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  1. Irons Good... Woods Bad... Help?

    One thing that has helped me hitting my driver and 5 wood is position in the stance. If i am hitting it poorly that is the first thing i play around with. Sometimes the ball position in the stance can be the cause of a hook or a slice. In many cases I have my driver too far back in my stance. Also i find it very helpful to slow my swing down. In many clases begin swinging very fast. Hope that you get it figured it out
  2. wedges wedges wedges.....

    Right now i currently play 3 titleist vokey wedges. 52 56 and 60. After playing with these wedges for 4 years and only swapping the 56 and 60 for spin milled versions i can say that i will never play a different wedge. They are truly great golf clubs.