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  1. Haven't had the flu or the common cold since I was a kid. Somehow I've managed that without ever getting a flu shot, and never being concerned about my distance between other people. I knew we were screwed when I would look down at the car passing me, and the driver was wearing a mask alone in his own car.
  2. Why is Michigan having "huge increases in cases, when states like Texas, Florida, and the other states that opened up are not? I don't know." (someone else said that). Maybe because locking down, masks, and vaccines didn't work. I know you you guys won't admit it because you've already got your shot, or you've been on here boasting about "the science" for so long, that now your pride is more important than admitting you got dooped.
  3. Is that the same science that said it was ok for hollywood to continue life as normal, and still have there catered lunches, but tell the restaurant next door to close. The same science that said if you gather at restaurants and have a party your going to kill people, only to find out that's exactly what they were doing. The same science that said if you drive from Kalamazoo,Mi to your second home in the U.P. you were going continue the spread, but said it was ok for a trucker to take a load of bicycles there for Walmart. The same science that said if we don't shut down we'll all die, but MILL
  4. I've been reading this off and on for a while and just shaking my head. While all you 🐑 have been wearing your masks, staying home, preaching about "the science," taking shots of a poisonous vaccine, patting each other on the back for how obedient you've been, trying to one up each other on who got there shot first. I never stayed home. I've been to truck stops all over the country for fueling, showers, eating inside restaurants, eating salads prepared by the truck stop, filling my coffee mugs, getting maintenance work done, to shippers, receivers, dot inspection stations, rest areas, casino's
  5. Hey Vinsk and Ncates00, you two guys seem like a couple of real angry people. When was the last time either of you had a pleasant time on a golf course? I think I would rather have a 5 hour round, than be stuck with you to old farts, bitching and complaining the whole time, because you couldn't play in 3 hours with a prime tee time on a Saturday at your local muni.
  6. USKIDS tournament Sat., and Sun. Both finished in 4 1/2 hrs. 140 players Sat. 170 players Sun. One kid in the group in front of us shot 127. I only saw 1 group get a red card. Looked like girls 11 or 12. Thought that was pretty good for that many kids.
  7. That was my point. That you played outside the peak times that I gave. So of course you can play in YOUR normal time. That's why I said there are options. Again, try doing that on a Saturday between 10-12:30. If you told the head pro at those times his course was slow at 4:15, he would look at you like you had 3 heads. So would all the golfers with there case of beer stuffed in the cart basket. Nope...We'll be teeing off Saturday around noon, and get 27 holes in, and be home before 5...🙂
  8. What are you talking about? I said between 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. You played way after that. You also didn't say what days you played. Yes 90% accept 4:15 is fine. So they're all supposed to accept you, and your 10%?
  9. 🤔...Yeah, you're on the bubble...🤷‍♂️
  10. BTW...What day, and time of day were you playing? A guy told me the other day, that he plays a public course in 2 1/2 hrs. He's there at the crack of dawn. There are options for those that need to play fast, or normal to them. When I do, which is probably less than 10 times a year, play a public course, between 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. I don't expect the course management, or the average golfer to play to MY MORMAL.
  11. Yes it's on the high side of the scale to finishing, 4 1/2 would tip the scale. It's not "grindingly slow." I still don't think you're going to get a public golf course to accept 4:15 is slow. To them, and 90% of golfers it's an acceptable, MAXIMUM time to finish.
  12. Oh, and no I'm not "part of the problem." I'm a member of a private CC. My rounds are usually 3-3 1/2 hrs. MAX...🙂
  13. I just smh at these people who say 4:15 is grindingly slow. If were talking 5:15, ok I get that. But 4:15. If That's what you consider "grindingly slow," then the conversation is over. Your not going to get anyone who is looking at the p.o.p. problem, with an objective point of view, to even listen. So just stop it already with the drama queen stuff. 4-4 1/2 hrs. is what 90% of golfers would consider an acceptable MAX. time to finish. If your part of that 10%, complaining about 4:15 rounds isn't going to change anything.
  14. I do. I actually enjoy golf. Apparently you don't.
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