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  1. So Sunday I went and played a local course: Arrowcreek Country Club in Reno, Nevada. On the range just next to me is a father and his teenage son warming up, which I think nothing of while I go ahead and warm up. I then notice how pure both of them are hitting every shot, so I take a closer look. It's Chris DiMarco and his son!!! Just as I realized this, they were off on their round, so I didn't get to shake his hand or anything. Come the end of the round the guy tells us there is a bunch of pros up on the range getting ready for the Reno-Tahoe Open that is this week. So freaking cool..
  2. I'm on my phone and haven't read all four pages yet, so forgive me in advance :-) I would be down for west coast'ish meetup and even attempted (half assedly) to organize one in the past. Will read this full thread tonight and post then...
  3. 1st place: Graeme McDowell (-10) 2nd place: Tiger Woods (-9) 3rd place: Jim Furyk (-5)
  4. I'm one of the "weekend warriors" that made it to 0.0 for exactly one revision. I'm now back up to a 3.2 mostly due to having my first child and being away from the game (6 total posted rounds last year...), but am starting to get back into the groove of things. When I made it to scratch I was playing once or twice a week, mostly in men's club tournaments with some local events and state events and even a couple USGA qualifiers thrown in. I would go out on my lunch break to chip, putt and hit balls. The week of a tournament I would go out and hit balls after work as well. It took
  5. Most birdies in a round ever came in the Club Championship in August of 2009 ( scorecard ). The five birdies I made on the back nine was my most ever for nine holes also. Making birdies is fun. Making double bogies isn't. :P
  6. Somewhat related: If you're interested in getting into these kinds of things, it sometimes better to start off on the local/state level, then moving up from there. I also try to qualify for the USGA Public Links which has a bit less intimidating handicap index limit of 3 something (I believe...can't remember off the top of my head). For the local/state level, if you're of age, you can play in the state Mid-Am championships too. Dang...I feel old just typing that. :) Any tournament you can play in will make you better...I promise that. :)
  7. Having been to the event and played the course, I highly reccommend going if you are able. If you get to play, be sure to get a chocolate milk shake at the turn...
  8. To play more than the ten rounds I got to put in this year (due to a child...which is awesome, FYI) Practice with my son around the short game practice area now down the street from me Be in the hunt in the USGA Public Links Qualifier come May/June time frame Join a new men's club across town and play the course decent enough to contend (though I've only played the course once before...) Get back to having fun playing this wonderful game :-)
  9. Shoot decent in U.S. Open Qualifying Earn the 3-Peat Club Champion Qualify for State Match Play Win Two Matches in Match Play Play well in USGA Public Links Qualifier Eliminate unnecessary double bogies Let's hope I keep to this...
  10. Mine is me on the Kapalua Plantation course...ho hum
  11. Even then, that may be a little bit fun...as long as you have your clubs with ya...
  12. I love this story, and I never let my father in law live it down either Middle of the summer playing a nine hole course the next town over. We get to the short par three seventh hole. It's about 120 yards and it plays over a river that you have to cross a bridge to get to the green. This bridge ends just before the green on the right hand side. My father in law tees up his ball and just absolutely shanks this thing. It heads straight for the bridge, hits the hand rail and flys up into the air only to land on the green and roll to about six feet away. Second time through the same nine
  13. In all honesty, I haven't made it to a U.S. Open Qualifier since I've gotten my handicap down below the cutoff because it has fallen on a date that I wasn't able to make it. You better believe I played in all of the other USGA Qualifiers that I could play in, and would recommend everyone that is eligible to do the same. Some may say that you aren't ready, but the only way to be ready is to play in your first one. Then you will have a taste of what the competition is like and, if you're like me, you get the feeling that you can play with these guys...at least at the local qualifying
  14. Rule #1: Take me with you (duh) Rule #2: Take lots of pictures (duh) Rule #3: Squeeze in Poppy Hills (duh) Is there really anything you could do wrong there?!?!?!
  15. Not too bad...though there were some really low numbers out there, eh? Where do you have to finish in this one?? Here's to hoping you do knock 'em close tomorrow...take dead aim!
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