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  1. dogburger

    Links Course

    Well were all booked , playing Perrenporth , Trevose , St Endoc and Burnnham on the way home . Staying at a pub in Newquay . Hope the wet stuff keeps away and the beers cold .
  2. dogburger

    Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    Your lot started it at Brookline in 1999. The Ryder cup that saw the arrival of the golfing hooligan . From that date the competition has been played in a hostile atmosphere and to be fair I quite enjoy it. The players seem to thrive on the atmosphere as well because its a team event and they feed off it . The problem is some fans at other comps think Ryder cup players are fair game anywhere .
  3. dogburger

    Rory McIlroy is overrated...

    It wasn't a suggestion but rather that I had come to my own conclusion . Maybe my post didn't cross the pond to well
  4. dogburger

    Scotland Travel Agent

    https://scotlandgolftours.com/custom-made-golf-tours/ I used this company the first time I played in Scotland . Will more or less customise to what you want .
  5. dogburger

    Rory McIlroy is overrated...

    So do I , whats your point ?
  6. dogburger

    Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    https://sports.yahoo.com/rory-mcilroy-tired-heckling-wants-limit-alcohol-sales-pga-events-033840940.html Rory says hes getting fed up with some of the 'fans' at PGA events . He had one guy following him round at the weekend giving him the constant bird . This is golf guys , supposed to be a game of etiquette and has no place on a golf course (apart from the Ryder Cup ) Is the pro game changing , the polite applause that accompanied good shots is now drowned out by the shouting of idiots . What to do with these fools ,or maybe you think it goes with the modern game , thoughts ?
  7. dogburger

    Rory McIlroy is overrated...

    Think the thread title should be changed to underrated. He has only really just started his career and would say the best is yet to come .
  8. dogburger

    I Saw a Woman Playing Alone

    I was playing with a pal last summer and we caught up with a gorgeous young lady who was playing on her own so we invited her to join us . She was a really friendly lass and tee to green not a bad golfer either . She did have a problem with putting though and couldn't read the line or sink anything that wasn't a tap in , she was in fact three or even four putting every hole As we chatted she told us she was single and was looking for a golfing partner , preferably the same age as herself which sort of ruled me and my pal out . But the door had been opened and we began to flirt . On the last this beautiful young lady left herself a 30 ft putt and turned to us and said she needed it to break 90 for the first time in her life and if either of us could help her she would marry them . My pal pushed in straight away lining the putt up ,''That's a four foot break left to right '' he told her . She looked at me to see if I could do any better , I gave her a smile and said '' That's good , pick it up ''
  9. dogburger

    What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    Playing pain free would be good . Had a few good spells last year but found it hard to complete 18 . Got my meds lined up now along with some pre round exercises so fingers crossed .
  10. dogburger

    Official: Irish Pro Golfing Thread

    Well I have an Irish granny and although she passed in 1942 am I allowed to post on this thread . I'm typing slowly because I heard you were a slow reader .
  11. dogburger

    How to Play Through Another Group

    I hate playing through . The amount of times Ive had a decent round going only to be waved through which just makes me rush my shots and I invariably mess up. Now I'm quite a quick player but what do we actually gain by playing through a couple of groups? The 19th isn't going anywhere .
  12. Some good info ,thanks chaps
  13. Coming over to Orlando in October and will be looking to play maybe 4 /5 rounds . Don't want to break the bank but don't want to play poor courses either and would appreciate a few pointers . Would rather play natural courses rather than complexes though I guess I do want to have a go in the Mickey Mouse bunker , come on everyone loves Mickey !
  14. Heading down to the south west of England in June to play a few links courses then over to Orlando in October with the Mrs to take in the sights .(I will get a couple of rounds in she hasn't seen Ive booked the clubs on yet ) Over to the Orlando thread then
  15. dogburger

    Links Course

    I would recommend Killspindie ,one of my fav links course http://www.kilspindiegolfclub.co.uk/ Hi , I was thinking about a trip to North Devon /Cornwall in the summer playing Burnham and Berrow ,St Endoc and Trevose . Any recommendations on any others or indeed the ones I'm thinking about would be great

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