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  1. Anyone have seen or tried the new (illegal) Lynx ball for junior?? Why you should give this juiced (and illegal) golf ball to your kids This golf ball is non-conforming, smaller and lighter. But that's because it's designed to encourage newcomers to the game of golf.
  2. Where i'm living it's 5-6 month of golf per year. Now that the kids are growing up, it's harder to play golf on the weekends because of all their activities. I'm trying to introduce them to golf but it's hard for young kids. So my trick is to wake up early and go play before work in the weekdays. I also go to the driving range during my lunch time at work. It help that I have a flexible schedule at work! Also, a round of golf for birthday gift if you have friends/family play golf, the wife cannot say no when it's a gift and you have to go with them!! 😄
  3. I agree that the majority of canadian population lives inside 100 miles of the U.S border. As for the Quebec province (can't talk about other places in Canada), I have few option for a public golf club that is affordable and decent inside a 1h drive. A couple of golf courses near me are private, very expensive or have just closed in recent years. Of course, if i'm willing to spend between 60-80$ CAD to play a round, there is more options available but I won't be playing a lot of rounds if I pay that much for a round of golf. I manage to found deals and promotion but you have to search for it.
  4. You have so much more courses in the US then in Canada!! It's crazy. I would love to have that many choices nearby. How Many Golf Courses Are There In The World? - Almost 40,000 How Many Golf Courses Are There In The World? - The world is home to almost 40,000 golf courses, check out how many each country has... Number of golf courses in the world – 38,864 USA – 16,752 Japan – 3,169 Canada – 2,633 England – 2,270 Australia – 1,616
  5. We have less courses in Canada. The closest course to my home is 20 min but it's expensive for what it is so I never go there. Other than that it's at least 30 min aways (1 good course but a little expensive) at best, going to 1h15 for more option (about 6-7 courses at 1h15 from home) For a special course I could drove 2h to get there i guess.
  6. Kijiji and Facebook marketplace is more popular than Craigslist in Montreal definitively. I'll be on the lookout for used set, but right now in the middle of the winter, there are not many for sales. Probably at the end of the winter when people buy new sets for their kids, there will be more for sell and i'll have a better chance of finding a used set for my son. Until then, i'll borrow clubs when going to the driving range. My father in law also have a set with graphite shaft that he doesn't used anymore. Maybe I could take an iron from that set and cut it for my son. He proba
  7. Thanks for all the good advice. I think i'll borrow the shortest club at the range and bring him once or twice and if I see that he really loves it purchase some club for him. U.S Kids club seems very nice, it's just a little more expensive in Canada (75.59$ before taxes with shipping 😫). I don't know at that point if i just borrow club for now and buy a used set when he is a bit taller than right now. I'll see. I've seen used set for kids around 50-70$. I also have a plastic set for kids that he already used at home during summer but it's pretty cheap and beat up 😄
  8. Hi, I have purchased a used set of kids club for my daughter last years (she is now 6 yrs old) and go to the driving range a couple of times a years with her to hit some balls. Right now she basically just hit her 7 iron and told me her driver is too hard to hit. At that age i just focus on making contact with the ball and let her have fun and don't bother much about technique, Now my 4 yrs old son wants to come with us and wants his clubs!! The problem is that my daughter is left-handed and my son is right-handed so he can't used her club (also they are a bit too long for him). At t
  9. I think it all depends on where you are with your swing and what you want to achieve. I agree that distance is important and gives you a big advantage when having a short iron for your second shot, but when I was trying to break 100, the driver was probably costing me too many strokes that it nullify that advantage. At that point, playing a round with or without the driver didn't make a big difference on my score because my swing wasn't repetitive and efficient enough. I'm now shooting in the low 90/ high 80 and with a swing that is more consistent(not enough yet but still!), the driver is mor
  10. You can watch it here Watch Phil Mickelson hit driver out of a bush, because you need to see it to believe it - Golf Digest Phil Mickelson outdid even himself by hitting driver out of a bush during the third round of the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open.
  11. Me what is driving me nuts is when i'm working on my irons, my driver swing regress and when i'm trying to fix my driver my irons regress... 😤
  12. I've noticed recently that my weight was too much on the toes. I was wondering if this can result in spinning out?? I've adjust my setup to have a more balance weight distribution and my contacts are way better with the irons, I have less fat shot and finish my swing more balance. I'll focus on that and when it will be fully integrated in my swing, i'll work on my out-to-in swing path.
  13. Best score to this date!! I was thrill since I struggle in the last couple of game with weight to much in the toes, that result in rounds in mid 90! On top of my 81, I missed the no 6 challenge with only 1 par 4 that I shoot a triple on it! Club De Golf Oka - Club De Golf Oka White - 64.0 / 113 , Course Handicap - 20.0 Jul 24, 2019, Oka, QC Stroke Play, 2:27 Pace of Play +5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out 10 11
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