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  1. Bought the M4 after 2 fittings and then picked up an M3 on ebay for 315 over the weekend. I have to say I am torn between which one will be my gamer this year. I don't think I've hit a driver thats as straight or as consistent as the M4 the way its set up. I haven't been able to hit it as far as I was able to hit my Nike Vapor Flex but the difference seems to be one awesome drive and 10 bad drives with the Vapor or 10 straight 300 yard drives consistently. Today was my first day with the M3 but I haven't quite got it set up yet. If I can get that one in the air a bit more the M4 will most likely move to the backup. I will say the M3 feels better and seems to continuously give me better ball speed, but once I get the launch angle up I can see it giving me the distance I was missing from the M4 and a lot more consistency than my Nike.
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