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  1. Just got my set of used X-12's from Globabl Golf, have not even opened the box yet as I was wondering about what I did after my last round. Disappointed with my round and a bit lit from the beer, I raged purchased these irons. Now however, I am kind of excited to go hit them.
  2. I thought this was real at the beginning. Like a cheater on the course. Very funny.
  3. Update: and it is not good (2 weeks ago) Disaster. I mean disaster and I don't think it was all of Paul Wilson's fault. I was still in on his swing, practicing at home and the range. I then was watching a Be Better Swing video about lag and ............... GOOD NIGHT sweet prince. I could not hit a ball to save my life. Shanks galore, hitting the ball off the hosel on woods. I actually had a ball mark on my pitching wedge at the top of the toe!! I shot 50 on the front of an easy course, just basically topping, thinning, shanking, fat, thin you name it. I could do nothing right except put and chip or it would have been 65 easy. The turn came, I got a bunch of beer and said screw it, I cannot do all this motion with my lower body. There is just too much going on to feel comfortable. 39 on the back nine and I missed two easy 3 foot birdies. I can't do it. Two days later I played on another course and shot 80. Eleven pars and missed so many birdie chances. Here is the catch, I did not use Paul Wilson's swing. I used part of it and I think is the most important part. I will say not effortless arms but "Lazy arms" and just use your wrists to hinge. That lower body twisting he teaches is just not for me. The point he teaches about keeping your arms, meaning hitting at the ball is on point in my opinion. I just cannot get his lower body theory into practice. Golf is a journey and there are no short cuts but I might take lessons from a PGA teacher who turned around one of my golfing mates from the high nineties to below par. He has gone 68 twice since my 80 round.
  4. Can you give some of your practice tips? I know for sure that I practice like a tard.............. swinging without knowing why. I do have a plan that I am working on but any info would be appreciated.
  5. golfonly, the thing that I am worried about is the body turn. Bad lower backs usually do not want to twist about, it hurts and can put you out of work. Besides the back issue, I just cannot seem to speed up my hip turn at all so why even bother. Like I said above, I will keep it up until Jan 2020, minimum.
  6. The channel lock swing on youtube. Fell for it, the first round a first couple of practice sessions were great. It led to lower back issues quick, to the point that I almost gave up the game this year. Nothing like that pain radiating to your balls to make you go, I need to quit this game.
  7. Nope. I have moments that I think that I will have a breakthrough then crap my pants the next round.
  8. Well my first report on this method. I have one round in the book but I guess it really should not have counted. Here it goes anyway. May 13th was the day, my back had pretty much gone out two weeks before this but not bad enough that I could not do some of Mr. Wilson's drills a week before my tee day. I could practice his positions in his training method using a slow swing. He encourages you to do this in his method until you totally get the swing. Sounds great. The weather was finally nice enough and I could swing, I mulled it over to go or not but I was only going to swing at 50% anyway as he suggested. The first few rounds you just try to hit his positions that he teaches, basically coasting. Hit some solid shots by sometimes clubbing up 2 irons but then only 1, maybe I was cheating and going after it 75% sometimes. Life was good. 42 front, 52 back. Score was ugly but most of it was short game and putting on the front nine. I hit 6 of 9 greens, three putted 4 of them for bogey then disaster. On nine, a par 5 my lower back went out again due to a horrible swing, kind of a mix of his method and my old method. Pain set in and double. I limped the last nine, couldn't make a put and just basically drank beer and enjoyed the nice weather. Rested up a few days, used the hot tub a ton and started his swing training again. Just got back in from the range and now I am struggling to get this swing. Hit some really nice shots but mostly crappy thin or chunk shots that really had me questioning "Is this really worth it?". Then a shot clicked, wow I can do this so I got more balls but after ten or twenty balls it just went back to struggling to not hit it fat or thin. Was the first round just because I had no expectations and just coasted? Could be. It is not a magic bullet so do not fall for the marketing. This is really going to take some work and I am committed for this year so I will keep you all posted on the progress. One plus about this is that I can do this swing with no lower back pain if I stay centered. He teaches a tilt but that is what got me before with the lower back. Hopefully I will be able to report some great progress soon. Next round I will definitely worry about my putting and chipping more as those two facets of my game kill me or make me look like a pro way too often.
  9. Well it doesn't take long to realize some of my errors, that is internet and browser screw ups. I was watching his vids in full screen going from vid to vid but I found out watching in small screen there are vids underneath. They must have been added due to people asking questions because there is a "Set Up" video. I now have to explore all options as the original play list has some hidden extras.
  10. Amen brother or sister ☺️ To many golf snobs. I love watching some of the used club/old club challenges on Youtube by some of the reviewers and they still hit great shots. It is the still and always will be the Indian and not the arrow. Now if you are scratch or better then yes, you probably need every bit of help you can muster to take off one more shot. Us normal golfers, nothing really can help us except for better training and physical fitness. Just my opinion.
  11. That has to be the cheapest made Chinese steel in existence. I feel you trying to save some cash as new clubs have gotten insane on the price tag. Go used and when you find a great used website that really has great prices give me shout.
  12. Welcome, you around Austin?
  13. Welcome fellow Texan. Love playing in the Dallas area as there are some really nice and fun courses around. I used to go up there and play long ago with a now default golf website.
  14. Well I am back. I purchased Paul Wilson's program after a horrible last round May 5th. I had so much expectations after shooting my best ever round of 75 in March. So much for expectations as my golf swing has come totally off the rails. I am going to give him a try, see what happens and report my progress over the summer. I don't have an official handicap but I have been around 83 on average the last 10 rounds except for the last one, 95. I will give a bit of a review on his swing instruction video, have not had time to read the book yet. Things I liked so far: 1. He explains his method well. Things that sort of worry me : 1. He never in the video addresses ball position, stance width or other basics except for the grip. Things I dislike so far: 1. It is only an online course now I guess as I don't know if you can actually get physical copies unless you pay extra. I guess I will see how it goes as I need something. My back has been giving me heck lately and apparently my old style swing using almost all arm muscles really exasperated the issue.
  15. Like I said, I do not know. If I was a gambling man my money is on PED's. Just my opinion. Tiger was a once in the lifetime player and I was lucky enough to see both Jack, towards the end, and Tiger. Both could beat me with just a 9 iron.
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