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    Driving range or a round?

    Hello, I think you should go to the range if you bought new equipment or want to work on an area of the game that you are struggling with during your rounds. There is nothing that replaces on course experience in my opinion because you will be put in different lies and have to adjust to different course management situations. I personally need to be on the course more because my game doesn't always translate from the range to the course. I recently got fitted for new equipment so I'am adjusting to new distances and feel with them. I will continue to work with them at the range until I'am ready for the course. I understand also there are time restraints of course which come into play. A full 18 can take up to 5 hours these days so 9 holes is a good option or even an hour at the range. Thanks
  2. 19holesandmore

    New hybrids

    Hello, The AP1s and Ping G400 irons have very strong lofts because they are game improvement clubs. Most game improvement irons don't even have a 3 iron and sometimes they don't even have a 4 iron. Because the lofts are so strong, a 4 iron plays like a 3 iron, a 5 iron plays like a 4 iron etc... Some people may struggle with the new age 4 or 3 iron. Since you have gotten hybrids in the past I'm assuming you feel more comfortable with hybrids that replace long irons. I personally feel that when you purchase new irons you should carry at least one or even 2 hybrids because they are so much easier to hit and get into the air but everyone is different in their comfort level. You should study all lofts in each set and see where a hybrid might fit in so that you don't have large yardage gaps. One last suggestion, you may want to look at last year's models for hybrids and irons because most companies have released new models. This of course drastically reduces prices on such models as Cobra F7, Taylormade M1 and M2, etc.. Good Luck on purchasing your future iron sets and hybrids. Afterall, we all want to make a very difficult game much easier by using newly advanced technology. Thanks

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