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  1. Jkf10

    Ping I200

    I am considering getting the I200 but had a question. How does thier iron replacement timeline work? Is there any talk of the replacement for I200?
  2. Jkf10

    Shaft help

    Is the AMT Black higher launch?
  3. Jkf10

    Shaft help

    I will fill it out. What are the differences in the shafts? Hcp 15.
  4. I hit the PX 6.0 lz & the AMT Black about the same. Any thoughts on here ifbyou have hit them both why you like one over the other.
  5. Jkf10

    Iron help

    Thank you. I just read an old article that said the 716 AP2 is more forgiving than the 710 AP1. Maybe I'm not just dreaming this up.
  6. Jkf10

    Iron help

    I'm new on here but have a crazy question. I currently have a set of 2008 AP 1's, my handicap is 14. I put the game away for a few years and just got back in last fall. Anyway, I hit some 718 AP 2's and they feel more forgiving than my current set..... Am I nuts? Anyway I was considering the AP 3's and will get fitted but might also hit the 2's at the fitter as well. I guess my question is, have irons came that far or is it in my head?

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