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  1. Looks like it won't happen today. Thunderstorms in the area, predicted to last for the next several hours. It's pouring rain right now, and the 8 AM tee time looks in jeopardy. Too many nice sunny days here in Florida to mess with playing in the rain.
  2. Just another ugly 82 today. Nothing wants to come together. Thinking about taking a break. 127 posted rounds this years so far. Maybe I'm playing too much golf.
  3. 82 yesterday with 10 pars, 6 bogeys and 2 doubles. Then today, an 83 with 1 birdie, 7 pars, 8 bogeys, and 2 doubles. Just can't seem to get the game back together.
  4. Had another ugly 83 yesterday. I'm bumping up against the new World Handicap Systems 3 stroke soft cap. Went from a 6.5 to a 9.3 index in 3 weeks. Anyway, yesterdays round, 3 birdies, 5 pars, 6 bogeys, and 4 doubles. Like I said, and ugly round Today, a new me. Shot a 77 (37-40). 1 birdie, 12 pars, 4 bogeys, and 1 double. Hope it comes back together even more tomorrow.
  5. 82 from the back tees today. 1 birdie (1st hole), 9 pars, 5 bogeys, and 3 doubles. I have to get rid of those doubles.
  6. I long for the good old days, 1950's-60's, Jim McKay, Jack Whitaker, Chris Schenkel, Ken Venturi, Pat Summerall, ..., where they say in a hushed tone, "He's lining up his putt, and then....SILENCE for the next 30 seconds...I can't stand golf commentary these days. They just need to hear themselves talk non-stop.
  7. I guess you could say that. Off the toe, off the shaft, anywhere but the clubface. It wasn't every shot, but too many for my liking. And, my liking is zero!
  8. Salvaged a 79 yesterday. Again, the ball was all over the place. Nice drive, shank the next shot, but got up and down for a par. Too many holes like that. I can't keep up the scrambling.
  9. After my trip to St. Louis, where my game blew up, I came home, and the game is still in blow-up mode. 83, 86, 85, 84, and an 81 yesterday. My hdcp index has gone from a 6.5 to 9.3.
  10. Tale of two states: Travelled to St. Louis, MO, last week to play golf with my son. No one wore masks other than if we went into the restaurant areas, where the servers were all wearing them. No one in the Pro shop or cart areas were masks being worn. Saturday, we noticed some of the pool noodles were gone from the cups. Sunday, all the noodles were gone, and people were pulling the pins. We did notice that a person was driving around and wiping (sanitizing) the pins, but of course, not after every foursome. Today, back in Florida, we went to Disney, and played the Magnolia course. As we came to the security gate we were instructed that our temperatures would be taken before we could enter the premises. Luckily, we all passed.
  11. Took a trip to St. Louis, MO to play golf with my son over the last couple of days. Never played the courses before. Well, let's just say I was embarrassed. I've never 3 and 4 putted so many greens in my life. First of all, you'd have to take 4 of our greens on my home course, combine them, and that would equal one green at the courses we played. Then the tiered greens, at Whitmoor CC, you get above the hole, and you end up with a 30 foot putt coming back. Oh, yeah, the scores: Thursday - 89 at Whitmoor - North, Friday - 90 at Missouri Bluffs, Saturday - 89 at Whitmoor - South, and finally Sunday - 84 (42-42) at Whitmoor - South, I think I finally changed something where I was getting the ball to die near the hole. All in all, a fun time with my son for Fathers Day. Now to see how I'll play on my not so fast, flat, greens on my Florida home course.
  12. Had a hot putter today. Shot a 1 over 73 (36-37) from the back tees. 4 birdies, 9 pars, 5 bogeys. I burned the edges on a few of the holes, I could have been under par. Flying to St. Louis tomorrow for 5 days to play golf with my son. We'll see what some new courses will do to my game.
  13. 75 (37-38) yesterday. 1 birdie, 13 pars, 4 bogeys.
  14. As we played an away course a couple of weeks ago, the cart attendant said, we can have an individual cart or we can share a cart "since we all rode in the same car together." Actually, I thought that was pretty straight forward. We chose to share carts.
  15. Thursday was a 78, and yesterday, it seemed I couldn't find the swing and shot a 44 in the front, and was struggling in the back until the last 4-5 holes and then carded 3 birdies for a 38, totalling an 82 for the round. Today, those last couple holes from yesterday carried on and I shot a 74. Hope it keeps going.
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