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  1. I think it hurt me, not touching a club for a week, then going out cold, no driving range prior. Ended up shooting a 92 on Thursday, followed with an 81 on Friday, and Saturday with an 80.
  2. Well, I'm all over the place now. This past weeks scores: 1/13 - 77, 1/15 - 81, 1/16 - 82, 1/17 - 76, 1/18 - 80 This week temps in the high 30's to low 40's until Thursday, so I'm not playing until then. No reason to freeze when it's back to the 60's - 70's in a few days.
  3. Well, sort of redeemed myself with a solid 80 (40-40) today. 1 birdie, 9 pars, 7 bogeys, and 1 double bogey. Now a couple of days off.
  4. Ohhh!! It's getting worse. 87 today (41-46). I think it may be time for a break, but we'll find out after tomorrow's round.
  5. A real ugly 85 yesterday (43-42). Lately, I think I'm becoming a golf snob. Whenever I play with people with a 20's-30's handicap index, I shoot terrible. When I'm play with people in the scratch-15 handicap range, I think I concentrate a little harder and score much better.
  6. Shot a 37-42 yesterday for a 79. Front 9 was great, back 9, I was missing 5 foot putts. They were all around the cup, just not dropping.
  7. Last May, I installed PURE grips on my irons. One of the irons, which I use frequently at the driving range, started wearing down. Think of a tire wearing down it's tread. As I had an extra grip, I just replaced it, but looking at the cutaway view of the grip, you could see it wore down to almost half of the original thickness. It's a very soft rubber. And, yes, I did have over 200 rounds, plus multiple hours on the driving range, on that grip before I replaced it
  8. It would be nice to set some defaults. Right now it tries searching for courses in the area, instead of setting a default course. I have to go into Recent courses, and choose the home course. Also set the default tees for a specific course. 90% of my scores are on the same course from the same tees. I was also going to say that I can't find a trend index, but then realized that as I was entering my score it updated the index immediately. Overall, it's working. We already have been notified that it will be until February before we can enter scores hole by hole.
  9. Had a good day yesterday. Played with a foursome I hadn't had a chance to play with before. We all shot well. I shot a 76 (38-38). 2 birdies, 10 pars, and 6 bogeys. Just a nice easy going round.
  10. Actually, as a smart move, they should have rolled it out to the areas that are in their active season, and let us be the guinea pigs, and flush out the bugs. People that can't post for another 2-3 months would have a much smoother ride.
  11. Mine stayed the same 9.7 to 9.7. I too received an email from our Pro stating that the GHIN system is down and that the GHIN people are working on it. As an old IT guy, I figured that trying to roll out a world wide system in one day was next to impossible. Way too many things to go wrong.
  12. After taking some time off (sciatica was acting up), went out and shot an 81 on Thursday and had a 77 yesterday. Supposed to have rain all day today, so not sure if we'll get the round in or not today.
  13. A beautiful sunny 77 degree Christmas Day here in Florida. Our course is formally closed to play today, but as a member we are allowed to play. Went out with a few of the neighbors this morning and carded a 79 (40-39). One double bogey, 5 bogeys, and 12 pars. 236 rounds played in 2019 so far, with 4 more rounds scheduled before the end of the year. Anyone know if you can post a score for handicap purposes if the course if formally closed for business? The bunkers aren't raked, the greens aren't mowed, the holes are in the same place as yesterday.
  14. Lately, I've been thinking it's #1, and #1. I just lose focus, and can't seem to get it back. Just somewhere in the middle of the swing, the thought process changes, and messes up that shot. Then the focus comes back, and I will say, I made 2 spectacular sand saves for pars. I think it might just be too much golf, and lack of interest.
  15. Ended up with an ugly 79 today. 3 double bogeys, 3 bogeys, 10 pars, and 2 birdies. I've got to get rid of those doubles.
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