepdog

    Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    They were Masters week.
  15. sheepdog

    Faldo's Masters commentary is awful (as usual)

    Faldo is fine. I like his dry wit. I'd take him over Johnny Miller.

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