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  1. Yes a couple things matter in a putter but if we really think about it a lot more goes into other clubs. I'll say it again though, when people go for a putter they get fitted for what?....length and like 1* of loft? When people buy other clubs they get fitted for many more variables. I'll even quote some guy named jack waddell who wrote an article about club innovation on this very website, "Unfortunately, staying on the cutting edge never really changed my scores all that much." Therefore buying cutting edge scotty's is not worth the money.
  2. It is a nice gameplan to have when going into a round, but I think most people are aware of the general area they need to improve on. I think the average golfer just observes their own tendencies subconsciously, but if you want to be very precise about it I guess it could help. Only thing I would worry about is maybe being too focused on something specific instead of just trying to hit a good golf shot.
  3. Well this thread was meant to talk about the average golfer as someone is asking if camerons are worth it. For your average golfer, a putter is mostly just a confidence thing and most people will just pick one they like. With other clubs though, people HAVE to make sure they get all the specs right for their swing. Therefore my logic is still undeniable that a cheaper putter will likely roll the ball just as well as an expensive one. If you want to be a tour pro and buy the $1000 scottys be my guest but I assume the average golfer will not.
  4. The irony is that everyone who hates my post probably loves scotty's and I'm not bashing them I'm just saying it's not worth the money. My logic is undeniable I have yet to hear a good counter arguement to the fact that the putter is not nearly as complex as clubs that require shaft flex, bounce, loft (>4-8*), grooves, etc... Therefore the putter is just for confidence and I'm sure that everyone can find a much cheaper putter that gives them just as much confidence if they didn't see the price tag. People automatically assume the greater the price the greater they will play.
  5. I usually prefer my driver because of the oversized head I usually make better contact than with my smaller 15* 3 wood. Only use my 3 wood on shorter holes where there is really no other choice.
  6. Around the green, when you need spin, and for flop shots.
  7. Didn't see a similar thread, but what is your favorite club to use and why? I like my 4 iron. I dunno just something about that distance and that club makes it fun to use, especially in the rough. I like to punch out with it too.
  8. 3 hybrid or long iron....probably 4 iron since i like that club
  9. I would be fine if he signed with my team. You have to understand Vick was brought up to think dog fighting is ok. I think most people are too attached to dogs and hate more on dog fighting than an actual person getting killed. Also remember the average IQ of these athletes is not that impressive. They are there to entertain the NFL fans.
  10. Take out the 5 wood. I usually find myself wanting the option of hitting a 3 iron more than a 5 wood.
  11. Go with the i10s....I heard that the VR blades and full cavitys are the ones you want to buy if your looking into the VR line. So if you want a step up from max forgiveness I think the i10s are a good choice. I've always liked ping irons and my choice would be similar but between the g10s or the VR full cavitys.
  12. I prefer a gift card from a local sporting goods store or golf specialty store that I can drive to and can actually try out the clubs I'm interested in. I generally don't like to buy clubs online since you can't try them out. Honestly the general sporting goods stores often have the cheaper prices since the golf specialty stores seem to charge more just for the fact that they think people will shop there because they "specialize" in golf equipment.
  13. No they are not worth it. They copied ping putters and pings are better and cheaper. People only use scotty's cuz tiger uses one. Actually all putters are worthless since you can putt with a brick on a stick as long as you have decent fundamentals. Putting is about practice and the ability to read putts, not the stick you choose to roll with. Think about it, putters are just needed to push the ball forward at a certain speed. Other clubs require loft, bounce, shaft flex, forgiveness, etc... Putters are just bricks on a stick.
  14. Why handicap yourself by carrying less than 14? I guess if you play the same course over and over and know you don't need a club, but then what if they change the course slightly that day and you wish you had brought that one club? Is that extra 5 pounds enough to leave a club at home? Especially if you use a golf cart there's no reason not to bring 14. Doesn't make sense to me.
  15. No, it's not worth having. In fact, you don't even need a yardage book thing. Just eyeball the distance, pick a club that goes about that far, take aim, and swing!!! At least that's what I do. Besides, it's good to train yourself to judge distances anyway and my way is more challenging and fun.
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