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  1. Everyone plays awful golf . Its just a question of how many good shots you can hit while your doing it
  2. Its a tradition that still holds at my club and I have hole in one insurance tagged onto my cover for all things golf . Id be more than happy to buy the round if I were lucky enough to achieve the feat . Ive been to some clubs where hole in one is marked by the player buying a bottle (normally brandy or Whisky) and leaving it on the bar with a few shot glasses . This seems a good compromise of marking the occasion and not having to sell the family silver to pay for it .
  3. I like having all my clubs with me at all times so carry most of the time . The odd social round with a pal and a cart full of ice cold beer is not to be sniffed at though . As far as I know carts are not allowed in the UK for competition rounds without a medical exemption .
  4. I thought when I hit 60 that would be it but have pleasantly surprised myself by smashing my best ever by 12 shots twice in the past three weeks . Don't ask me ,Im hitting straight long drives ,chipping like never before and if I could only putt Ive told my pals Im turning pro ! Well not quite but Im enjoying it while it lasts
  5. My golf game seems to go in cycles . Gradual improvement to the point Im playing two or three rounds 10 shots below my handicap and then crash ,cant hit a thing , the shanks ,chipping yips,3 putting and a complete lack of confidence . I then eventually start hitting a few decent shots building back up to playing to my handicap for a couple of months and the glory weeks again before it all comes tumbling down again . My goal or rather hope is to break that cycle
  6. Why not ,I could get a really heavy one which will stop me looking up and topping the ball . Wouldn't have to shout FORE! with as much force knowing the guys up front are protected and will be able to stick my head in the many bushes my balls end up in without face getting scratched up . They would be adapted in the future to include GPS ,a drinks wagon locator and a self exploding device if you register a 10 on any hole . (hey that 4 foot putt for a 9 will take on a whole different meaning 💥)
  7. If that's the case I hope nobody picks John Daly , there wont be room for anybody else !
  8. Just to say it was great ! Loved the layout of Falcons fire , disappointed with Disney Magnolia , had some fun playing Highlands Reserve a real friendly course and Celebration was good . Best course on the tour though was Crooked Cat at Orange County National .
  9. Thank you ,and congrats to the Americans for being as sporting as usual in defeat . The course in Paris really was set up to benefit European players and the only way to play good there is to keep the ball on the fairway .The Europeans have played this course many times .The only American who bothered to come over and play here in the French open was Justin Thomas who ended up with 4 points . Maybe a few more should have made the trip ?
  10. Why does Tiger look like he would rather be on a beach somewhere ?
  11. Im happy with day one . This cup has little to with form but with the attitude towards it . I look on day one for the players that are on it , those that embrace it and those that do not . Europe do have a great team spirit ,they all appear to get on and many are good friends . We seem able to mix it up with the teams we put out a lot more and are not in a straightjacket of he can only play with him type pairings . The Americans for me are though exceptional players rely more on self motivation and appear fragile when playing with and especially when relying on other players . We will see how it goes today , which is going to be all about whether the Americans can find some mojo to match the Europeans . If we ,Europe can get 9 points on the board by tonight I will be more than happy with day 2.
  12. Go as easy as you like pal (sorry about the typo , it happens , get over it ) but seeing as Im embarrassing myself I'll drop Jack (sorry Jack) and put Poulter on there ,that's the guy that's going to hand your best golfer of all time his arse at the weekend . That's in the competition that a little Spaniard with a big heart reinvented to make it what it is today . Take care .
  13. Joined a Club ten years ago with really difficult bunkers ,little light sand on top then concrete ,well hard sand underneath . The result was the bounce on my SW was too much and I had real difficulty in getting out let alone getting out to where I wanted to be . After years of frustration and wrecked cards due to extra shots (sometimes 4/5) in the bunkers I played against one of the older members in a comp and was amazed with his effortless and consistent bunker play . After he had handed me my arse on a plate I asked him his secret . " Oh you have to use a lob wedge in these bunkers " he said " Didn't anyone tell you ?"
  14. Young Tom Morris (the greatest golfer of the 19th C) Bobby Jones (the greatest Amateur of all time) Jack Nicolaus (the best golfer of the modern era ,possibly of all time ) Severiano 'Seve ' Ballesteros Sota ( no reason required )
  15. Just a few short weeks till we fly out to Orlando for 14 days . As previous are going to play a few rounds here and there and thank everyone for their past recommendations . Have decided on Falcons Fire , Panther lake /Crooked Cat , The mickey Mouse course , and Celebration . Might squeeze another in , will probably do the Disney walking 9 one evening . On that note what time does it get dark in October? PS if anyone wants a round while in London PM me .
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