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    2019 FedExCup Playoff Changes

    So if the Patriots get in the super bowl we give them two touchdowns because they were number 1? Who would watch? I’m from Philly. I like underdogs to have a chance.
  2. Angler

    2018 BMW Championship - FedExCup Playoffs

    The golf channels coverage of the delay, etc has been abysmal. This morning we were treated to an hour (6-7) of yesterday’s Golf Central. All old news. Morning drive is now showing course clean up at an LPGA tournament from last year. Zero info on status of tournament and wether players are actually on the course as scheduled. Seem s like once they have something in the can they have to show it, even if they overlook breaking news.
  3. Angler

    2018 Bing Crosby (Pebble Beach) Discussion

    Couldn’t agree more....A-list celebs mostly absent. Didn’t see it all, but did they eliminate that stupid celeb interview tent alongside 17 tee? If so, good move. also did not like the commercials disguised as instruction. (See Baker-Finch hit the new Callaway Rogue)

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