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  1. From all accounts I have heard, yes. They are adding strokes gained in the near future.
  2. I have had both V2 and V3 and recorded several rounds with both. The shot tracking has greatly improved with V3. With V2 I would regularly have to ad 5-6 shots per round and putting from the fairway/fringe was either no tracked or tracked as being on the green. V3 is much more accurate. The GPS location on the green for both putts and pin is still not perfect, but much better than V2. I am finding I only have to add one or two shots per round with V3. I wish the mobile app had the same detail as the online dashboard. However editing the round on the app is now much easier than before and I am starting to prefer it to editing online. Overall, I highly recommend Shot Scope. The data is invaluable, and once they release strokes gained, it will be significantly greater value.
  3. Lots of hard work. Lessons, practice, data analysis, and determination. My most recent score, 77, was shot on a course I have only played 3-4 times and from a set of tees I have never played. There is really no secret sauce. Know the distance each club goes, minimize the misses, recover from bad shots with minimal damage. I wish I had a secret tip to give everyone, but alas it all came down to practicing a lot, learning everything I can, and then practicing those things I am not very good at.
  4. My index is dropping like a stone. In the last two weeks my index has gone from 14.5 to 9.9. I broke 80 (+5 76) for the first time which triggered an ESR and then followed that up with with a +6 77 on a much longer and more difficult course. My differentials have been hovering between 5 and 8 for the last few rounds I have shot and the 12 - 14 differentials are getting replaced rapidly. I must say... It feels good to be a single digit handicap especially since I was in the 30s in 2018.
  5. 77 today at Castle Oaks in N. California. 70.5/124/6356. A lot of back pins today so several holes played longer than listed. 12 pars, 6 bogies and several missed birdie chances. Only 4 fairways, but 10 GIR and 4 up and downs. 2, 3-putt GIR. I broke 80 for the second consecutive time, the previous was my first. My index is down to 11 from 14.2 and this 5.6 differential replaces a 14.5 differential. I think my index is going into single digits tomorrow, which satisfies my main goal for 2020.
  6. I broke 80 for the first time, and it happened at the same course I broke 90. Bartley Cavanaugh in Sacramento, CA. I played from the Blue tees and shot 9 bogies, 5 pars, and 4 birdies for 5 over 76. The score triggered and Exceptional Score Revision and all my differentials were lowered by one. My index went from 14.5 to 12.2. If I didn't 3-putt two GIRs (two stupid decisions to try to putt while twistering my way around other player's lines) it could/should have been a +3 round.
  7. Check out Operation 36. It aims to teach the game from the green to the tee. A golfer starts at 25 yards and once they shoot 36 or better over 9 holes they move back to 50 yds., then 100, then 150, then 200 all the way back to full tee length. My wife is considering playing golf, and I will use this approach with her.
  8. I'll share my empirical evidence from when I was in the same place as you. I played the Kirkland 3-piece and discovered it is probably the spiny-est ball on the market. I lost yardage on every shot and spun balls back off most greens I hit, all due to spin. I found a happy space between the 2-piece balls and the tour level balls and that is the 3-piece surlyn cover balls. Examples are Srixon Q-Star tour, Callaway SuperHot, Callaway Diablo Tour (Dick's exclusive), Callaway Hex Tour (Costco exclusive), Wilson Duo, Volvik, and Bridgestone e12 to name a few. I found they somewhat help mitigate the effect of off axis spin (most incorrectly known as "side-spin") on lower lofted clubs but promote higher spin on higher lofted clubs when compared to their 2-piece counterparts. They do not spin as much as urethane covered golf balls, but do spin more than 2-piece balls. I found them to be an integral step in my development. I used the Top-Flite "Gamer" (this ball is no longer in production but has the same specs as the ones listed above) for about a season and a half. I chose the Gamer because I could get large quantities cheaply and their performance was every bit equal to the other offerings. Anyway. Good luck on your journey. Ultimately, you will have to correct the swing flaws (I'm sure you're aware of this). In the interim, using the 3-piece surlyn cover balls are a great stepping stone and gateway to tour caliber golf balls.
  9. I found an app called GolfMetrics, which calculates strokes gained for all shots, drives, approach, short game, and putting. It assigns a handicap level for each area. Since I have been using this app, I have learned I need to work on my 20-60 yard short game, and my driving (I already knew I need to work on my tee shots). It was a huge revelation to me when I saw that, according to strokes gained, I am a single digit index in approach, recovery, putting and other short game shots, but a high teens in 20-60 yards and a 20 in driving. The difficult part in using this app is you need to know the exact distance to the hole for each shot you take on the course. I use Shot Scope to get this information. The app costs $70 per year. I have been using a 5-day trial and I am seriously considering purchasing.
  10. I am also in Northern California, and I have seen rate increases. Several courses which used to charge ~$20 for twilight are now charging as much as $35 for the same tee times. The courses are all packed. I think it is simply supply and demand.
  11. Finished Day-9. I really liked this drill. I discovered I have been too lazy at the top of my backswing, and it was costing me yards. Today I only hit into a net, and was making much better contact and being much more aggressive and confident. I am playing tomorrow, so I’ll see if it translates to the course. I plan on doing this drill as part of my warm-up.
  12. I bought two wedges, Cleveland RTX-4 54/10 mid and 60/3 X-low. I also got in on the Shot Scope V3 pre-order. I am planning on buying LSW here shortly. I just have to see if it fits in the April golf budget or if I have to wait until May.
  13. Completed Day 8. BPM=80. I have my metronome set to "click" on beats 1,2, and 4 as when I practice guitar to it I like to know where the "one" is and the 2 & 4 replicate the share hits. I liked this when timing the putting stoke as well because it felt more rhythmic and natural than a militant 1, 2, 3, 4.
  14. Shelter-in-place order in California extended to May 1st. Golf is still allowed in CA and is a county decision. The Sacramento County Public health guideline were released and are more stringent, but golf is still allowed. Many muni and private courses are closed though.
  15. Most metronome apps have a "Tap Tempo" feature. You can do the drill without the metronome and get a feel for the rhythm by either counting or making a beep or click noise when the putter crosses the low point. keep that rhythm up and tap it into the metronome as a starting point.
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