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  1. Age at which you initially broke par and/or 80?

    Sorry, I meant 80, 81's. not 89,81
  2. Age at which you initially broke par and/or 80?

    Wow, That's impressive. It really is. I started at 55, I'm 63 now. it took me 3 years, but then I went almost 2 more before I did it again. Ton of 89, 81's it seemed. Now I do it about 10x a year. Never sniffed par. My best is 75 on a par 71. I play in a few leagues during the week, and see guys move up a tee just for the chance to go low. I won't do it, but it's frustrating to see them "beat" the system. I live in a golf community with 4 courses. A Norman, Fazio, Love, and Dye. They're all really good layouts, but the ratings are ridiculous. You can move up from white to greens, for example, save over 500-600 yards, and only give up one or two strokes.
  3. Using 8 clubs this year

    Everything you said is reasonable, and I understand probably not missing a few IF they weren't there. However, I looked at it a little differently. I completely changed my bag about a year ago. I took out my 3 hybrid, 4 iron, 56 and 60. I went 5w, 4H, 54 and 58. I now have 14 clubs in the bag which I have no hesitation using. Before, I'd look for an excuse not to, or worry about how I'd play one or two.
  4. 2018 Honda Classic

    Thanks for correcting my mistake. Wow, His numbers on those 2 holes were even worse then I thought. Didn't it seem like each day was a replay of the prior one(s)? He was on his way to a really good round and into the mix, then. aagh I like Thomas also. A lot. He and Spieth look like they're going to give us a show the next few years.
  5. 2018 Honda Classic

    Oh I know it's tough, I'm just venting over what could have been.... Boy 15 and 17 killed him this week.
  6. 2018 Honda Classic

    I mean, if he just keeps his balls dry, (yeah, I know, I said it...) He wins this Freakin' tournament.
  7. 2018 Honda Classic

    Geez. Is it that hard for Tiger to JUST HIT THE GREEN on a par 3???? Watching him play 15 and 17 is like Groundhog Day
  8. 2018 Honda Classic

    Hey I'm a Jets fan also. It's not often we get to root for a winner...
  9. Using 8 clubs this year

    Funny how the guy with 11 clubs also told us off the top of his head where he bought each (even mentioned the obligatory barrel, LOL) and how much each one cost. As far as your scores not changing with less clubs, maybe practice and 3 more clubs might help? JUST KIDDING... Hit 'em straight and long!
  10. Using 8 clubs this year

    !. You have more options. 2. Those options make it easier for you to hit each club a specific distance.3. No, it's not retro, but the guys who play persimmon heads and hickory shafts are the guys who most likely will be drawn to this approach. 4. Yes, it's just a different way to play. Not better. Different. 5. Most find it "eccentric" at best. Take my posts and yours out of the thread, and it's apparent most don't even find it interesting enough to talk about. But, like I've said a few times in here already, if you enjoy it, go for it. It's a game, as long as you're having fun, great. Just don't expevt many to see any merit to the idea. Sorry, I meant the above comments as a reply to post #18.
  11. 2018 Honda Classic

    3 under. Guys, This is getting interesting, isn't it? Don't see him catching Justin, but hey, ya never know...
  12. Using 8 clubs this year

    Years ago, beginner sets were sold with 1w, 3w, 5,7,9,pw, and putter. Maybe a sw. Why did we move on? We wanted to get better. I understand (I think) the whole retro thing... Guys playing hickory shafts, persimmon woods, which they never hit well, and their half full bags. But in my mind there is a caricature of that person. Faded everything, from the bucket cap to the cardigan and khakis. They love to tell you about every club in their bag, which barrel they picked it out of, how little it cost, and how they would gladly replace them, if they could only find something they hit better. This won't happen, because their swing speed is under 70mph. They were all "way better ball strikers" when they were young, yet they are the only former scratch players turned 20+caps most will ever meet. They never buy balls, they "find all they'll ever need in the woods, lol, nod, wink". I could go on and on...
  13. Using 8 clubs this year

    I said it's fine in a round by yourself. If you enjoy it, more power to you. As far as not finding someone who's scores get worse using less clubs? I find that a bit of a stretch... That said, it's a game, after all. Enjoy yourself, if it makes you happy, good for you..
  14. 2018 Honda Classic

    He's made watching this week a lot of fun though hasn't he? There is something about him that I can remember only a few athletes in my lifetime having... you just have to watch, even if you aren't a fan of their sport. Ali, Tyson, Tiger are at the top of my list because they weren't in a team sport. Just below them, Jordan in a Finals game, and Bird vs Magic were always something you had to see. To a lesser extent tennis had a few back in the 70's and 80's. McEnroe, vs Agassi, or Connors in a night time Us Open matchup or other Major Finals was must see even for those who knew or cared little about the sport. Funny thing, not one of them had a squeaky clean image. They even went so far as to enrage sports purists with some of their actions. Yet I/We couldn't turn away. Hopefully Tiger can give us a few more years more. Love him or hate him, he's the only one of these mega stars we have right now.
  15. 2018 Honda Classic

    LMAO I think my work is done here... This x 1000

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