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    Your Game, Without Continued Practice

    I never "practice" at the range. I love to play golf hate to practice. Sometimes I will play 72-90 hole a week so that to me is my practice. Real life situations. With that said I've gotten down to as low as a 12 and bouncing around as high as a 15. By the way seems like my handicap never stays the same very long. It wont go higher than 15 but always moving up or down 1/2 or 1 point. Sometimes will go down 2X in a row then back up. Almost everybody else I play with in money games or tournaments at the club they've had the same handicap for ten years. I just figured it was because I wont commit to regular practice but one guy told me if you play a lot it makes a difference too.

    How to become successful in golf at 17

    Inbee Park didn't start till she came to the usa when she was 12. Ricky Barnes said golf didn't find him until highschool. He played basketball, baseball, and football also.

    "Swing Machine Golf" by Paul Wilson

    I like how you took one sentence out of a video lesson and spun to fit your argument. Which I still don't know why you and iacas got all defensive and were just arguing for the sake of arguing. That's probably why he quit responding. I really don't know what you and iacas have against this guy.
  4. I wish they would bring back "The Daly Planet"

    Faster Play - Is It Hurting the Game?

    I agree with iacas. When I was a 21 handicap it took me the same amount of time to play as it does now. I've shot my best round of 75 and a high of 95 and a bunch in between within the last 2 months. All of those rounds took the same amount of time. Its the guy that hits his drive 200/210 yards and then waits for the green to clear backing everybody up because now he's going to hit his 3 wood or hybrid off the deck 235 yards on the green. Then he hits it fat 100 yards. BTW I don't play public courses hardly at all. But when I do that's what I see as one of the main problems. Also just pick up after 8.

    Faster Play - Is It Hurting the Game?

    What about "you get what you pay for." I just thought of something. I hope people aren't complaining about slow play at a course the costs $35 w/cart. I would never show up to a public course and expect to get the same service and play with the same people I do at a private club.

    Faster Play - Is It Hurting the Game?

    Most of the rounds I play are 3/12 hrs. I don't get the "4 hour round to some people is a snails pace." Really 1/2 hr. is the difference between a steady pace and snails pace?

    "The Inner Game of Golf" by Timothy Gallwey

    I read this book and now I'm 1/4 way through "Inner Skiing". One thing to think about is not to use the inner game techniques as "gimmicks". They are meant to be used the same way you would use a lesson from a teaching pro. You have to practice the inner game techniques the same way you practice your physical swing. I've found that committing to the Inner Game is as hard as committing to an adjustment of the physical swing. You may go back a little to go forward.



    How to Play Through Another Group

    I'm a member of a private country club. Takes about 3 hrs. on the low end/4.25 hrs. on the high end for 18 holes. When I do play at a public course the 2 reasons I see that slow things down are a player that won't pick up after a couple duffs and just move up to where the other players in his group are or someone will hit a 200 yard drive, have 200+ yards to the green and wait for the green to clear.

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