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  1. Our course is closed today for aeration, but we're doing the dri-ject aeration, and we'll be open tomorrow. The greens will be sandy but otherwise, a couple of days, they'll be back to normal.
  2. After shooting scores in the mid to high 80's over the last week, I was seriously considering hanging up the clubs for a while and trying to get my head screwed back on straight. I sort of lost my desire for the game. Well, I think my clubs heard me, and I ended up shooting a 1 over 73 yesterday. 3 birdies, 4 bogeys, and 11 pars. Why do I love this game so much?
  3. Shot a 77 on Friday. Played our clubs annual Spring Scramble on Saturday. Front 9 was interesting: par, birdie, par, birdie, par, birdie, par, birdie, par, for a 32. We knew 4 under wasn't going to cut it. Moved to the back 9: par, birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie, par, par, for a 30, 10 under. Beat out by a 14 under, but was good enough to take second place. Got rained out yesterday, but shot a 79 today.
  4. We pay $35 per year to our club for handicap services. But I have to tell you a little story. Back in the 70's there was a group of us that played every Saturday morning. Everywhere from 24 to 40 players. We were all business people and worked during the week. The local municipal course had a Men's club, but most of them played during the week. If we wanted a handicap through the course we needed to join the Men's club. No one wanted to do that. As it turned out the local State Golf Association was located in the office complex where I worked. I walked over and asked about how to be
  5. Another crazy day today. Started with a 42 on the front. 6 bogeys, 3 pars. The back was totally different. 1 bogey, 2 birdies, and 6 pars for a 35. I'll take that 77 any day.
  6. Played yesterday, and after the first nine, I said, yep, I am going to give up this game for a while. First nine; bogey, par, double, double, bogey, bogey, double, par, bogey, adding up to a 46. I felt like walking off the course. But I continued on. Back nine; bogey, par, bogey, par, par, par, par, par, par, for a 38. This game is so frustrating. So an 84 for yesterday. Just got off the course today. A 40 on the front 43 on the back, for an 83.
  7. I have been playing, but I haven't posted since the 12th, with a 75. I'm not sure where the game is going, or where it's gone. Recent scores from last week were 84, 86, 79, 82, and 80. I'm starting to think that I'm just playing too much golf. I'm getting that mental attitude that the score doesn't matter. If it's bad today, hopefully, it will be better tomorrow. Well, it's pretty much been raining over these last two days, and it may rain tomorrow, so I'll be able to take a break and see what happens.
  8. I shot a 75 today against my opponent's 71 in team match play. He did have to give me 5 strokes, so theoretically, you could say I beat him, but my team partner didn't fare so well, shooting an 85 to his opponents 80, having to give up one stroke, so we lost the overall match.
  9. Saturday's round an 81. Today's round an 81. 1 over going into 12. Beautiful drive, hit my hybrid a little left and saw it bouncing over some small hills. Looked for probably 15 minutes and never could find the ball. Ended up with a double bogey, and then proceeded to bogey in. At least we were able to get the round in today. Started with a little drizzle as we finished putting on 18, and the sky opened up as I pulled the golf cart into the garage.
  10. Not sure exactly what I shot, but my partner and I shot a net 63 in our Spring Shamble, taking first place. We birdied 3 of the 4 par 5's for net eagles which helped.
  11. Since the 29th, I've shot 80, 88, 82, 81, 78, and 75, so it looks like I'm going in the right direction. I've posted 73 scores for 2021, with the worst being 96, and the best a 74.
  12. This week, we've been notified that flag sticks can be pulled and the pvc is out of the cups. Ball washers are available. Still no rakes in the bunkers. No on course water coolers. 2 per cart. Bar and restaurant are fully open. Masks are recommended, but mandatory for staff.
  13. Shot a 76 today. A pair of 38's. 2 bogeys a side. Pretty boring golf.
  14. 81 on Saturday. 41-40. 84 on Sunday, 44-40. 4 double bogeys, 5 bogeys, 8 pars, and a chip in birdie on the last hole. Match Play Monday this morning.
  15. Since our club is in a 55+ senior community, our TRUE club champ, plays from the black tees. We also have a gold tee champ, and a green tee champ, and of course the ladies champ. Everyone that participates has to play all 3 days.
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