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  1. I will and try to get some swing video this weekend. My daughter is letting me use her fancy phone stand and I will be able to get behind the line and face on. I will even put my Zepp on and give you the data from it for that swing. That is weather permitting, right now in Central Texas with weather can be iffy with rain and thunderstorms. That, and it is getting hotter than Hades already.
  2. DM, yes I have thought of posting my swing but I am too embarrassed at this point to do so. What I am thinking of doing is make a video of me now since it would give a good laugh and hopefully one after I improve. If I don't improve then it won't matter as I will be using all of my spare time to start fishing again and forget that I ever played this game.
  3. Well it is not like I want to be where I am at now. It sure as hell is not my choosing and I have taken lessons and put in loads of practice and play but I just keep getting worse and there is no joy left playing golf, it has become more like a chore.
  4. I get you, it is really fishy that the guy will not post any swing data or videos of him hitting multiple long clubs at a target. I have hit rock bottom so I have nothing to lose and this is sort of close to stack and tilt which is where I was going anyway..... just need a glimmer of hope and the ability to get my ball in the air again. The draw aspect has me worried as I am hooker already, I cannot keep my club face from shutting down at the ball for the life of me.
  5. This sounds like me except I was never as good and a way shorter hitter. Keep us informed about what you find out, maybe it will help me also.
  6. Nope, not even close. I have actually gotten so bad that I am thinking of quitting this game forever.
  7. I was thinking of trying Veneto's swing because I am at the end of my rope with the conventional golf swing, so much so that if I don't improve I am going to leave the game forever this year. I am beyond frustrated with this game. My lessons with a PGA pro did nothing but make it worse. Now after reading this whole thread I have my doubts that anything can help. This method he is teaching reminds me of some Youtube golf channel that was teaching some swing called the "Channel Lock" method with the same type set up and sort of reminds me of what Bobby Lopez was mentioning during one of the "Be Better Golf" videos about keeping your shirt buttons behind the ball. Oh well, I will give it a try anyhow as I am apparently lost and desperate enough to try anything at this point.
  8. I know this is an older topic but let me give you a rundown on this Zepp 2. 1. It is cheap in the world of golf gadgets. Everything tech cost a bunch of money, talking real money up in to the thousands of dollars for GC quad and the like. 2. It syncs up easily with my I phone 7 plus. No issues as some have had trouble with this from some reviews I read. 3. Data from your swings are easily tracked and uploaded for you to review. Wish they had a comment option like, "I flushed that one" or " Hooked the piss out of that one" hooking my driver is my thing. 4. Swing speed and hand speed don't seem to jive. I should be hitting it miles compared to my hand speed but my club speed is junior level. 5. No club models under let's say, seven years. I still play Ping Rapture irons, not on the list so I go generic. 6. Gives instant feed back of club plane, hand plane, tempo, swing speed and a score from I guess the ideal swing. Don't really know because there is no ideal swing that you can access or view. I guess you just have to be Michelle Wie or Koepka. Kind of useless data unless you are already perfect. 7. The tips and training from Rick Smith are golf magazine level. Totally useless. 8. No more pro swings except for Wie, and really I haven't seen any tips from her. She is my ideal golf partner... um um. 9.Website gathers your data and charts it into a scoreboard style. Cool but then what do you do with it. 10. I took the 10 swing instant evaluation, haven't looked at it yet but will let you know later. All in all, it is something to see how you are doing. If you are a great golfer this would be really easy to use and see if things are changing. For us hackers, not much to improve your swing, just a technical gadget to tell you how bad your swing really is. No chit Sherlock. My iron game has improved with this Zepp, now if I could only hit a driver. Per the app they state something like pro's generate on average 22 mph with the driver and amateurs do an average of 16 mph. I don't know what that translates to in the real world golf as nothing on the app shows you a real world golf swing that I have found. Granted, I have only had this for two weeks. Need lessons from someone who knows how to teach it simple, my last lessons ended with me totally out of sync.
  9. I had to put it on generic driver as I was using my old Ping G15 instead of Taylor Made RBZ. Let me look at my best driver score today. An 84 with swing speed of 86 mph, -6 club plane, -3 hand plane, 270 degrees of back swing and a tempo of............... 0.6 to 1 Hand speed 30 mph
  10. I guess Zepp ran out of money and could not pay any more pros. Geez, If I was a pro and someone came to me, hey, 10 grand to take a photo and get a practice session with this little device on your glove I would be all in. Something is fishy with this thing. No way my tempo is off that much and my hand speed is pro level but my club speed is junior.
  11. Yes indeed. I feel like I am taking my time but it is always below 2:1. I have 1.3 to 1 and even lower!!!! no way, just no way. Even counting 1....2...go, nope. Tempo too fast. No problem, I typed up a longer review under reply from my original post and got a disabled golfer with an error. Not my board, sorry I put something in the wrong spot.
  12. Well thanks to the mod who nuked this off the board with post haste and moved it to here. I wanted to give a full review, did and sorry, post is gone. Did not know where to put my post, swing chats, equipment chats, fitness and exercise? Never mind, not typing all that again so no one will read it.
  13. Well I am searching for anything to help my golf game at this point. Took some lessons, scores skyrocketed and could barely get a golf ball in the air. Bought this little Zepp 2 device to hopefully help my game, wishful thinking on my part but a drowning man will grab what ever is available. I could see how this little piece of tech would work great for someone with a perfect golf swing, shoots scratch or better and it would really be beneficial to see if your numbers change. Now for someone who is totally incompetent in the game of golf..... well all it does is confirm that yes, your golf swing sucks and needs improvement. ( My iron game is getting better by the way, just can't hit driver to save my life) That was my quick review but if anyone has one and has any idea how that tempo variable is measured I would like to read what it is because for the life of me I can hit a good iron shot and I am always in the 1.5:1 tempo range. Also all their pros are gone except for Michelle Wie (so hot still and would kick my ass) so you get lessons from the Zepp guy and a twenty second catch all from Rick Smith.
  14. Just got my set of used X-12's from Globabl Golf, have not even opened the box yet as I was wondering about what I did after my last round. Disappointed with my round and a bit lit from the beer, I raged purchased these irons. Now however, I am kind of excited to go hit them.
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