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  1. GrandStranded

    Callaway Truvis Balls at the U.S. Open

    Seriously? Where do you shop for balls, Bedrock CC? They've been around since the first release of the Chrome Soft. That's a Callaway golf ball, by the way. LOL.
  2. GrandStranded

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    LOL. Now let me guess, who could you be rooting for? Hmmmmm
  3. GrandStranded

    What happened to Mizuno irons?

    Agree 100% about Mizuno being in line with everyone else. In fact they may be a better option then most with all the no charge upgrades in shafts and grips they offer. This thread is about 10 years old though, and probably started at the time when they lost the bag count on tour for the first time after about 8-10 years. Not do to lack of quality product, but other OEM's began paying big endorsement money.
  4. GrandStranded

    What happened to Mizuno irons?

    Unless you work in the golf industry, I don't see how you cannot agree with what I'm saying. The bag you're talking about is basically a "Sunday bag" and the irons are all closeouts. All around me here in Myrtle Beach I see golf courses closing, retail chains either going bankrupt or eliminating golf merchandise. OEM's are either going out of business or being bought out by the 4 major companies that remain and control the industry with identical pricing and closeout pricing policies. If that's not collusion, what is? So here is my take on the state of the game. More people leaving then entering, fewer places to play, and less options of equipment manufacturers. The companies who are still in the industry are charging those who remain more to buy and play. If you think it's healthy for a industry that is trending downward to react by raising the cost of participation, we just have to agree to disagree.
  5. GrandStranded

    What happened to Mizuno irons?

    The $700 iron set has gone the way of the dinosaur. Iron sets that went for $699 w/steel and $899 w/graphite have jumped $200 (in lock step, btw) Wedges have jumped from $99-109 to absurd levels. Even golf bags... try and find a decent stand bag under $200. Less companies, the ones who remain collude with their pricing, and the consumer loses. I've never gotten sticker shock with equipment until the last 2-3 years. While never inexpensive, it's approaching insane. Yet, because of the new business model used, where the customer is fit into a "custom" order, the stores can carry less stock, and the companies can control inventory, thus eliminating the end of cycle discount opportunities savvy consumers would wait for. I'm 63 now, just about done chasing the equipment "unicorns", but will be curious to sit back and see how this all plays out in the next few years. I don't expect it to end well, as I live in a golf mecca, and watch courses and golf related businesses close down regularly all around the area.
  6. GrandStranded

    What happened to Mizuno irons?

    Totally agree with the above post about golf equipment being over priced. The last year or two, it has become ridiculous. $165 for a wedge... Seriously? Iron sets have jumped 20-25%. $250 and up for hybrids, $299 for fairways... Putters and drivers, just slap a number on them. I laughed when I saw the price of a Toulon putter for the first time. It's almost like PXG set the bar, and the other OEM's decided to raise their prices in lock step. People wonder why golf courses, retail shops are closing, and companies are getting out. The USGA talks endlessly about growing a game that seems intent on eating it's own.
  7. GrandStranded

    2018 Memorial Tournament Presented by Nationwide

    LMAO. The Ralph Kramden line is hysterical. Good job there...
  8. GrandStranded

    Paying for handicap scam

    Oyster bay and Heritage (best course for the price down here) are also in the Legends group. Both are off site from where you played. Next time you're here, check out Heritage. It's just south of Caladonia/True Blue. A gorgeous course. 2 free meals and 2 beers make it even better.
  9. GrandStranded

    Paying for handicap scam

    I know it's hard to believe, but if you're a resident of Horry County, you can get a membership at their 5 courses for about $40 a year. Then play for $35 w breakfast and lunch and 2 beers. free range balls included. I heard the price went up a little this year though. The courses are great and they also give free round after you play 3 or 4. Weekly special deals on green fees, and huge pro shop discounts. I don't know if it's true, but I heard they booked more rounds last year then anywhere else in the country.
  10. GrandStranded

    Paying for handicap scam

    I pay $21 per year, thru my club. There's another club nearby, (The Legends) which provides it free. I don't know anywhere near me that charges much more then I'm paying.
  11. GrandStranded

    Is the Hybrid on its return ?

    Return? When did they leave? BTW If you're a 18 cap, don't set up your bag based on what a pro has in his. You're a different animal.
  12. GrandStranded

    Graphite Shaft Irons

    I love the Recoil shafts in my irons. Not only are they a great "fit", but my elbow problem has disappeared, They're an option I think everyone should look into. They come In a lot of different weights, so the transition should be fairly easy. I play a 90 gram version, which works for me. They seem to play a little on the stiff side of flex, and are also available for drivers and hybrids, but I haven't tried those, and they don't seem as popular as the ones for irons and wedges. A bit pricey if re shafting, but they are included either as a upgrade by most OEM's or in the case of Mizuno, and some others, a free option.
  13. GrandStranded

    Shotmakers - New Golf Television Competition at Topgolf

    I'm not a big fan of these type shows, but when bored, will watch. However, I have no interest in watching a replay of a Quad Cities Open, or any other tournament. I mean, how could you ever get that bored? There are other channels...BTW I'm no spring chicken, either. LOL
  14. GrandStranded

    Ol Grandpa Sadlowski punks people at the range

    Laugh out loud funny. Great video...
  15. GrandStranded

    David Feherty Off Tour Show

    I'd wait and get them on stub hub for $10.

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