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  1. Nice courses in you area that allow jeans.

    Heck with the jeans, I'm wearing sweatpants!
  2. What's Your Best Club?

    My best club is my cheapest. It's my Wilson-Staff FY-Brid 3 wood that I got on clearance. I can hit it off the tee or off the deck dead straight and about 225.
  3. I have the R7 Draw irons and I think they're pretty decent. They have a solid feel on the sweet spot and let you know when you hit them off the toe/heel without losing to much distance. They are my 1st true brand name clubs so I don't have much to compare them to except no name generic "clone" clubs and between the two, the R7's are awesome! I haven't hit the Burner Plus though so I have no opinion on those.
  4. I was thinking of dumping my driver all together (or just getting a different driver I can hit). I'm in the fairway about 65% of the time with it, but I'm in the fairway about 90% with my 15* FY-brid and only about 10-20 yards shorter it seems. I love that 3 wood, hit WAY better than my 3 iron hybrid off the ground.
  5. New Groove Rule

    Can I have your old wedges when you replace them yearly? I'm fairly sure I can get many more rounds out of them! :)
  6. I guess I got lucky and got a Wilson Staff FY-brid 3 wood that I can hit really good from the teebox or the turf. I had some doubts when I bought the club on clearance, so I am stunned at how well I can hit the ball with that club. I am going to give a serious look at all the Wilson Staff line for my next club purchase! My thought is that if you can hit it off the turf, you "should" be able to hit it even better off the teebox just don't use a tee or very short tee and hit down on it like a fairway shot. -=gos=-
  7. Bag arangement?

    I pretty much have the longer clubs on top like mostly everyone else. But the one thing that bugs me is that my putter head cover almost always looks like it's going to fall off because the bag is too deep and the head cover rests on the rim of the bag. I did buy a putter clip that attaches to the side of the bag but I haven't tried it out just yet. -=gos=-
  8. Burner draw or no draw?

    I have a Burner Draw and so far have only played 2 rounds with it. The 1st round I hit 5 out of 5 fairways on the front 9 (there are 8 par 3's on this particular course), and only missed one on the back because I hit a worm burner for some reason. The second round I had a few missed fairways, but none were because of a slice. It was poor aim, hitting trough one and another worm burner (I'm guessing that where the "Burner" name comes from??..lol). I also have the R7 Draw irons, which don't have the obvious closed face as the driver does but if they go right it's more of a slight fade than a slice. If you have the time and $$ for constant practice/lessons to cure your slice, then by all means get the neutral driver. But if you're like me and only get out 2 or 3 times a month then go for the draw biased driver. Of course the R9 460 would be the perfect one as you can adjust it as your game improves :P
  9. I have the W/S FY-brid 3 wood and man, do I love that club! I hit the ball straight and long with that club every single time (which I don't with every other club in my bag). I'm almost kicking myself for not looking into the W/S iron line before buying my R7 Draw irons, but the R7's are pretty darn good too! -=gos=-
  10. Dress Codes: Good or Bad for the Game

    Golfer A is rude to the staff, does not let people play through when there's a clear hole in front of him, does not repair divots on the greens, doesn't yell fore when he shanks one into the group on the next fairway, is drunk by the 3rd hole.. But damn, he's dressed nice.. (I played with this guy, it sucked!) Golfer B, polite, fast play, repairs golfer A's ball marks as well as his own, is conscious of others around his potential landing zones, wearing cargo shorts and a t-shirt.. Who do you want to be paired with?
  11. Its...too...hot...

    Somone once told me that "it's too hot to golf".. obviously wasn't a golfer. I remember a round in Abilene, TX where it was 116 in the shade. One of my best rounds, the ball rolled a mile on the concrete.. I mean fairway! I'm trying to get used to the humidity here in Houston, I take a towel specifically for the sweat and a separate one for the clubs. So far so good. -=gos=-
  12. Dress Codes: Good or Bad for the Game

    In football I had to wear pads and a mouth guard to avoid injury, that makes sense to require the participants to wear those. It doesn't make sense to require a collard shirt and chino's to walk around hitting a golf ball.. (wearing a helmet and cup might make more sense actually)... I'll wear a collared shirt to be able to play the "better courses". I'm just saying that is has no bearing on the game or how you play it, only where you are "allowed" to play. All I have playing over and over in my mind is Ted Knight's character in Caddyshack, that's the vibe I'm getting from the people who think what people wear is THAT important...