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  1. Bought it from a pro shop that had pulled it from a new driver
  2. Definitely wasn't a tip weight. Got it figured out. Went in through the top and made it approx 6 in from the end. So I just got a longer bit and drilled it out. It was a gray powder that was coming out so I'm leaning toward the tungsten powder. Reinstalled the adapter no problem. Hopefully get to try it out tomorrow. Thanks for the replys
  3. Bought a new to me shaft pull Hzrdus black 6.5. Cleaned it all up and went to install the adapter and noticed there was alot of pressure. Got it installed and tried it out and it was like a steel rod. My average ss is 118 and I have a pretty aggressive transition. Pulled it off and tried to clean the tip out. Got 3.5 inches into the shaft and it was still solid?!? Did something change? Are shafts not hollow anymore? Dont want to dig further in and break something.
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