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  1. Yeah, exactly. So why the "oh I've taken his classes and never heard of the different setups for different abilities" response then, when I said I watched a video of him showing exactly what you just said. It's like asking a 20 HC to score the same as you. I don't know how to do what you're asking. Besides, read my last post. The guy who took the class even says now, that he has different setups for beginners, or less flexible people, which is exactly what I said I watched in the video.
  2. No it isn't. Gimme a break. I watched some videos of Jim's out of curiosity, and one of them was him demonstrating a beginner, intermediate, and his own advanced player setup. Why the hell would I make that up. Again, if it's that important to you or anyone else here, go find it yourself. Don't ask me again because I didn't spend as much time watching his videos, as I have trying to convince you and someone else what I watched.
  3. Took me less than 5 minutes to find the video. If your so passionate about it, why don't you go spend a few minutes and copy the whatever, to the paste, to the link. Probably take you less time than you spent with that post. Burden of proof on me?
  4. He rotates after he hits the ball. Try keeping your body still like he does. It's not that easy. It goes against everything you want to do.
  5. I don't know how to link. All I did was google Jim's swing and found 10-15 short video lessons from him. If that's to much trouble for you, then forget it. Also, you can definitely hit it fat with his swing. Out of curiosity from this thread, I found his videos, and tried it at the range. Hit it fat a few times. I think, because as a "rotational" swinger, I instinctively want to start the downswing with the "rotation" of the my body. With Jim's preload set up, by doing that my club would just dump straight to the ground. I only tried 20 or so swings. It was almost screwing up my own swing because I trying not to rotate, which is the exact opposite of every lesson I've had, my wife has had, or my (2) kids have had.
  6. Yep. Watched several of his videos on youtube, and one of them was him demonstrating the 3 different setups, and swings.
  7. I hope you all realize that Jim has (3) different variations of this swing based on the students ability. Even he says he uses the "advanced" version, because he doesn't have trouble coming from the inside.

    Swing Speed

    So your argument is "anything is possible, even an 8' tall man"? Oooook….

    Swing Speed

    What does that have to do with someone actually being able to do it commonly. As ncates00 noted, the pros don't even do it.

    Swing Speed

    340 yard drives now...
  11. I think when Iacas says to practice full swing more than short game, it's because if you miss a putt, it normally costs you (1) stroke. On the other hand if you miss a 250 yard drive, and get stuck behind a tree, or worse O.B., that could cost you 2-3 stokes.
  12. 🤔...She has a nice plump look...🤷‍♂️
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