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  1. Agree. If I made a 15' breaking putt I would probably think there was a "little luck" involved. If you made that same putt, you would have probably "expected" to make it, and "luck" would have never crossed your mind.
  2. 😆 I've listened to Haney's book 4X. So I don't know what Hank Haney book you read that you could have possibly come to the conclusion that Tiger "surrounds himself with sycophants and yes men". Butch wasn't a yes man, Haney wasn't a yes man, Steve wasn't a yes man, Tigers agent isn't a yes man. So who are these yes men you've read about that Tiger surrounded himself with? I voted No.

    Top Golf

    The Silver Legacy Casino Resort in Reno,Nv. is just about to open a state of the art Top Golf Suite. I peaked through the cracks of the construction wall and saw what looked like several simulators. On the casino website it says it will have a 18 seat bar, simulators that you can play top golf type games or play different courses, zombie dodgeball, hockey, baseball, carnival games, and more. It opens April 17th.
  4. Why are carts a problem?
  5. The CC I'm a member at and another CC in the area both have an invitational tournament every year. I've never ponied up the $400/3 days of golf and all-you-can eat/drink, but I was told those are 7 hour rounds because they are 6'ms.
  6. I like this man. He is smart...🤝
  7. I voted 10-13. I know from personal experience. I thought the "average" handicap was 16. You cant say the average handicap is 12-15. The difference between a 12 and 15 is a big jump not an average.
  8. 4/13/18 Scored a 75 70.6/123 Birdies(3) Pars(9) Bogeys(5) DB(1)
  9. I don't get it. On one hand you're saying get lessons because the golf swing requires a series of technical do and don't instructions. Now by your own admission, you got down to scratch without any lessons. You're the guy I'm talking about aren't I?
  10. I've had 4 lessons from a mediocre at best pro 4 years ago. At that time I said if I could just get to an 18 HC I would never look back. I got down to 12.5 and I'm trending to a 13 now. Not one lesson since. I play twice a week average throughout the year. NO PRACTICE. Just played and "naturally" through my own discovery made myself in the golf world to be an above average player. (average HC is 16).
  11. You said it! The swing was developed "organically" over time. Through discovery and experimenting with different swings. So the swing is a lot more "natural" than people think.
  12. So everybody went off one mans swing he made up himself? Ok.
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