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  1. It's all probability, like you have 50% chance to flip a coin and get head. Sure you can fall on head 10 times in a row, but in the long run after 1000 tries you should be near the 50% rate. There is a saying in french that good player make their chances. If you put yourself in a good position and hit your shoot to manage that the miss will not be costly, you probably won't have a lot of bad break or their won't affect you so much. Then again, bad break will always happen once in a while.
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    I will surely be curious when they open in Montreal, Canada in the future to take a look. But with the winter we have I assume it's more like a simulator than an open bay if they wanted it open all year.
  3. If you read the article, here is a resume of the answer of Thomas Pagel, the USGA’s Senior Director of the Rules of Golf 1. Embedded, not leaning against the flagstick, not fully submerged: NO ACE 2. Embedded, leaning against the flagstick, not fully submerged: NO ACE 3. Embedded, not leaning against the flagstick, fully submerged: YES ACE 4. Not embedded, leaning against the flagstick, fully or partially submerged: YES ACE
  4. how about that one !?! Is this embedded ball a hole-in-one? A comprehensive investigation This mind-bending photo had everybody asking: Is a ball embedded in the side of the cup a hole in one? We tracked down the answer.
  5. Another question we could ask ourselves is does good GCA is judged based only on how well it's design for scratch player or does it take into account a wider range of handicap when designed. I agree that a very high handicapper (>20) usually take the longest club that they should take without thinking about course strategy but at some point, you start thinking ahead for the next shoot and then you realize the options given to you by the course. I like going back to a course and realize the new options given to you now that you carry it a little further and are more able to perform the shot you want to.
  6. I think a bogey golfer can also appreciate the GCA when on the good tee box for his skill level. He may not have enough skill to play the shoot that is asked all the time but may opt for laying out as his only option some of the time. There is also a difference between appreciate it and playing it as the GCA wants you to play it.
  7. When to the simulator yesterday and i'm very pleased with the result! I've been doing 5 minutes daily drills without club and ball to have a better weight transfer and balance through the swing since I've been spinning out. I'm still having a hard time with the driver, don't know if it's because the plane is more shallow and there is also spine tilt involved. But my striking with the irons was fantastic. I've notice on the numbers that my swing path was a lot less out to in (8-10 degree out-to-in is now 1-2 degree most of the time). My miss with the irons were still pretty straight and less frequent. Sadly I wasn't able to record my swing but i'll do it when the outdoor range open. On chip shot, it helped also since I had a lot of miss that I forgot to rotate my body and went all arms on small chip. Now with the better weight transfer it's a no-brainer and I don't forget it. As for the swing speed, I haven't seen significant change due to a better weight transfer, but overall I was more consistent with direction and distance so i'm very pleased! Can't way to try it for real on a course to see if it translate there also.
  8. I envy you!! Here it's at least another month before we can hit the course!!
  9. I bought them last year and I agree with you that they are long!!! I gained 15 yards compare to my oldest iron set. Granted the loft is boosted but they go higher than my older set also!
  10. 100: Took me about 3-4 years at 4-5 round a year to break 100, was not playing a lot back then. I shoot a 96. 90: About two year after breaking 100 (20 rounds), shoot a 86 and a 89 two rounds after that. Just managing blow-ups better help me a lot, did not have a single birdie in those 2 rounds but no triple either. Better control of my driving helped a lot (less slices). 80: Not yet. Hoping this year 😊 My lowest round last year was 83 and now i'm waiting for the snow to melt!! 70: N/A
  11. I happen to slice more as I over swing so I tend to associate my out to in swing path with my over swing. Just by doing a shorter back swing, i slice a lot less. There are other factors involved that's for sure by over swinging is one of them for me!
  12. I've just changed my iron after 7 years, my driver is 4 year old and will probably last a couple of years again. This year will probably be a new fairway wood or a putter, don't know yet. My putter is decent and 8 year old and after my driver it's my 4 iron, nothing in between so there is a gap to fill there!
  13. During high school I remember watching golf at the tv and saying it was boring!! Was into hockey and baseball so I didn't really had the time or desire to play golf. I was wacking balls with a driver at the range with friends from time to time but that's it. Until I participate at a best ball tournament at work about 8 years ago, I never set foot on a golf course. The best ball format was perfect to introduce me to the game, and after chipping it in the hole for a birdie at the second hole (lucky shoot but at that time it didn't matter) I was hooked. I love the challenge to try to improve my swing as years go by. I still play hockey but at 35, I don't think my body will keep up for another 20 years of hockey so golf is slowly taking over for my sports interest!!
  14. He's fun to watch that is for sure. Imagine if he would have pull it off! I'm just relieve that even PGA Pro have poor judgement sometimes!
  15. I've never tried that drill. I'll give it a try next time on the range. When to the indoor dome yesterday and practice with focus on weight transfer and swinging less out to in. The dome is only 90 yards longs but I like the contact and feelIng of it. As soon as outdoor range are open I'll be able to see the complete ball flight. Just have to wait for the snow to melt! Or go to a simulator.
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