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  1. I totally agree, Tiger now sits back on a lead and says to the field, "Come and take it from me" He takes the pressure off of himself and puts it on his competition.
  2. One thing that has helped me hitting my driver and 5 wood is position in the stance. If i am hitting it poorly that is the first thing i play around with. Sometimes the ball position in the stance can be the cause of a hook or a slice. In many cases I have my driver too far back in my stance. Also i find it very helpful to slow my swing down. In many clases begin swinging very fast. Hope that you get it figured it out
  3. Right now i currently play 3 titleist vokey wedges. 52 56 and 60. After playing with these wedges for 4 years and only swapping the 56 and 60 for spin milled versions i can say that i will never play a different wedge. They are truly great golf clubs.