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  1. Pretty long topic there. Just wanted to see if there are other options
  2. How can i get old groove to spin do groove sharpeners sharpen them any options thanks guys :D
  3. Do groove sharpeners work, how much more spin will I be getting, do they comply with usga rules and should I get one? Another thing do they ruin your clubs, and can I use them on my irons thanks guys :)
  4. If uur hitting a fade and you dont want to try waggle the club in your pre shot reutine and Yes that preatty much what I said also try to make your waggle go on the inside and in a straight line
  5. ok thanks how can I contact certain companies to make this happen
  6. Try to take that club back a little farther with more shoulder and hit turn and accelerate through impact more should help with distance :)
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