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  1. Its like hitting into a net. He'll just go pick up his balls later...🤷‍♂️
  2. Your an 8. Don't you do that all the time? 🤷‍♀️
  3. Why are you all so ANGRY? A threesome playing a PGA tour event finished in less than 5 hours. A few minutes longer than AVERAGE. So what.
  4. I accept that the "average-above average" pace is 4-4 1/2 hrs. Even though if I was playing with 3 others that played similar to me we could play as a (4) in 3 hrs. easy. I don't begrudge someone, tell them they're slow, sit there on every shot behind them with my hands on my hips, or the second there foot leaves the green hit my shot to prove a point, because there pace is 4 hrs. instead of 3.
  5. This is why I have no use for you people that say 4.5 hrs. is "deathly slow". Yeah, of course if I'm by myself I can finish 18 holes in 2 1/2 hrs. Were talking about the general population of golfers who play in 4-41/2 hrs. and you're calling them "slow". 5-6 hr. rounds are slow. 4 hrs. is "average". 4 1/2 hrs. is "above average" If that's to slow for you then quit the game or quit bitching.
  6. No they're not. Oh stop it.
  7. I selected "something else" because I post all my rounds. I play by the same rules whether I'm alone or with a group. That rule doesn't apply to me because I never sandbagged and never will. Why should everybody who posted honestly have to adjust for the lowest common denominator instead of bringing them up to our standards?
  8. At a USKIDS tournament, 11 year old girls, the girl my daughter was playing with hit one with a 3W stinger and shattered it into pieces.
  9. Our course has 2 lines across 2 fairways. One is a par 5 and the lines come into play on your second shot, so almost impossible to hit because usually hitting a 3 wood and by the time the ball gets that high its passed the line. The other is the next hole, adjacent fairway but the lines come into play hitting on the approach shot onto the green. Couple years ago I hit that line with what felt like a perfectly flushed PW. Its like a HOI to hit those lines. Luckily on the back of the score card it said you MUST replay the shot no penalty. I thought it was strange that you have to play the shot again even if you didn't want to.
  10. Huh? I listed 7 balls I compared it to. How I measured it? Data? Did you even read the op?
  11. This is the best ball ever made. I've been going back and forth between the AVX and several other balls (velocity, volvik, pinnacle rush, pv1, pvx, tp5x, pd long) and a few others for a couple months now. The AVX is just amazing. It checks up on the green, and is 10-15 yards longer with the driver, and a full club longer with all my irons. The feel when struck is nice too. Now I know why they charge a premium for this ball. I don't know why I don't hear to much talk about this ball.
  12. Great read. I was surprised to read how cheap the concessions were. I never heard of the air machines. It would be interesting to know how they keep out the pests. That's funny that they pipe in birds chirping. Good to read someone went there and really took everything in. 🤝
  13. I read your post a long time ago and figured "eh, if he doesn't think its worth a read then I won't bother". What a mistake on my part. This book is awesome. Simple stuff like the team that had to be built when he went pro. Now I know what to do when I win the lottery. The journey he took as a kid going to all the tournaments and winning all the time. How Earl convinced or "sold" himself and Tiger for free lessons and then all the tournaments, travel, etc. all paid for. I would definitely recommend this book. Anybody that read this book and the only takeaway is "oh I still think he did PED's" is a simpleton. There's so much more about Tiger, his mom and dad, his relationships with girlfriends and business partners and the way he ended those relationships. I could write a book about the book.
  14. Are you still playing with the AVX?
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