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  1. True but there are exception. I have a friend who play 2-3 times a year and wanted to buy himself a 1000$ iron set thinking it will make him play better. Maybe he though it was his club that were making him play poorly and not the lack of practice/play! I play 20-25 times a year and it took me 6 years to change my beginner set irons to something decent! It all depends on the budget you have and the priority golf have in your life I guess.
  2. Benit0

    What are Your 2019 Golf Goals?

    Bogey player here 1 - Play a 9 holes under 40 ( my best is 41 right now) 2 - More rounds under 90 3 - Fix my spin out problem and better balance in the golf swing
  3. Benit0

    My Swing (benit0)

    I know they can do it, but it`s not mine 😄. I have a canon powershot SX240 HS and in the settings you can set it to high speed 1080, it should do the trick. I`ll try to go to a range soon and record myself with driver and iron.
  4. Benit0

    My Swing (benit0)

    I do spin out with iron also. And yeah with the irons I do pull occasionally. I`ll try to get my hands on an high-speed camera, the video were recorded with an iphone. I`ll try to go to a range and do some new videos. I`ll do some with irons too. I had a feeling the video were not good enough. Did the face-on view is ok or the angle are not??? I get that the down the line are not great quality but I tough that the face-on view was ok.
  5. Benit0

    My Swing (benit0)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 7 years My current handicap index or average score is: 17 My typical ball flight is: fade, slice The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: slice I`ve been to the golf simulator lately and ask my step father that was playing with me to record my swing. The lights are not so good but I think the front view video is good enough. I added 2 back view video that are of less quality, hope they are good enough. Basically, I`m trying to get rid of my slice, it`s less dominant than 2-3 years ago but still there. And i want to have a higher launch with my driver, the simulator was around 10 degree launch all the time. One thing that annoyed me with the driver is that sometimes I lost my balance at the end of the swing. Also, I don`t know why but my front foot is always rotating to the target line at the end, I am not able to keep it in it`s initial position at the finish. Videos:
  6. Benit0

    Golf In Relation With Other Sports

    I read a lot of left handed hockey player play golf right handed. That is not my case. Everything that involves a throw is with the right hand and everything that involve a swing left handed. I think you can force a lot more with the hands and arm on a slap shot and it won't affect your shot to the same degree of how it will affect your golf swing. There is no such thing as sidespin on a hockey puck if you are too much out to in swing path with your hockey stick open a little!
  7. I've purchase a beginner set when i started playing golf (John Daly starter set), changed my driver and iron since then but still have the putter that was in the kit. I putt decently with it so I haven't noticed any big difference when trying expensive putter at golf town so I don't see why i'll change it.
  8. Benit0

    Golf In Relation With Other Sports

    Will do, I've been on a golf simulator this weekend and took some video, just have to look if it's not too dark, there were not many lights! If the video looks ok i'll start a member swing thread with it. Didn't realize that the golf swing could wreck a baseball swing, always though it was basically the same, just not the same swing plane. Maybe it can leads to bad habit. Also, On another topic, I wonder if football or sprint run could help with proper foot pressure and weight transfer??
  9. Hi everyone. I'm a avid hockey player, been playing since i'm 6 (now 35) and started golf in my late 20 I'm playing golf more seriously now since 2-3 years and was wondering if the practice of other sports can help/hurt your technique in golf. I'm saying that because here in Canada, it's 6 month of snow and 6 month of golf, and after last season of golf I notice when I came back at hockey that my slapshot had improved a lot! I haven't practice hockey at all during summer, but dedicated time for my golf swing and figured out it had help for my hockey shot. At the same time, i've been battling a slice since i started golf and was wondering if my hockey didn't create this bad habit of out to in swing path, because in hockey it's not as relevent as in the golf swing. Was just curious if others have found that a practice of another sport had helped them or hurt them at golf??
  10. Benit0

    Winter Depression Thread

    If it can cheer you up!
  11. Benit0

    Favorite Thing About Golf

    I usually play team sports (mostly hockey) so in those game, you can have a edge on other if you can read/predict play better. Don't get me wrong I like that, but in golf it's only you against the course so it's a different game and really challenging. I also like the fact that you can play with other that are not on the same level as you and still enjoy it since it's not really affecting your game, slow play aside!
  12. Benit0

    Do You Play with a Phone in Your Pocket?

    My scoresheet and gps are in my phone so yeah I keep it in my pocket. I usually don't respond to phone call during a round unless it's the boss(wife).
  13. Benit0

    What a Great Game

    I hope I can still play golf in my 70 like you do, great story!
  14. Benit0

    Favorite Sport/Team Besides Golf

    From Quebec, Canada so i'm a big fan of hockey, I still play once a week! Favorite team is Montreal Canadiens
  15. Benit0

    Florida Golf Vacation

    Hello there. I'm not from that area (i'm from Canada) but i've been to Myrtle Beach for beach/golf vacation twice. The first time we book in advance and the second time we improvise once there. There is usually an activity/golf boot at most of the resort and they can advise you on golf course and usually have good price since it's last minute booking. I would say that I have loved when we didn't book in advance since the guy there point us to good course and sometime advice us to stay away from course that were currently in bad condition. The only drawback to that is that you may not be able to play a specific golf course if there is no tee time available on that course at the time. You could book 1 package with TPC Sawgrass and improvise for the others day if you want. My favorite course that I've played there is Arrowhead Country club, they have 3 9 holes and the course was in pretty good condition when we went there in 2016. Also, I was in a resort near the beach, so maybe golf resort is a different story and package is better when booking on a golf resort but usually you stay on the same golf course.

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