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  1. How to Play Through Another Group

    I hate playing through . The amount of times Ive had a decent round going only to be waved through which just makes me rush my shots and I invariably mess up. Now I'm quite a quick player but what do we actually gain by playing through a couple of groups? The 19th isn't going anywhere .
  2. Some good info ,thanks chaps
  3. Coming over to Orlando in October and will be looking to play maybe 4 /5 rounds . Don't want to break the bank but don't want to play poor courses either and would appreciate a few pointers . Would rather play natural courses rather than complexes though I guess I do want to have a go in the Mickey Mouse bunker , come on everyone loves Mickey !
  4. Heading down to the south west of England in June to play a few links courses then over to Orlando in October with the Mrs to take in the sights .(I will get a couple of rounds in she hasn't seen Ive booked the clubs on yet ) Over to the Orlando thread then
  5. Links Course

    I would recommend Killspindie ,one of my fav links course http://www.kilspindiegolfclub.co.uk/ Hi , I was thinking about a trip to North Devon /Cornwall in the summer playing Burnham and Berrow ,St Endoc and Trevose . Any recommendations on any others or indeed the ones I'm thinking about would be great
  6. I see a lot of links courses get the vote and I'm going to add Princess (open championship 1933) . Wet and windy and not as manicured as its more famous neighbour Royal St Georges led to lots of lost balls and re-loads . I went round in 128 that included the best birdie of my life on a 160 yard par 3 into the wind , Driver (It was that windy) and a 20 ft put !
  7. Hello , its gonna be great .

    Thanks Moxley , I had a pint in Beccles about 20 years ago whilst on the Broads , I soon realised I had gone the wrong way
  8. hi all , looking forward to some good golfing discussions and maybe a bit of banter. Don't take me too seriously , life's for fun . Member of a club in London and currently playing off 18
  9. dogburger


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