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  1. Benit0

    Playing with Irons Only

    I used to think like that a couple of years ago when I was slicing my driver a lot. I was saying to myself that since I used the driver only 14 time in a round, it wouldn't make a big difference if I put it away. It helped for hitting my irons more consistently but not for lowering my score. You would need a pretty good level of iron play because you have no margin of error if you miss your iron shot off the tee! I've learned to hit my driver a little better now and are hitting more fairway and it's way easier to score better if you have an approach shot to make with a 8 or 9 iron versus 4 or 5 iron.
  2. Benit0

    Excel Formula for handicaps

    I've made an excel sheet to calculate my handicap just for information purpose, I can share with you if you want. The way i'm working is addind a row at the top when I play a new game and the formula should follow without any modification from your part. The calculation is made by formula i've found on the web to calculate my handicap, I hope it's the right way to calculate it: Differential = 113 * ( score - evalutation) / slope Handicap = average of 10 best differential of the last 20 * 0.96 Also it's in french but it's pretty straight forward. The handicap is at the bottom of the table. The number on the right is just my average for the year. Handicap Golf.xlsx
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