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  1. Since my first post was to put my name on a Mevo, thought my second post should include some feedback... Big thanks to Erik for the great Valentine's Day treat. Just my luck, shortly after setting up the iPhone app and making sure everything was working, my two teenage boys swarmed me and wanted to take a "few" swings. An hour later, I was still awaiting my turn as my boys were still enthralled. We have a backyard setup with a 5x5 turf mat, and a net wall that is 3-7 yards from the mat (depending on iron and height being hit). I set the Mevo 4 feet behind the middle of the mat, and placed in on top of the box it came in to raise the height to the appropriate level. In the app, I initially set the unit to capture video, but was unable to get this function to work properly. With the voice feedback, everything worked great. We tried a few shots without using the metallic stickers, and then put them on 1-2 balls to see if any difference...honestly I couldn't see any. Suspect this could only be determined on the range with precise marked yardages. Also, most of our time so far has been at night and based on limited use, it seems the unit may perform better in the day than at night. So far, we have hit several hundred balls with the Mevo and have found it to pick up most, but not all swings. Thin shots tend to not get read, but the unit has no problem picking up the occasional hosel-rocket. We live in LA and have access to a range at our club, and look forward to seeing how it can favorably impact practice sessions on the range with full distance carry. Even with limited flight, this thing is really useful. I also need to figure out the video capture feature and see how that works. Perhaps the coolest thing the technology enables is the endless possibility for games (drinking or otherwise). Last night, one of my sons and I played HORSE where we would have to call a distance with a given club...great way to spice up practice and even better since the old man is now up 1 game! All in all, I really think the Mevo is far more than just a golf gadget for the lunatic-fringe or early adopter--or at least that's what I am telling myself! Hope you all enjoy yours.
  2. Gotta start somewhere...if all first posts were this efficient the world would be a better place!
  3. local sale @saevel25 @iSank @Vinsk @bills80 @georgep @Reesh @klis10 open open
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