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  1. Thanks for the responses. I'm leaning towards Enterprise, but from looking at the pictures it's possible it's Glen Dale. It was so long ago. I wish I had collected logo balls back then. It's tough to try to catch up. I have a couple in Pa and the Orlando area I can't remember as well.
  2. I know this is an older post, but it hits home for me. I have some Rheumatoid arthritis that limits some of the things I can do. Every year I kept adding a higher-lofted hybrid and putting an iron in my garage. I now have everything from 3-hybrid to loft-wedge hybrid. I know that sounds strange, but they have really helped me be more consistent. They are SO easy to hit. The only shot they have trouble with is sitting up in heavier rough, where they can go right under the ball. I keep one iron wedge in my bag for that and chipping. I have old Nike SUMO Square 3-7 hybrids, and 8-LW hybrids from
  3. I agree. I had some crazy things going on with my pitching and chipping. I took a couple days off and started with the basics, nice and slow. The other that is big for me is during practice. If you start doing the flaw on every swing, STOP and go home. I kept hitting more and more balls figuring I would eventually fix it, but in reality I was setting bad things into my muscle memory.
  4. I find the hardest part to be trying to remember the course names from 20+ years ago. There's always a couple details I remember, so I try to ID them from those. People on the site have been helpful as well.
  5. I have about 70, Unfortunately I didn't start until about 10 years after I started playing, and I've been trying to go back and get logo balls from courses I played during those years. I've been pretty successfll so far. So here's a Question, If a course you play has never had a logo ball, Is it cheating if you download their logo from their website and have it printed on a ball? Or getting them printed for courses that you played that have since gone out of business?
  6. Can't remember a house or not. But if you could mail me a ball that would be awesome: Let me know how to play you for it. Do you have Venmo or Paypal?
  7. Looked at their site. This may be it. I did stay in the Laurel-Bowie area a lot. Perhaps my memory of being in the DC area was because it was the first time I played down there. I played Bowie and others several times over a few years. That 10th tee sounds like a dead ringer, and the parking lot photo looks like I remember. Memory can be a funny thing, but I'm going to assume this IS the course and see if they have a ball to add to my collection. Thanks for all your input.
  8. Ok. It's very hard to remember details from so long ago, and memory can be unreliable, but here's what I remember for sure: 1. 1997-2002 2. the 10th tee was way elevated, so much so that instead of leaving after 9 as my wife asked me to do since we had plans, I went first to the 10th tee box and hit two balls to see how far they would go form that high tee, then left them there and left.It wasn't like the top of a mountain, but it was pretty elevated. 3. The parking lot was shaded. 4. The rest of the course was mostly non-descript, and I don't remember much, except one of t
  9. Golf has too many silly rules already. I couldn't care if you used a laser to line up putts. You still have to read it and hit it. Besides, the ball-maker putting an alignment aid on the ball is no different than someone using a marker.
  10. I collect logo balls, and I've been trying to identify a few courses I played years ago that I don't yet have balls from. You may have seen me looking for a course in Maryland recently. Now I am trying to identify a course I played in Central or east-central Pennsylvania in 1997-1998. I distinctly remember that there was a plaque on the ground (I believe near the first tee) that said "Dedicated to our father. The only thing he loved more than the game was his family". I can't find anything on the web about this. Does anyone remember this?
  11. In a lot of the courses I'm looking at, they have a lot of evergreen trees. I remember that the course and parking lot had regular leaf-bearing trees, and at least one of the front nine holes had woods on both sides. It wasn't a bad course, just one of those older ones that the facilities were kind of old looking.
  12. The course I played had clearly been around for a while, so I guess it wasn't Greystone. Back to square one I guess.
  13. This could be the course. The 1st tee box looks right, as does the walk to the parking lot and the shade. I don't recall the course being this nice, Would you happen to know if the course was upgraded? Or maybe got new owners. 20 years is a log time, so I realize that's a tough question.
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