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  1. Well, after I saw this I just had to join the Wisconsin Club. Played Naga-Waukee from the early 70's until 2001, when we moved to Florida. I played there every Saturday morning with a group of between 16-24 players. We used to get up and stand in line at 3:30-4:00 AM in the morning to get tee times for the following week. Probably my favorite course. On Sunday, a subset of the group would play Brown Deer. Another great course. I do miss Wisconsin golf in the summertime. Blackwolf Run, University Ridge, The Bog, Old Hickory, SentryWorld, too many to remember. I look forward to reminiscing of my time in Wisconsin playing golf.
  2. There is another option that I don't think I've seen here. When I'm having that round from hell, I just tear up the scorecard, and play. Don't bother keeping score for that one. Now, that doesn't work if I'm playing in some kind of match, but if I'm out there with friends or family, and it all goes south, I stop keeping score.
  3. Keep playing. I used to just give up and finish the round by just whacking the ball around, not really caring. A number of months ago, after starting with 3 doubles, and starting to give up, I all of a sudden had a birdie, then another and now I was back in the game. It was a life changer, never give up! You never know what the rest of the round will give you. On those terrible days, I just think to myself, handicap adjustment day.
  4. I haven't posted any of my rounds since 7/10, when I shot a 72. After that game, the wheels came off. 83, 92, 94, 85, 85, 86. Index has gone from 9.2 on 6/15, to 9.6 on 7/1, and with the 7/15 update, jumped to a 12.0. Well, I decided to take a couple of days off. It helped, yesterdays round was a 76 (38-38). Still couldn't get rid of 2 double bogeys, but I did offset them with 4 birdies,4 bogeys, and 8 pars. I hope I can repeat the performance today, with the exception of the doubles.
  5. Thought I was going to pick up where I left off on Wednesdays round of 72, even par. Played the first 9, and going into 9 was even, 2 birdies, 4 pars, 2 bogeys. Bogeyed number 9, for a respectable 37. Then the wheels came off. Back 9, 3 pars, 3 bogeys, 3 double bogeys for a 45. I'm thinking it must be the heat. I think I lost focus and concentration on the back. Tomorrows round will be interesting in that it's an afternoon round, temps probably in the mid to high 90's with 90% humidity.
  6. I'm looking out my window and watching the lawn guys doing my lawn. They are covered head to toe with long sleeve shirts and long pants, along with the wide brim hat. Most of the outdoor working contractors (roofers, landscapers, road crews) here are always covered from top to bottom. It may be for sun protection, heat, or a combination.
  7. I was a ranger at a local course down here in Florida for a number of years. I think I only got tipped once in all that time. The job started out as a volunteer job with free golf and half price food and beverages. Then, one day, I got called in the office and told that Uncle Sam wanted his share of taxes on that compensation, so in order to figure it all out, I got minimum wage to boot, along with the free golf and half price meals. Not bad for riding around in a cart all day and being nice to people.
  8. Been really frustrated with the game lately. Gone from the low 70's to the mid 80's. 7/3 - 83, 7/4 - 84, 7/5 - 78, 7/6 - 79, 7/7 - 86, 7/8 - 81 Then today I just said screw it, just go out and have fun. It doesn't matter. 3 under going into the last 5 holes and end up bogeying 3 of them for a respectable 72, even par (36-36). 3 birdies, 12 pars, 3 bogeys.
  9. I think I only own 1 pair of long pants. It's shorts 365 days a year for me.
  10. Another weird round. 83 (40-43). 2 birdies, 6 pars, 7 bogeys, and 3 doubles. Putting was still giving me fits today. I think I 3 putted 5 of those greens today. Well, I have tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to work on it until my next day off from golf.
  11. Mine jumped to a 9.4 after my recent struggles with the clubs. Just need to keep working on it to get it back down. Not sure that will happen. Here, in Florida, the bermuda rough is coming on really strong. The index always goes up during the summer months due to the conditions. More rain, making the course play longer, and you really have to stay out of the rough. During the winter, you can pretty much assure yourself that an approach shot hit a little short will bounce and roll onto the green. Now between the rough in front of the greens and the wet weather, if you don't hit the green, you may be looking at a sure bogey.
  12. Friday's 81 and Saturday's 81 had my index heading for 9.9. Still couldn't figure out why I lost my swing. Everything, other than putting, just didn't feel right. Sunday morning, just told myself to stop thinking about it, and do what feels right. After the second shot, I realized that I had not been making a full shoulder turn. Shot a 76, and everything started feeling good again. Fast forward to this mornings round. Hit the ball great and 3 putted 6 greens. Shot a 83, which I'm not totally unhappy with. To the putting green tomorrow. (My golfing day off).
  13. Well, just returned from Championsgate CC. I'm embarrassed. I shot a 91. No birdies, 7 pars, 5 bogeys, 4 doubles, and 2 triple bogeys. I just don't know what happened to the swing.
  14. 83 yesterday. I've lost the swing. 3 balls OB, 4 double bogeys, the bright side, 2 birdies. Heading out to play ChampionsGate CC in a couple hours. Maybe I can do better today.
  15. Last Thursday, a 78. Then the wheels started coming off. Friday - 83, Saturday - 87, Sunday - 80, and yesterday, back to a 78. I hope those 80's were just a hiccup. To the driving range today for practice, and then more golf Wednesday through Monday.
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