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  1. Sean_D

    Buying New Irons

    I just started with GHIN and have stopped entering scores into the app where I tracked my handicap. My current differentials in GHIN suggest my handicap will be around 17 when I get enough scores entered. I started the year at 38 and will finish at least 20 strokes lower. I have been taking lessons all year and my swing is much better than my handicap would suggest. I am looking for irons I can "grow into" so I am willing to get something that might be a little bit difficult to hit. I am certain I'll get there soon enough. I hit the P790s (from the demo day fitting) exceptionally well and carried the 7 iron ~160 yards. I found it much easier to hit consistently than my current 7 iron. But if I get to the shop and find those clubs impossible to hit well, I am not above changing my mind and buying something different or nothing at all.
  2. Sean_D

    Buying New Irons

    I've already done that bit of research. One of the main reasons I chose the sets I did is because the lofts are very close or equal to the lofts of my current set. I really wanted to be sure any distance gains were not due to strong(er) lofts but to other design elements or fitting. I already know my current set is too flat, too light, and perhaps too short. Hopefully matching those criteria to my swing/body will help me eliminate my fat mishit.
  3. Sean_D

    Buying New Irons

    That is a great question, and one I didn't think to ask or research. I'll have to ask when I get there.
  4. Today I'm going to start hitting clubs with the intent to select a set for purchase. I have been researching this for quite a while now and I have made a few decisions going into this purchase. I also went through a Taylormade demo day fitting at a local course about a week ago and learned a few things about what works for me. At the demo day, the Taylormade fitter fit me into a P790 head with a True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 shaft with S300 stiffness. With that information in mind, I'm going to go to the superstore to pick out my new set of irons. Here is my process. Through research, I have narrowed the field down to a short list which includes: Ping i210, Ping i500, Callaway Rogue Pro, Titleist 718 AP3, Taylormade P790, and Srixon Z585. Using the Ping fitting chart, I have determined that my clubs should be 2 degrees upright and about +1/2" in length. At the superstore I am able to take three clubs at a time to their hitting bay to test out. I plan on having them assemble each of the clubs on my short list with the TT Dynamic Gold 120 at 2* up and hit each of them to determine which one I like best. Once I have done that, I am going to have a full trackman fitting done to see what the recommendation is from that fitting. Then I will compare the club I like best vs. the club recommended from the fitting (hopefully it will be the same club with maybe a different shaft and/or loft, length. Then order the clubs and begin the waiting period.
  5. For those still interested... I have played my way through the Q Star Tours and the Bridgestone E6 Soft. As I played each ball more the differences in distance shrank to being very close to each other. Sometimes the E6 was further and sometimes the Q Star Tour was. I attribute that to my swing and that the two balls are equal in the distance category. The Q Star Tour definitely spins more on short shots, pitches and chips, and stops quicker on the green. I even backed up several of the QSTs on shorter par 3s. So for my purposes, the QST beat out the E6. Next Up... QST vs Z Star. Stay Tuned.
  6. That is interesting information. Thanks for that. Being in North CA, I am unable to continue my testing of golf balls as the air is densely filled with smoke, and the projection of when the Camp Fire will be contained is November 30th. I have a couple of weeks before I will be able to do any outdoor golf activity.
  7. I recently started volunteering at the local muni course. For 7 hours a month of volunteering, I receive full access to the course, driving range and golf carts. So, last night I decided to get two of the golf balls on my list and compare them head to head in a single elimination style competition. I went down to Dick's and purchased a dozen Bridgestone E6 Softs, and a dozen Srixon Q-Star Tours. I spent just over $40 for golf balls. To test the balls out I played a 9-hole scramble between the two balls. I will continue pitting these two balls against each other for a couple of weeks just to be sure my impressions of the balls are not overly influenced by small sample size bias. From last night (A night when I didn't hit the ball particularly well) I definitely noticed two significant differences between the two balls. 1 - I hit the E6 further than the QST on just about every shot. I can only think of one instance where I hit the QST further was a shot I pulled way left, while I hit the E6 pretty much on my target line. 2 - The QST stopped faster and rolled out less than the E6 on every shot into and around the green. To me the feel/sound and putting the two balls are very similar to each other. I will continue to pit these to balls against each other. If I had to make a choice now... It would be tough ( I still need to play each ball more) I liked that the E6 went further but didn't like watching it roll off the green. I liked finding the QST right next to its mark on each successful shot onto the green. If I could hit the E6 off the tee and then play the QST from there, I would choose that. But after the first inning, the QST is slightly in the lead.
  8. For those who have endorsed Snell, I am ordering a dozen of those at the start of November (Have to wait for payday) and they will be the ball I try/test first. Thanks again to all who have participated in this thread.
  9. The 200 yd 3H was a single shot where my ball was within three feet of it''s mark and the only one I have made like that. Most of the shots to which I referred are from 150 and in, and I miss more greens than I hit. But when I hit them, the ball is usually right there next to its mark. The spinning is my hypothesis, I may be wrong, but when hitting similarly struck iron shots between my regular 3-piece and the V1X from 150 and in, the V1X was shorter. I know the V1X is designed for higher spin on shorter shots, so my hypothesis does not seem unreasonable, to me. I have been taking lessons at least twice a month all year and have gone from shooting in the 130s to the low to mid 90s with a low score of 88 a few weeks ago. I may be a 24 now, but I am moving lower quickly. Thanks for the recommendation on the holiday sales. I am planning on purchasing (and receiving as Christmas gifts) during the offseason and testing when the weather permits (in Northern CA that should be pretty often). By the time my league starts in April, I hope to have my ball for the 2019 season sorted out.
  10. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll definitely check those out. I really like Callaway as a brand.
  11. I wish Titleist still offered the NXT Tour it was a 3-piece under $35. I was disappointed when I discovered all their 3-piece (or more) balls are $45+.
  12. Before my last round I would answer until I hit it into the water. But this week I played an entire round with the same ball for the first time. I was surprised to see the ID mark I made with a Sharpie fade to almost nothing. The ball is still structurally sound (no scuffs, discoloration, or wedge marks) so it is still in my bag and available for use. I have considered removing it and displaying it in much the same way a business will display the first $1 bill they earn.
  13. I played a round Monday with a found Titleist Pro V1X. I shot well (9-strokes better than my previous best at that course). I felt the Pro V1X spun a little too much for my swing. Shots I normally hit 150 yards were traveling 140 or less. The ball seemed to fly a bit higher than my usual 3-piece TF Gamer. I liked the V1X off the driver. It has a really good feel and I hit my normal distances. I was gifted three sleeves of V1Xs and will play them just to be sure this one round was not a fluke. But I think it is confirmation that a 4-piece ball is not for me, at least with my current irons.
  14. Thanks for the recommendation... I've not read much about the Project A. I'll have to check it out.
  15. I recently started playing a 3-piece ball, the Top Flite Gamer. I chose that ball because I'm cheap and I found those on a twofer a little while ago. I have had very good results with that ball, contrary to what I have read. I don't have a problem with the ball "running out" as it is always within 3 feet of its pitch mark (even on 200 yard 3H approach shots) and most time behind its mark. I like the feel of the ball and the distance is good. My problem is the Gamer is being discontinued without a direct replacement. I am viewing this as an opportunity to try out other golf balls. I have a box of Srixon Z Stars (which I got for $16 at Dick's when they were on sale a couple of months ago) which I will test when my last box of Gamers is exhausted. I am planning on ordering a box of Snell MTB Blacks and perhaps the Bridgestone E6 Speed and I have been thinking about the 3-piece K-Sig as well. I have read about Cut and Vice balls and don't really have any interest in those, I don't have any reason for my lack of interest or know why they don't interest me, but they don't. So right now my short list is: Srixon Z-Star Srixon Q-Star Tour Snell MTB Black Bridgestone E6 Speed K-Sig 3-Piece. My criteria: 3-Piece and cost less than $35 per single dozen. My plan to test them is to buy a dozen and use them until they are gone and then make my decision on my overall impression. I know it is not scientific, and probably horribly flawed... but that is the plan. I don't have the ability to take multiple balls out onto course and pit them head-to-head. When I playing on the course I am playing for a score, I am usually trying to get my round in before the sun goes down, and I don't want to pay a green fee to test a bunch of golf balls (I'm cheap... remember.). So are there any other 3-piece balls which meet the criteria? I don't care about the cover material just yet (although I know 4 out of the 5 I listed are urethane covered balls). I also left the Top Flite Urethane off the list intentionally, not because I don't like Top Flite balls, but because Top Flite are all I have played since I started golf again. I want to check other brands out.

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