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  1. There is a course somewhat local to me called Musgrove Mill GC. It's in Clinton, SC and was designed by the Arnold Palmer Group. We were members there for a couple of years, but actually dropped our membership because it's so difficult. I've played lot's of good & hard golf courses around the world, but this place is a constant challenge regardless of weather conditions. It is absolutely beautiful, but it will kill confidence as much as anything because you have to be "on". There is no miss as the fairway ends and the woods begin.
  2. Not likely, but it’s hard to count him out of anything. He’s a lot closer to being back than I thought he’d be at this point. Fun to watch.
  3. Doesn’t look like anyone is going to run away with it. Tigers wins have almost always been on courses where the scoring was difficult. If he can post -6, he might have a chance at a playoff or even the win.
  4. It appears that the clothing companies are the ones with the deep pockets (see Nike, Adidas, UA) and not as much the equipment companies. If that trend continues, I imagine we'll see players continuing to find the right equipment for their game, unless of course a big payday limits them.
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