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  1. Well, yesterday I shot a 77. Today, I really don't know, but I beat my opponent at match play. I pretty much stopped keeping score when he gave me a 2' birdie putt, while he was scrambling for a 7 on a par 5.
  2. I don't think I play better, but the course plays different. When I play the back tees, I usually can't hit the fairway bunkers, or hit it through the fairway. When I move up, then those same bunkers come into play, and I can drive it through a dogleg into the trees. Of course, I've adjusted to that by using a 3 wood or even an iron off the tee where I'll use a driver from the back tees.
  3. Yesterday, Saturday, shot a 74 (37-37) in a nice consistent round. Today, I just finished with a 76 (37-39). Took a double on one hole, which screwed me up.
  4. We live in a retirement community, so I'd say pretty much all of us here are in the higher-risk group. Is that going to stop these idiot people? Nope, a quarter of the residents are heading back to IL, WI, IA, MI, MN, and the rest of the Midwest states for the holidays. Another quarter of them have friends and family coming in from those states during the holidays. I guess I'll just hunker down, play golf, and stay in the house for the next month or so.
  5. Just finished a 2 day ringer tournament. First day, I shot a 74 with 1 birdie, 14 pars, and 3 bogeys. Second day, shot a 79. Since I needed to better the bogeys, and shoot for the pins on all the rest of the holes, some holes got away from me. I did birdie one of my bogey holes, made par on another, and a stupid 2 foot putt that I missed for a 3 putt bogey that I needed to better. Ended up with a gross 71, net 67. I think the winner will be around a net 64.
  6. 75 Saturday, 15 pars, 3 bogeys. 79 on Sunday.
  7. The ugly 85 I had on 11/7, turned into an even uglier 92 (3 triple bogeys), on 11/11. Yesterday, 11/13, the score came back down to a respectable 78.
  8. I thought the game was coming around with the last few scores of 78, 76, but today an ugly 85. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.
  9. So still dealing with the overseeding, I shot 85, 81, 81, and an 84 today. Hopefully, they'll start putting the course back to normal next week.
  10. Not sure if this really counts, but I shot an 87 from the back tees yesterday at my home course. 4 double bogeys, 7 bogeys, and 8 pars. Why I'm questioning it, is that they are overseeding right now (over the last week or so), and the greens are probably a 1/2" to 3/4" inch high. You literally can't putt the ball to the hole. I think they are going to finally mow them this weekend. Should I even enter these scores in the GHIN system?
  11. Welcome to the group. Formerly from Pewaukee, WI., now living the good life on a golf course in Florida.
  12. Since my posting my round on the 21st, I've shot 82 at Forest Lake in Ocoee, FL, and 77, 76 at my home course
  13. Let's just say that the golf was secondary as we got the old foursome back together again. The snowbirds returned this week, and we finally got our normal Wednesday morning foursome together. Among the banter, ribbing, and catching up, I don't think any of us were looking at scoring exceptionally well. For 4-5 handicappers, the front nine scores were 41, 44, 44, 50. We then continued to the back nine. We get to the par 3, 11th hole. The first guy hits it OB, and re-tees. Hits it into the waste area. Second guy gets up there and hits it left of the green. Third guy hits and it's heading straight for the pin. We can see his ball, probably a few inches from the pin. Now it's my turn. I hit a screaming shot that lands just short of the green and bounces toward the pin. hit's the ball near the hole, which deflects mine into the cup for a hole-in-one. My 5th career hole-in-one. The rest of the round was uneventful, carding scores of 83, 83, 83, and 97.
  14. 78 (41-37) yesterday. Just couldn't get into the swing of things for the first 9. Maybe it was Saturday nights party. Settled down on the back 9.
  15. A 77 (38-39) today. Same damn hole, same damn double bogey like yesterday. A little differently played, but still a double none the less. Well, tomorrow is another day.
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