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  1. I think that's my biggest issue when someone wants to join up mid round, or even at the turn. Or for that matter, if someone drops out as well. I get into some kind of rhythm that becomes totally out of sync when adding or losing players. But back on topic, I picked up on the poor play from yesterday into todays game. I can't remember the last time I had 6 double bogeys. An 86 (44-42), with 6 doubles, 4 bogeys, 6 pars, and 2 birdies. I think I need to take a little break and get my head screwed on right.
  2. Had the annual Fall Men's Scramble yesterday. Our group finished 3rd with 11 under. Really, a pretty nice day, overall. We just came off the course this morning. Ummm, not sure who the guy was hitting the ball today, or should I say trying to hit it. After the first 5 holes, I tore up the scorecard and just tried hitting the ball. Continued like that for the next 10 holes, lots of doubles, picked up before the triples, and just said screw it as we came up to the hole behind our house. Packed it in and drove the golf cart into the back yard. Much better now with a bloody mary in hand.
  3. We were notified today that our GHIN system will be down from Jan 1 to Jan 5 for the update. Please hold all scorecards played during that time to be entered after the system comes back up.
  4. 76 today. Started off bad with a 40 for the first 9. It was cold and very windy. Followed up with a strong even 36 round on the back. 1 bogey, 1 birdie, and 7 pars.
  5. Natural color wood tees. I went online and bought 5000 a couple of years ago. I think I still have 4000 left. Figure they'll last me a lifetime. Most of the older members of the club use plastic martini tees.
  6. Well, that didn't go well. Had an impossible sand shot on the 1st hole, could barely see the top of the ball, it was so buried and it was right on the lip. Just blasted it out, and ended up 3 feet from the hole. Par was good enough to continue. Then disaster as I kick punted the drive, ended up short of the green in 2, chunked the chip, blasted it 5 feet past the hole on the next chip and 2 putted for a double. Eliminated on the second hole. Well, there's always next year. Match play tomorrow.
  7. I've played some of my best rounds when I've been sick or hungover. I think I concentrate harder on just getting the center of the club squarely on the ball. I think I slow my swing down considerably. And I don't try to make any career type shots. Just fairways and middle of greens. Funny how that works.
  8. 75 yesterday (36-39) This afternoon, we have a 10 person, 9 hole shootout, winner take all. I hope I make it past the first hole.
  9. Now, I'm in a rut. Wednesday, shot 76, Thursday, shot 76, today, shot 77. I guess I can't complain.
  10. Wild ride yesterday. Started out with a bogey, followed by a triple, double, then finally a par, then a double. 8 over for the first 5 holes. Started figuring out the swing after that. Finished with an ugly 84 (45-39). Taking a break today, then it golf Wednesday through next Monday.
  11. I must be in a rut. After the 80 on Friday, I shot a 77 on Saturday, and another 77 today. Going into the last 5 holes even par, a double, bogey, bogey, bogey finish killed me. Just can't seem to close.
  12. After Monday's 78, shot 80 on Wednesday, 77 on Thursday, and 80 yesterday. Just good, consistent, golf.
  13. After the layoff yesterday because of the cold, came back today and shot a 78. Pair of 39's. 6 pars and 3 bogeys per side. Never got in serious trouble, but didn't have any easy birdie putts either.
  14. Shot a 81 yesterday. 10 pars, 7 bogeys, and a double. Started the round with the temp at 62 degrees with a 20 mph wind from the north. Ended the round with the temp at 54 degrees. Felt like it was freezing. 50 degrees right now, and more of the same weather today, so I just cancelled our 8 AM tee time.
  15. A pretty pedestrian 80 today. 39-41, with a double bogey on the back. Otherwise, 6 bogeys, and 10 pars. It's a ringer tournament, so if it doesn't rain, we'll see if I can better it tomorrow.
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