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  1. I've just finished the book. I like the practice and game management section. Some solid advice that I've started to use right away. I kind of don't take the time right now to chart my shot zone since I cannot go to my balls at the range and I rarely play alone to shoot 10 balls from the same location, but I know my tendencies and approximate yardage with my club to use it to some extends when planning my shots. I will have to take the time to do this at some point. I've started to use foot spray on my club face and it help a lot when practicing. Also, the advice to aim for the middle of the green on approach shot and even with sand shot (forget the flag, put in on the green!) help. I don't take lessons and that practice section will help a lot to be more efficient with the limited practice I have. So overall a good buy, that I will definitely read multiple times in the future!
  2. Shoot 82 today, my lowest score ever 😊 43 - 39 I've achieve a 2019 goal by doing that : play a nine under 40! I'm also in a good path to achieve another goal to play more frequently under 90, this year first 6 rounds : 87-88-85-85-87-82
  3. It arrive last Thursday. I'm at chapter 12 now practice plan. So far there is good information that summarize what I read here and there but having it at one location is a good thing. The practice and strategy portion is what is interesting me the most so i'll post my though on it once i'm done.
  4. Improve my driver launch angle Play a nine under 40 Have more rounds under 90 Increase my GIR ratio (currently having around 4 GIR) Nice to have : Break 80
  5. When out yesterday and played 88. Again the greens where not ready but overall I was happy with my ball striking. Working on my driver that launch too low but at least it was straight. Without greens the putting is not relevant so I hope they are ready soon.
  6. I'm averaging near 90 too and change my irons last year after 8 years. Have gone from beginner set iron (john daly cs91) to TaylorMade RocketBladez. The swing flaws are still the same but i've gained 10-15 yards with those clubs and are a little more consistent with my misses. It can help to change but that haven't improved my scores that much. In your case TM R7 is way better than my john daly was so if I were in your shoes I wouldn't fell the needs to change right now.
  7. I've ordered my copy yesterday, should arrive in 2 week. I've been wanting to get that book for a while but the shipping cost of ebay for canada is horrible! But with all the good comments on the book, I've decided that It was worth paying a little extra for shipping!! Can't wait to read it.
  8. First game of the year this Sunday. Had a good round for the first of the year. I Shoot 87. No greens where playable so they made temporary holes on the fairway in front of the greens. I manage to sink a 10 foot put for a birdie on a "fairway green". It was the more stress-free birdie put of my life! 1 birdie, 4 par, 10 bogie and 3 double bogie. I'm happy with my iron ball striking, driver is too low but straight so it's looking good for this year.
  9. The course usually open in beginning of May but we have a lot of flooding in the area and a couple of course is hit by that so opening is postpone 1-2 week there. I will try to have my first game of the year in the first week of May, if I can squeeze a round somewhere!
  10. I take good ball striking over better score, but those two are linked in some way. When I started playing and was playing over 100, what keep me going was the 1-2 pure shoot that I made during the round, it's such a good feeling. I think that as you improve your technique, the score becomes more important in some way.
  11. It's all probability, like you have 50% chance to flip a coin and get head. Sure you can fall on head 10 times in a row, but in the long run after 1000 tries you should be near the 50% rate. There is a saying in french that good player make their chances. If you put yourself in a good position and hit your shoot to manage that the miss will not be costly, you probably won't have a lot of bad break or their won't affect you so much. Then again, bad break will always happen once in a while.
  12. Benit0

    Top Golf

    I will surely be curious when they open in Montreal, Canada in the future to take a look. But with the winter we have I assume it's more like a simulator than an open bay if they wanted it open all year.
  13. If you read the article, here is a resume of the answer of Thomas Pagel, the USGA’s Senior Director of the Rules of Golf 1. Embedded, not leaning against the flagstick, not fully submerged: NO ACE 2. Embedded, leaning against the flagstick, not fully submerged: NO ACE 3. Embedded, not leaning against the flagstick, fully submerged: YES ACE 4. Not embedded, leaning against the flagstick, fully or partially submerged: YES ACE
  14. how about that one !?! Is this embedded ball a hole-in-one? A comprehensive investigation This mind-bending photo had everybody asking: Is a ball embedded in the side of the cup a hole in one? We tracked down the answer.
  15. Another question we could ask ourselves is does good GCA is judged based only on how well it's design for scratch player or does it take into account a wider range of handicap when designed. I agree that a very high handicapper (>20) usually take the longest club that they should take without thinking about course strategy but at some point, you start thinking ahead for the next shoot and then you realize the options given to you by the course. I like going back to a course and realize the new options given to you now that you carry it a little further and are more able to perform the shot you want to.
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