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  1. Shot an interesting 78 (39-39) today. Had no idea what was going on with my game today. Drive on #1 into the trees, 150 yd punch shot on the green 20' away from the hole, make it for a birdie. Second hole, big slice into the 1st fairway. Trees in the way, take the shot, hit's a tree and lands in the sand waste area 80 yds out. Punch the 3rd shot to about 8 feet, make the putt, par. Third hole, big slice (I never slice the ball), into the sand waste area on the 9th fairway. Trees in the way, 170 yd punch shot to about 5 feet from the green, chip on, one putt, par. Fourth hole, par 3 on the green with a severe sloping back to front green. Putt it about 6 feet uphill and it rolls into the cup for another birdie. I think I've got game today, -2 after 4. Then reality sets in, 3 bogeys, then a double bogey, and finish the front with a par. Back side was more my game. Bogey 10, followed by 4 pars, another bogey, 2 more pars, ending with a bogey. I think the slicing part on the first couple of holes was due to the fact that the driving range is now closed. It's show up for your tee time no more than 5 minutes ahead, and go tee off. No time to practice or loosen up that swing.
  2. Well, I guess I have to respond to this, since @Cantankerish started it. A pretty ugly 81 today. Funny thing was, the organizer said everyone shot terrible today. I guess people have other things on their minds. The course is staying open, putting green and driving range closed today at 5 PM for the duration. New rules: no congregating in the parking lot, separate carts for all, no wife's riding with their husbands. Not sure why. Mostly shotgun starts, that way they can space groups out more. Otherwise it's golf, golf, and more golf.
  3. Modified my vote today, but I didn't see the putting green and/or driving range is closed, but course is open. The other really odd thing is the single rider, single cart, because effective today, we can't even ride with our wife's/husbands/significant others. Separate carts for all of us. They also modified the tee time arrangement to mostly shotgun starts. Explanation given was that they can space the groups, every other hole, etc.
  4. Well, I do live literally 'on the golf course'. Walk out my back door and I'm on the tee. We have a tournament at 1 PM today. I'll try my best for a great score. Even if they close the course, what's the difference if I'm taking a walk down the sidewalk, or taking a walk down the fairway with a club in my hand? We are observing all the standard precautions, single rider, single cart, don't touch the flagstick, no water coolers or ball washers on the course. Heck, I'm not 6 feet away from my fellow golfers, I'm 60 yards away.
  5. 77 from the back tees today. 1 birdie, 11 pars, 6 bogeys.
  6. I agree with @David in FL we've gone to single cart, single rider here, and the pace is so much faster, it may become a standard. Especially with 5 hour rounds in snowbird season.
  7. Shot a nice 73 (36-37) today. No birdies, but I did have an eagle on a par 5 hole. 86 yards out, half an approach wedge, one bounce and into the hole. Good solid round, 1 eagle, 14 pars, 3 bogeys. Won the team match play.
  8. Think I might pop for that Mavrik driver, 3 wood, and gap wedge to fill out the set. We need to stimulate the economy.
  9. 77 on Saturday, 79 from the back tees on Sunday. Playing a team match play this morning, then taking tomorrow off.
  10. Shot a 76 yesterday and a 77 today. I think I'm starting to dial the new clubs in.
  11. And the trend continues, 84 today. But, in my defense, we moved back a set of tees today, something different.
  12. We had a Callaway Demo Day at our course. Set up with the Mavrik driver. I had never been on a monitor before. Swing speed was 86 to 88, hey, I'm 70 years old, but the guy running the monitor was impressed with the smash factor. On 8 out of 10 shots, my smash factor was between 1.47 to 1.49. He just said, I'm getting the maximum out of my swing speed. I really did like that driver.
  13. I don't know of any local courses around me that are closed. At our club, they first turned the cups upside down, but no one liked that so, they've reversed that and are using the noodle in the cup. We have all been given permission to use our own carts if we choose. The bar is closed, the restaurant is carry out only. It would be interesting to see what would happen if they closed the course. Since I can walk out of my back door and on to the 12th tee, what would stop me from playing? During the holidays, when the course is formally closed, there is always an exemption for members of the course to play. There is a group of us that travel every month to different courses to play. Last week it was Eagle Dunes in Sorrento, FL, and there were no safeguard in place, we shared a cart, pro shop and snack bar were open.
  14. After the 78 on Friday, I shot an 80 on Saturday, an 81 yesterday, and an 82 today. I'm going the wrong way. Taking tomorrow off, then another 6 days straight of golf.
  15. From the Florida State Golf Association yesterday regarding the posting of scores. Good evening, In this time of uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 virus, many clubs have closed their restaurants, club houses or even their entire facility. However, we do have many that remain open and have made concessions on when and how a ball is considered holed or how commonly touched items like rakes and flagsticks are removed or forbidden to touch to keep their clubs open. In the last several days, the most common question to our staff has been, "Do we or how do we post this score?" A statement has just been released by the USGA, which can be found in the links below, on how golfers should post their scores when your club has made these types of changes to keep them safe from spreading COVID-19. Rules and Handicapping Guidance During COVID-19 Era COVID-19 Rules and Handicapping FAQs The Rules of Handicapping for a most likely score are not as liberal as they were under the USGA Handicap System. Under the Rules of Handicapping based on the format of play a hole may not be completed, thus the player would use the most likely score. But, due to COVID-19 we are allowing for a temporary expanded use of most likely score. Since we do not know if the golfer will pick up their ball once they are close to the hole or if they will try to putt to the hole with the cup liner above the hole (or other forms of safety clubs have implemented), we are asking the golfer to use their best judgement and post their most likely score. This is NOT currently in the Rules of Handicapping, but instead an adaptation being permitted for a temporary period in time to help with the current health concerns. We have also created a resource page on our website to send your golfers to if they have questions as to why they can post. Everyone stay safe!
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