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  1. Yesterday, played in a 4 man scramble. Came in at 58, 14 under par, and finished in second place. Today, shot a 79 (40-39). 2 birdies, 7 pars, 5 bogeys, and 4 doubles. Crazy round.
  2. 76 today (35-41). Kind of lost it on the back. Front 9: 1 birdie, 8 pars - Back 9: 1 birdie, 2 pars, 6 bogeys.
  3. I had to go 1-2 as an average. There are times I lose 3 or 4 in a round, and then, like right now, I've played the same ball for the last 10 rounds, the logo is actually wearing off, but the ball keeps going in the hole, so why change it.
  4. 81 today (39-42). Seems to have lost my swing on the back 9. Well, tomorrow is another day.
  5. Congrats on retirement. You'll be busier now than you've ever been.
  6. This mornings round wasn't quite as good as yesterdays (see post above). 78 (39-39). 1 birdie, 10 pars, 7 bogeys.
  7. Great round yesterday. An even par 72. Started with a birdie on the first hole, followed by 3 pars, another birdie on the 5th hole, pars on 6 and 7, then bogeys on 8 and 9 for an even 36 for the front. I really wanted that 34. The back was 5 straight pars, then disaster as I chunked my driver into the weeds just ahead of the tee. Double bogey, but came back with a birdie on 16 and 17, and par on 18 for the 72. Tee time today in about an hour. We'll see if I can repeat.
  8. We have a local root rule at our course. Most of the fairways are lined with big oaks, and the roots are everywhere. The staff tries to paint them all white, as GUR, but when we're near these trees, you can bet most of us are hitting the ground around the ball to check for roots just under the ball or in the swing path. No reason to break a wrist. The rule has been discussed within the club, and if you're ball is against a tree trunk, that's not a root. If you're going to move the ball, you add a penalty, but if the ball is on a root, or a root is right behind or ahead of the ball, you can take relief with no penalty. This also doesn't include standing on roots, when the ball has no roots around it. Play it as it lies.
  9. Yesterday was an 80 (37-43) and today was an 80 (41-39). Nothing special about either rounds. 1 birdie yesterday, and 1 birdie today.
  10. 81 today. 40-41, with a double on each of the nines, 5 bogeys, and 11 pars. NO BIRDIES!!!
  11. When I first started playing I always used to give myself preferred lies. Then as time went on, I realized I was just hurting myself when playing in tournaments or competition that didn't allow that stuff. Sort of like missing that 1' putt, but I would of normally made it, so I'll just put it down as a gimme. Now, I play them all down, putt them all out, even when people say "pick it up". If I'm out for practice by myself, then anything goes, I can't post the score anyway.
  12. The only time it's too early for beer is if the bar is closed because 1) the clubhouse hasn't opened the bar yet, or, 2) you're state has stupid laws that don't allow alcoholic beverages to be sold before XX o'clock. We've had that issue here because of #1, on numerous occasions.
  13. Struggling a little yesterday and today. Both days were 82's. Yesterday, I just couldn't get focused. Consistent golf, 41-41, with both sides the same at 5 bogeys, 4 pars. This mornings round was another struggle. 42 on the front, and started the back with a bogey. Then went birdie, bogey, birdie, triple, par, bogey, birdie, bogey, for a 40 in the back. I've got to get rid of those double and triples that I've been doing lately.
  14. Shot a 78 today on the home course. 3 birdies, 8 pars, 5 bogeys, and 2 doubles. I'm getting more birdies, but I'm also getting more double bogeys. I think the aggressiveness is not necessarily balancing out.
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