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  1. mike e - Just curious how many lessons you took? Also, how many lessons did you take with the same instructor? I definitely got worse before I started getting better but I played as well on Saturday as I've played in a LONG time. I'm 5 lessons, a groupon session and a swing eval in so far and definitely seeing improvement. It is a big expense but you get out what you put in. I've spent a lot on range balls and getting out to play to work on what I'm trying to reteach myself. I think everyone's mileage will vary with any instructor but it's too bad to hear you didn't like either instructor and
  2. Just wondering if you ever got in for the fitting? I am currently taking lessons at GolfTEC and I've been thinking about doing the fitting towards the end of my lessons.
  3. I guess I got lucky, it seems like a lot of you got the hard sell right away, I didn't. In fact, I had to email after my Groupon session to get a price quote. It is disappointing they don't put any pricing on the website but they do run 10-15% off sales pretty regularly. I tried Golf Galaxy for a lesson and I had a local instructor. I stopped using Golf Galaxy because all they wanted to do was change my grip. My swing had plenty of problems but this guy hated my grip so much that was all he focused on. I couldn't hit a ball for almost 2 months after that. I never went back. My local coach was
  4. I've been taking lessons at GolfTEC for a little over a month. I purchased the 15 lesson pack this spring. I too did the Groupon thing back in September or October. My wife got it for me as an early xmas gift. I saw the director of instruction and got a pretty good bead on my swing flaws in the 30 minutes. I was probably in there closer to 45 minutes and he gave me a couple of "tips" and stored my analysis on the site for me to review. I went back around February this year and did the 90 minute swing evaluation and based on that lesson I decided to sign up for the 15 lesson package. I've had 5
  5. Got my impact tape but ran out of time to hit the range. Have to travel to Iowa tomorrow so won't be able to go until Monday over lunch or Tuesday after work now. Grr. On a side note, I did try the loose grip with half swing that another poster suggested. I grabbed a select few irons from the demo rack at golfsmith and gave it a try. For some reason, the clubs that had the big white stickers on them allowed me to see the face a little better as I was practicing. It appeared (though at very high speed) that the club was coming from way outside but that seems counter-intuitive to a center of t
  6. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that he could do that. Merely that it got to be such a running joke that when he was a ridiculous distance away we'd ask him if he was going to hit his 56. He can spank the ball on occasion, but he does deloft the club quite a bit, especially with his wedges. To the other poster who told me I need a new group of friends since they (this one) ridicules me for lack of distance....I kicked his arse by 5 shots yesterday. All the payback I need. Oh, and he had to buy the beers at the 19th hole.. :) I shot a 93 (about average for me, but I've never played the course and
  7. Heading to Golfsmith to see if they have impact tape.
  8. I will give this a try. In some cases, yes, I can absolutely feel the club twisting in my hand. In fact, I made a comment to my buddy yesterday that I could almost feel it before I made impact. I can tell something is wrong with the swing, I just don't know what exactly. Appreciate the tips and I'll give them a try tonight.
  9. I can see exactly on the face where it is impacting and it's in the middle. Seems obvious the clubface must be wide open but all of my "tricks" to close it seem to only make it worse. The swing feels good but I'm wondering if I'm not getting that wrist-roll from softball that is causing it. The more I turn my left wrist to try and force the clubface closed, the worse it gets. I could try a stronger grip and see if that will help. I'm trying to make a point to feel my wrists rolling over through the ball after impact as opposed to that left hand on top feeling you have with a bat. I will be h
  10. I was reading the other thread but my problem seems to be a bit different, albeit the same end result. Hit my driver fine. My 52 and 60 wedges have been about as good as ever. I grab a 6, 7 8 or 9i and I hit the center of the face but the ball goes about 5 feet off the ground, flies 20-50 yards and makes a hard down and to the right motion into the dirt. Looks like a Johan curveball. When I do hit it well enough to not completely ruin it, I lose 40-50% of my distance. This started about 3 weeks ago. I was going to the range 3x a week and working on my divots and straightening out the iro
  11. I have a buddy who shoots about the same as I do. He can bomb his drives past me most of the time, although prior to my 460cc head, I could poke one 300 a couple times a round. He is one to always make a point of asking the distance and then telling you what club he's going to hit. "let's see, 110...56*" The other guys and I get a great kick out of it. I now crack them up by saying "Hey, you've got 205 to the center. 56 degree?" In an effort to control my shots and straighten everything out (and my increasing age and decreasing flexibility) I've gone to taking an extra, sometimes two extra c
  12. Apparently the admins here know something about this site. No matter how I type the name it gets obfuscated. The interesting thing is the "hot" items are cheap compared to other vendors but the stuff you wouldn't otherwise look for is priced normally or even high. ie. R9 Driver - $189, (399 just about everywhere else) Callaway X-Forged Irons $329. I think they're 6-800 anywhere else. But then some old Titleist irons (my 755's for example) are $465. Vokey wedges are $110. They seem to be advertising the current specials that the manufacturers are offering as well. I did learn something t
  13. I actually went and was browsing their site. They have a logo that they are an ebay power seller yet the image isn't a link. So I poked around a little further and found some comments from what appeared to be ebay users. So I went to ebay and looked up the users and happened to find the username of the person they left the comment for xmas-dvd is the ebay user. I looked them up and saw this: Positive feedback: 50.0%|Feedback score: 1322 Yowza. That tells me all I need to know. Shindig - being a web admin, I am very familiar with INTERNIC and the WHOIS registry. I don't make it a practi
  14. edit: Hmm ok. It blanked out my url. Looking for opinions on golf bargain offers dot com They have some amazing prices so I'm wondering if it's too good to be true. Anybody used them or know someone who has?
  15. I've used a couple of techniques for hitting high draws or fades out of trouble, I even do this with my driver off the tee. Depending on your normal swing, hold the club straight out and see how many knuckles you see on your left (top) hand. Add a knuckle to draw it, remove a knuckle to fade it. That is, turn your top hand until you see another knuckle or lose a knuckle in your view. I got that from a golf magazine several years back and just saw it again a couple months ago. It reminded me to try it. With my driver, (I'm right handed) I've moved my left foot about 2-3 inches forward. That
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