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  1. Rkrider99

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Last Wednesday's round was 78, Friday, shot 79, Saturday a 77, and then yesterday, Sunday, reality set in and shot an 85. I know I have the swing and game, I just can't keep my mind set straight. Playing 6 times in the next 7 days. I better straighten the mental side up.
  2. Rkrider99

    Callaway X20 Irons

    I just ran out to the garage to take a look at mine. The X is such a dark blue, I had to put them in the sun to make sure they weren't black. Good luck on your purchase.
  3. Rkrider99

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Well maybe the game is coming back. Just got off the course and shot a 78 today (38-40) using the swing changes I made yesterday. First game back in the 70's since a few months.
  4. Rkrider99

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Just finished another really strange round. 46 in the front and 38 on the back for an 84. Couldn't do anything right on the front including a double bogey on 10, and decided to just change my swing starting on 11. I started restricting my backswing. Finished bogey, par, bogey, birdie, par, birdie, par, par. I guess sometimes change is just good for you.
  5. Rkrider99

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    After shooting 91 on Thursday, and then 90 on Friday, I was going to play Saturday, and then hang up the clubs for 2 weeks. Wouldn't you know it, Saturday, the game started coming back around and I ended up with an 81 (40-41), and that was with 2 doubles. What a strange game.
  6. Oh yeah, I've done it, and in the process of evaluating doing it again. The last time I stepped away from the game, I think I overdid it a little. Ended up 2 years away before a friend said that we needed to play again. Funny thing, I didn't miss it in those 2 years, but going out and starting to practice again, and then playing, and getting bit by the golf bug, Unfortunately, after coming back to the game, moving to a golf course community, playing almost everyday, my game is starting to suck again. Normally a 10 handicap, I'm trending to a 16 right now, with shooting a 90 today. I've watched YouTube videos, taken lessons from our club Pro, reread my Ben Hogan, and Inner Game of Golf books, and I just keep getting worse. I just need an attitude adjustment time period to set my head straight.
  7. Rkrider99

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Yesterday's round has me hanging the clubs up for a while. Replaced the oldest score on the handicap sheet, a 79, with the newest one, shot yesterday, a 97. Maybe a couple weeks layoff will bring the game back.
  8. Rkrider99

    Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    Just disgusting. 6/15 update was 9.8, by 7/15 it jumped to 11.7, then the 9/1 update went to a 14.0, and todays has me at 14.8. I've lost my game and the harder I try, the worse I am getting.
  9. Rkrider99


    Well, didn't get out yesterday afternoon. Big thunderboomers overhead. But did get out to play this morning. Played the fairways and greens mantra. Just swing easy and take whatever club I needed to get it on the green. Didn't do real good there, but not a real bad day, Shot an 85. But, 7 of the pars came on one putts. Putting is the only thing saving me right now. Still had a couple of doubles and a triple. That's what kills you.
  10. Rkrider99

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    We just discussed this today with our golf group of about 20 avid golfers. Not one of us will pay to watch it. With the decline of golf, loss of memberships, closing of courses, young people not taking up the game, why put this thing on PPV? We believe you would want to promote the game as much as possible. How many non avid golfers are going to pay for a PPV event, while maybe some may watch if it were on TGC or ESPN.
  11. Rkrider99

    What Do You Do for a Living?

    Retired after 45 years in IT
  12. Rkrider99


    I know I can't always shoot in the 70's. I'm usually happy if I can keep it under 85. Anything over that, and I start worrying about the swing. I was the same way a few weeks ago, I loved going out for a game, because it seemed I couldn't do anything wrong. Then all of a sudden a shank here and there, and then I was shanking 3-4 shots in a row. Maybe the next time out, I'd get back to an 83 with no shanks. Then they'd come back again. Then the confidence starts going, and after that, the game sucks. Last year I had a slump, and decided to hang up the clubs for about 2 weeks, then started going out to practice, and the game came back. Sometimes I think I may be golfing too much, and I lose interest, and it becomes a mental thing. Going to go out this afternoon, and just try to go back to basics. My fairways and greens mantra. Not try killing the ball, not try any fancy shots, just hit the fairway, and leave me in a position to hit the green.
  13. Rkrider99


    I thought I was the only one in this predicament. Started about 3 weeks ago. Shooting mid 70's, low 80's. Now it's 89, 92, 96, and that's the adjusted score for handicap purposes. I took an 11 on one par 5 hole Sunday. I'm signed up for a lesson from our Pro later this week. I hope he sees something obvious. I'm so bummed, I don't even feel like playing.
  14. Rkrider99

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    Wow, what a week. I just returned to Florida last night after a week in St. Louis. Started with Monday's practice round. Got to see a bunch of great players. Tuesday, got up, and it was raining a little bit. Having coffeee, getting ready to leave we were informed by our PGA Championship App that the horn had blown at Bellerive and everyone is off the course. We decided to relax and not go. Probably a smart move. Went back Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, we were lucky to see the clouds, and head for the exit right before the horn blew, and Saturday. By that time, I didn't think we had any more energy to walk, or to fight the crowds, so we put our Sunday tickets up for sale. Sold within 5 minutes for face value. Took it easy in the recliner with a nice drink in hand for Sunday's round. What a finish. It was a blast and I would do it again. My only complaints was the parking situation, and crowd control.
  15. Way too many commercials and talking heads segments. The other issue I have with the broadcasts is the early broadcast, where there are 50-60 golfers on the course, but we have to see DJ hitting shots on the driving range or putting green. Come on, there are golfers out there playing that I'd like to see. The way we get around it all is to record the game, and then start watching about an hour or so later. Skip the commercials, talking heads, practice.

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