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  1. I'm talking about private. I'm a member of a private club, and I don't think anyone should be able to show up unannounced, and demand a spot on the golf course just because it's private. With Charlie's way of thinking, no matter how full the course is he will, "find a spot" for you. Crowbarring someone into a full course isn't providing high end service to me.
  2. "It just worked" because the staff and the membership knew to not bother showing up at those times because they are always taken. What would happen under Charlie's rule if I showed up at 6:15 and expected to play? In his words he would just put me with the "better" players even if I were considered to be the "riff-raff."
  3. That's what I was thinking. I read an article in NCGA magazine a while back about this guy. He says he knows where everybody is on his golf course. So if you, or a group, show up unannounced, he will essentially say, "🤔, should be an open spot on hole #15, head on out." When I read that, I just shook my head, and thought that would never work at my club. The few that show up without a tee time at my club can be a real pain for the staff, as they feel obligated to make a spot for them. On the other hand the members that just show up, generally don't have the courtesy to even check in, and just go crowbar their way in anywhere.
  4. Are you still using the AVX? If so, have you compared it to the new version? Also, have you ever used the Bridgestone E12 Speed? I found one, and the dimples look similar to the AVX, (shallow), and the feel, and flight were similar.
  5. All the guys with 110 mph swing speeds, and typically drive the ball 280 yards average, swear by those simulators...🤷‍♂️

    Swing Speed

    Oh, Ok. Since it's your typical SS, and not your average SS, that changes everything...

    Swing Speed

    ...That's my ball waving at your ball as it lands 230 in the fairway, and yours is 280 yards in the woods, with your 110 mph SS.
  8. 🤦‍♂️...This again? Last time this turned into someone getting banned I think. BTW... Where have you been on my SS thread? I figured you would know from your students if it were possible......🤷‍♂️

    Swing Speed

    This makes it more unbelievable. The average part. BTW...Which is it 105 or 110. It's kind of like fuel mileage in trucking. It's easy to get from 5 mpg to 6 mpg. Just slowing down to 55 mph, from 65 mph, will get you a full mpg in fuel economy, and it doesn't cost you a penny. BUT, to go from 6 to 7, it takes more. I think its the same here. To get from 95 to 100, probably just getting in better shape. To get from 100 to 105 though, gonna need some training, and to get to 110, major work. Same holds true with HC. To get to an 18, clean up the short game, ie. low hanging fruit. To get to a 13, gonna take some training. To get to a single digit, major work. I think you guys get on these launch monitors, and swing for the fences, and tell everyone you average 110 mph SS, and drive the ball average 250. The male ego...🤣

    Swing Speed

    ...Huh? What the hell are you talking about?

    Swing Speed

    This X10. If iacas, nmgolf, or groucho have those speeds, I wouldn't think anything of it.
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