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  1. Way too many commercials and talking heads segments. The other issue I have with the broadcasts is the early broadcast, where there are 50-60 golfers on the course, but we have to see DJ hitting shots on the driving range or putting green. Come on, there are golfers out there playing that I'd like to see. The way we get around it all is to record the game, and then start watching about an hour or so later. Skip the commercials, talking heads, practice.
  2. Rkrider99

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    It was somewhat rhetorical. I was just trying to figure out the justification of taking a 30-45 minute trip to get somewhere where I can get in 15 minutes directly. It's going to take 15 minutes to get to Westminster Academy, and then another 15 minutes or so on the shuttle, not counting the time to wait for the shuttle. My son told me he has a friend that lives 2 blocks from the course, and told him we were more than welcome to come park in his driveway. But, based on the above, I don't think that will work either. I guess it all depends on if we can get to the house without taking any of the roads that are closed. The other question I would have is the weather warnings. Take shelter? Where? You won't have a car that you can go hide in. Sounds like I'm whining, and I probably am, but I'm still happy to be going.
  3. Rkrider99

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    I'm heading up to St. Louis Sunday, the 5th. My son got us weekly passes. Well, this should be interesting since my son's house is about 15 minutes from the course. We'll probably have to drive further to get a shuttle than just figure out a way to get to the course directly. Maybe we can ride bicycles...
  4. Rkrider99

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    The last 5-6 rounds have all been 80. Either 41-39 or 39-41. I think I'm in a rut. However, yesterday, the 4th, I played with the wife and another couple, and was able to shoot a 76. 37 front, and 37 going into 17. Then I bogeyed 17 and 18 for that 76.
  5. Rkrider99

    Would You Play A Tough Course?

    Playing a tougher course really confirms where I think my game is at. Sure, I'm a 9.8 index at my home course, but what can I do on a really tough course? I enjoy getting out and playing other courses. It doesn't matter if they're easy or hard. It's somewhat satisfying when I have a good game at a tough course, and not so satisfying when I have a bad game at an easy course. Anything in between those two extremes and I'm a happy golfer.
  6. Rkrider99

    does a hazard have to be marked to be a hazard?

    Thanks for the clarification. I guess I need to read the rules book more often.
  7. Rkrider99

    does a hazard have to be marked to be a hazard?

    Talking about this, I have another question. At our course the hazards are all marked with markers and normally painted lines. Here in Florida, there are quite a few ponds, lakes, water hazards. We are in our rainy season right now, and these ponds, lakes, and water hazards are overflowing. If you look at the hazard markers, they could be 10 feet into the water. Does the hazard move with the water line, or if my ball falls between the water line and the hazard marker, is that now casual water where I can take a free drop?
  8. Rkrider99

    Your First Set of Clubs

    My first set was the old Kmart Blue Light specials. I don't have a clue what the brand was at the time. I played with them off and on about 2-3 times a year, otherwise they sat in the garage for a couple of years. I finally decided to take the game up seriously, and after working at it, and getting a bit better, I splurged on a set of Spalding Executives. Immediately improved the game. After a number of years I moved on to Tommy Armour 845's steel. Played with those about 3 years and started developing a bad case of tendinitis in my left elbow. Bought a new set of Tommy Armour 845's graphite. Played with those until my current set, Callaway X20's graphite. I'm thinking about upgrading since technology has marched on.
  9. Rkrider99

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Another crazy 78 today. 41 on the front, couldn't get anything going, then started the back birdie, birdie, which started the confidence flowing. Finished the back par, par, birdie, bogey, par, par, TRIPLE!!! Big old banana slice on 18 and we couldn't find the ball. That makes me so mad, going into 15 at 3 under on the back and end up with a 2 over 37. Oh well, I'll just have to bring it back on Wednesday.

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