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  1. No comment on my question...🤷‍♂️
  2. Good point about just because I might not make a perfect shot, that I still should get all the details I can of the approach onto the green. Thanks...🤝
  3. Ok. So with the pin sheet you're getting extra details about the green and the pin placement. I'm not sure I'm good enough to use one then. I typically get the yardage and flag color and go for the front, middle, or back more or less. Sounds like with a pin sheet you would need to be good enough to get down to within a yard with your distances all the time to really make use of those extra details.
  4. I do that now by the color of the flag and the distance I get from the range finder. I don't know what more a pin sheet is going to tell me. At first I thought maybe range finders weren't legal in tournaments, and that's why you would use a pin sheet.
  5. Is a pin sheet necessary if I have a range finder? If yes, what information will the pin sheet add?
  6. I was told a long time ago not to "drop" it because it could possibly break the little glass things for the range finders.
  7. WOW! Shot out of a cannon this morning! For someone as good as you, you could not play for a year and your first time out you'll shoot 77 instead of 73, and probably shoot a coyote afterwards. What is your club trying to charge you for? GO MICHIGAN!!!
  8. You broke the rules.
  9. Underrated. If you haven't tried any of those types of clubs how could all you guys possibly know what they should be rated at...SMH.
  10. I don't consider those "cargo shorts" just because they have a pocket on the side. I have Nike, and PGA, brand shorts that have that "side pocket". To me "cargo shorts" are those ugly, oakball-looking, past the knee, with huge, puffy pockets, that stick outside the rest of the shorts. Tigers shorts are classy looking for a classy guy.
  11. Your not comparing apples to apples. The point of using a chipper or in my case the Square Strike is so I DONT have to practice (as much) to get some good results. I already said in the beginning that I played with a $180 Callaway MacDaddy wedge. I got better results with the Square Strike with the amount of time I'm going to put into getting better. So I got better simply by using a club that is more forgiving. As I said before my 10 year old son has a pw,50,56,60 and is very proficient with those clubs, BUT he practices daily and gets a weekly lesson with a pga pro who also caddies for her sister on the LPGA Tour. See the difference.
  12. So if you could get down to a 9 by simply teeing off with your irons you wouldn't because it would limit you to play the game at your highest level. A level you couldn't achieve unless you teed off with irons only. SMH.
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