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    Thank you appreciate the reply, i did notice i was swinging the club harder than i normally do ill try to control that tomorrow when i go. i was just so excited i was getting it in the air for once. I do notice i hit my irons much further if i shorten my swing and not swing as hard so i will try to incorporate that and see what happens.
  2. Hello all I am brand new to the site looking for a bit of advice. I am a 24 handicap and I'm trying to lower that this year. My biggest problem is getting off of the tee, I will typically hit an iron off of the tee and the past 3 years I have been using my hybrid which I hit pretty consistently but occasionally will hit the ground before the ball and hit a grounder. My irons i hit pretty well for the most part with exception to my short game which i am working on. This year I would love to not be afraid to hit my driver. I recently watched a youtube video that said a big problem hes seen is people lining right up with their driver and to set your line up 4 inches behind the ball. I ran to the range after work and used this technique and for the first time ever made good contact with my driver however I was hitting them straight right. I felt that I was lined up for dead center of the range and they were not curving at all just going well right. This to me was a step in the right direction as before I couldnt even get the ball in the air with a driver I would either hit grounders or hook it straight left and almost kill the people in the cart behind me so i am wondering what I can try next. I do not believe my grip is the problem I know i should probably try to get a video of my swing next and i have been told that i often am seen breaking my wrists to much. Thankful for any advice!

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