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  1. If you don't think the golf swing requires any physical exertion then sorry, but you are probably doing it wrong. I just cannot for the live of me, turn my hips well enough in jeans to make a good golf swing.
  2. I've bought a Nike Victory Red driver, 3 wood, and hybrid, and I am thinking about putting in an Aldila NVS shaft in the three wood, and the hybrid. I'm just wondering, what size shaft tip should I get for each, and where can I find someone who knows enough about club building to do the STR8 FIT shaft on the three wood? Thanks for any advice.
  3. Today while I was at the range hitting drivers, I couldn't stop an ugly snap hook. Granted these were the first drives I've hit since November, but still it had me worried. But when in the back swing I focused on keeping my right elbow in (i'm right handed) I would hit straight, even sometimes with a slight fade, and the were bombs coming off the clubface. Is the elbow in a common swing thought? I haven't seen any pros really have a tucked in elbow but the only pro whose swing I really analyze is Tiger. So yeah, if anyone can let me know if this is normal or should I look for a different fix t
  4. I normally prefer to play Titleist Vokeys, but I have a chance to a get a great deal on the Taylormade RACs, can anyone who has played both compare the feel?
  5. Is the regular R9 a lot less forgiving compared to the 460? I'm planning on getting an R9, since the price is falling on them. If the R9 is less forgiving what is the benefit of it compared to the 460?
  6. Is it possible I flip more with the driver? I haven't lost any distance off of any club, I've actually gained distance on most clubs. (5 wood is 225 instead of 210, 7 iron is 150 from 140)
  7. Darn it, just when I thought I had a reason for the distance loss, I find out that almost everyone flips. Oh well, thanks for the info Shanks A Million.
  8. I've often heard that phrase when talking about losing distance. I think I may possibly flip my wrists with my driver swing. I hit my driver around 240 on my best drives, where as last year I hit it around 260 or so, I used to slice the ball a little bit, and now I normally hit it pull left. Not a hook, just a pull. Does that sound like the symptoms of wrist flipping?
  9. For chip shots I use no wrists. But that's normally only from 40 and in. Farther out than that and I'll use a lot of wrist action and use spin to get the ball close. I love the half wedge shots lately.
  10. That's the truth though. The Ryder Cup isn't going to define his career and team play isn't his thing. That doesn't mean he doesn't care for it, it's possible he actually enjoys playing for his country. Also, the statement he made "I'll play if I qualify" I didn't read that as he wouldn't play as a captain pick, I read it as he will play assuming he is physically able, as long as he qualifies.
  11. That is one of my major problems when I set up, if I don't consciously focus on lining up my shoulders, they aim left. Assuming everything else is good, my swing and such, what kind of ball flight would I expect. I am trying to narrow my problem of pulling my drives left, and I'm hoping this is the cause. It's not a pull hook, just a straight pull.
  12. I am interested in some of the preowned irons Golfsmith is offering on their website. Does Golfsmith have a set of standards their clubs must pass before they sell them? Have any of you bought clubs for them used? If so let me know about condition of the clubs when you got them.
  13. I was looking at Titleist 755s, but I can't really find any too cheap. I also found Taylormade rac os for 170. Are those irons what I am looking for?
  14. I was looking at the Nike Pro Combo Irons, are those irons forgiving at all? They are used from golfsmith for $200 right now.
  15. I'm looking for irons that have more feel than my current irons the A2OS, but still have some forgiveness. I am planning on buying used, hopefully so I can get them for less than $300. I was thinking about the Callaway X series irons, would those have more feel than my a2os?
  16. If I have a reverse a weight shift, could that be a cause of hooks? I have been hooking massively and I don't know what the cause is. I don't have a video of my swing so i can't see it, so this is my best guess, since I sometimes get off balance with my driver and 3 wood and those are the only clubs i hook it with.
  17. I really liked the gamers ability for the price, but the durability made it not worth it to me. I'm going to try the Pinnacle Dimension balls next round, apparently they aren't the distance rocks that Pinnacle normally put out.
  18. How well do the new Watson wedges spin the ball? I am probably getting new wedges soon, and I want to be able to spin the ball a little, it doesn't have to be spectacular, stop on a dime, but the last wedges I had, their grooves ran down pretty quick, and they don't have spin anymore.
  19. Buying gently used clubs seems like a good idea. I'd assume you could get an 07 Burner for around $100, since it's only $150 new.
  20. I know the question is pretty obvious, but I mean arm strength only. I'm around 6 foot and 200 pounds, and a lot of muscle, but my arms are lacking. So I was wondering if this winter if I worked on arm strength if I'd gain yardage as well? I'm at around 245 and gaining steadily, probably due to my swing getting much better, but getting stronger in the arms can't hurt...can it?
  21. I've noticed whenever I force myself to keep a tempo in my backswing, I'll usually hit the ball perfect (or as close to perfect as I define it), so I'm just wondering, is tempo the most important in the golf swing?
  22. I'm probably getting new irons this offseason, ones that'll help me improve my game. I'm thinking either the Nike CCi Forged or the Titleist 755 forged, but does anyone have anymore to try, that I could get for less than $300 used.
  23. How much distance would a lose from a 15 degree 3W to a 15.5 Hybrid? I was thinking like 15 yards at most. But it would still be a little longer then my 18 degree 5W right?
  24. I had my first highschool match today, was number 9 man, was expected to hit in the mid 50s. I hit my 5 wood of most tees, used the driver 2 times. I shot a 47, everyone else in my foursome shot around 60. They used their drivers on every hole they could. (Even the 200 yard par 3, so 8 of 9)
  25. See, I might be able too sometimes, but it would take on of my longest drives and a very good 3 wood.
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