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  1. Meanwhile, Flori-Duh's governor has implemented Phase 3, and has opened up all the bars and restaurants to full capacity. Watching him on the news last night, he said he will not shut anything down in the future, and will fight any county, city, or municipality that tries to shut things down. Of course, then he said that it's up to the business to decide what they want to do. Gotta love it.
  2. A solid 78 today. A pair of 39's. Nice consistent golf. 3 bogeys on each side, 6 pars on each side. As my playing partners said, "Boring golf".
  3. Shot a 79 on the home course today. Started on 10 with a birdie and then went par, bogey, birdie, par, bogey, par, bogey, par, ending that 9 with a 1 over 37. Then we moved to the first hole. Double bogey, par, bogey, bogey, bogey, bogey, par, par, par, ending with a 42. Just couldn't put it together on the last 9, but I think part of the problem was we caught up to the crowd, so it was hit the ball and wait, and wait, and wait, then hit the ball and wait. Lost my whole rhythm and timing at that point. If we start the round, and I know it's going to be a slow day, I can adjust to that, but when you're clipping along, not waiting on anybody, and all of a sudden everything comes to a screeching halt, it throws everything out of whack.
  4. Today, shot an 89 at the Country Club of Mount Dora, FL. I guess I can't complain. The first time I played it, 2 years ago, I shot about 110 if I remember correctly, so I bettered my score by 21 shots. Just a lot of not remembering the course and lots of water.
  5. Well, I normally play almost every day. Actually, I took about a week off.
  6. Looks like i replied to this topic about a month ago. Was having issues with the game and decided it was time to take a little break. Since then I've played 26 rounds with a high score of 88 and a low score of 73. The index has gone from a 6.5 to a 9.2. Actually, in the last 2 weeks the index has gone up to a 10.2. but has slowly been coming back down to a 9.2. Anyway, Mondays round was a 73, and todays round was a 82. Just no consistency.
  7. Well, played a course a couple of week ago. I don't think they even know COVID exists. No masks anywhere. Feel free to pull the flagstick, no noodles or other objects in the cups. Rakes in the bunkers, water and ice available all over the course. Felt like I was playing in the normal old days. After the round we went in for lunch. Again, no masks on the waitresses, open kitchen, and no masks on the cooks. Looked like all the tables were in place where they normally would be, less than 6' distancing. A number of patrons sitting at the bar, drinking. Not sure how they're getting away with it.
  8. Last Microsoft FS I purchased was FS2004. At that time there was also a very active 3rd party ATC simulation that someone was able to merge the pieces, so not only were you flying from point A to point B, you were doing it under the control of live verbal ATC. I tried both parts, and it was always interesting seeing a plane appear on you radar screen, and the pilot reporting in. I spent way too many hours flying from Chicago to LA, or Chicago to NY. Cross county would have kept me up all night.
  9. After my self-imposed layoff for a day, (the wife needed to play on Sunday) so I went out with her. I figured that I'd just whack it around and not really play. So I start off on the first tee. Can you really shank a driver??? I mean yanked it into the trees near the women's tees. Dropped straight down. Topped it out of the rough to get to the fairway. 150 yards out, Big duck hook behind the trees, 85 yards from the green. Put it on the green and 2 putt for a double. Yep, that's where the game has been going. All I could do is laugh. 2nd hole, big draw/hook into the left rough. 190 yards to the green. Take the 3 rescue hybrid out. Figure I seem to be drawing/hooking everything, aim way right and let it fly. Straight into the sun, so I can't see a thing after it takes flight. Get up near the green, and the ball is 2 feet from the cup. A tap in birdie. Par on 3, birdie 4, pars on 5 and 6, birdie on 7, pars on 8 and 9, for a 1 under 35. Back side, pars from 10 through 14, bogey on 15, double on 16, but birdie 17, finishing with a par on 18, for a 38 on the back How can I shoot 88, 84, 92, 85, 87, 85, 85, then come back with a 73? So today, the old game comes back with an 84. I wish I knew what the secret is.
  10. Still can't seem to get the clubhead on the ball. Shanks, slices, topping the ball. The last 3 days scores have been 87, 85, 85. I had to take myself out of competitive play for the foreseeable future. Especially the team events. When you're listed as the 'A' player, and you are scoring like the 'C' or 'D' player, you bring the whole team down. Which brings up another point (question). Is the new handicap system really fair. My lowest index for the year has been 6.5. Right now my index is an 8.8. After today's round, it's telling me that I should be at a 9.6 index tomorrow, which hits the 3 point soft cap. If I'm going to keep scoring the way I am, the max my handicap index can be is a 11.5, which is the 5 stroke hard limit, but wouldn't necessarily be reflecting my game at that time. 11.5 index reflects a score of 78. There is no way I can compete against people if I'm still shooting 85-92, so I'll have to stay out of competitive golf until I can get my game back.
  11. Another 85 (44-41) yesterday. Developed a beginner's slice with my driver yesterday. Don't have any idea where that came from. I usually have a slight draw. Today, I'm not even going to think about golf. See what tomorrow brings.
  12. Trying to figure out if it's time to hang it up for a break, or to play through it. Shot a really ugly 92 today on the home course. I just can't figure out what's going on. Have to play my match play match tomorrow. I guess I'll figure out what I'm going to do after that.
  13. Oh, the wheels have come off. I feel sorry for my teammates in the games the last 2 days. Shot an 88 yesterday, with 1 birdie, but 7 double bogeys. Today was almost as bad with an 84. Tomorrow is practice, with a match play on Monday.
  14. I'm watching a tape delayed version. I'm with the OP. Gee, I could be watching the noncompting, club pro marker playing, and it wouldn't be that much different. Watching Tiger miss the fairways, fly the greens, and 3 putt is really exciting. Is the excitement watching a icon melt down?
  15. I do this as well, but I listen to music. Helps with the tempo.
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