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  1. Thanks for the recommendation... I've not read much about the Project A. I'll have to check it out.
  2. I recently started playing a 3-piece ball, the Top Flite Gamer. I chose that ball because I'm cheap and I found those on a twofer a little while ago. I have had very good results with that ball, contrary to what I have read. I don't have a problem with the ball "running out" as it is always within 3 feet of its pitch mark (even on 200 yard 3H approach shots) and most time behind its mark. I like the feel of the ball and the distance is good. My problem is the Gamer is being discontinued without a direct replacement. I am viewing this as an opportunity to try out other golf balls. I have a box of Srixon Z Stars (which I got for $16 at Dick's when they were on sale a couple of months ago) which I will test when my last box of Gamers is exhausted. I am planning on ordering a box of Snell MTB Blacks and perhaps the Bridgestone E6 Speed and I have been thinking about the 3-piece K-Sig as well. I have read about Cut and Vice balls and don't really have any interest in those, I don't have any reason for my lack of interest or know why they don't interest me, but they don't. So right now my short list is: Srixon Z-Star Srixon Q-Star Tour Snell MTB Black Bridgestone E6 Speed K-Sig 3-Piece. My criteria: 3-Piece and cost less than $35 per single dozen. My plan to test them is to buy a dozen and use them until they are gone and then make my decision on my overall impression. I know it is not scientific, and probably horribly flawed... but that is the plan. I don't have the ability to take multiple balls out onto course and pit them head-to-head. When I playing on the course I am playing for a score, I am usually trying to get my round in before the sun goes down, and I don't want to pay a green fee to test a bunch of golf balls (I'm cheap... remember.). So are there any other 3-piece balls which meet the criteria? I don't care about the cover material just yet (although I know 4 out of the 5 I listed are urethane covered balls). I also left the Top Flite Urethane off the list intentionally, not because I don't like Top Flite balls, but because Top Flite are all I have played since I started golf again. I want to check other brands out.
  3. Sure... I had 6 pars, 10 bogeys, and two 8s. I had just recently implemented a grip change recommended by my coach and was hitting the ball better, straighter and further than I ever have before. I made it through the round using only three golf balls, which is the fewest number of balls I have ever used in a round of golf.
  4. Sean_D

    Cheating in tournament

    Thank You. So a two stroke penalty for each infringement.
  5. Sean_D

    Cheating in tournament

    So two penalties are applicable in this situation, both general (two-stroke) penalties. 20-3. Placing and Replacing a. By Whom and Where A ball to be placed under the Rules must be placed by the player or his partner. If a ball to be replaced is placed other than on the spot from which it was lifted or moved and the error is not corrected as provided in Rule 20-6, the player incurs the general penalty, loss of hole in match play or two strokes in stroke play, for a breach of the applicable Rule. 20-7. Playing from Wrong Place a. General A player has played from a wrong place if he makes a stroke at his ball in play: (i) on a part of the course where the Rules do not permit a stroke to be made or a ball to be dropped or placed; or (ii) when the Rules require a dropped ball to be re-dropped or a moved ball to be replaced. Note: For a ball played from outside the teeing ground or from a wrong teeing ground - see Rule 11-4. b. Match Play If a player makes a stroke from a wrong place, he loses the hole. c. Stroke Play If a competitor makes a stroke from a wrong place, he incurs a penalty of two strokes under the applicable Rule. He must play out the hole with the ball played from the wrong place, without correcting his error, provided he has not committed a serious breach (see Note 1). From what I have read (and I am just learning the rules), should the correct penalties assessed be four strokes as I interpret two separate infractions in the described scenario. I have read of situations where if one penalty is assessed, other penalties are not compounded. Is that the case here? Or should four strokes have been added to his score for each breach of the rules?
  6. Sean_D

    Newbie rapid progress

    I started playing golf "seriously" (meaning more than 1-2 rounds a year) in February of this year. I was shooting in the high 120s. I started taking lessons and have continued taking two a month from March through October (my last lesson of the year will be on the 15th). I consistently shoot in the mid 90s now and shot an 88 in my last round (still waiting for my badge from the achievement thread). I practice for an hour or more each day and play at least once a week. My coach has helped me set my 2019 goal of shooting 78 at least once next year, so I'll be working toward that. In total it took me 7 months to break 90 with a lot of hard work and practice.
  7. Sean_D

    Snap Hooking Woods

    When you hit a snap hook, look at the alignment of your club face right after your swing, it is most likely closed. Adjust your grip so the club face is vertical when you look it in front of you with your arms outstretched. At address the club face should appear to be open. Hope this helps.
  8. I broke 100 earlier this year, and yesterday I broke 90 for the first time. I shot an 88 at Bartley Cavanaugh in Sacramento. 6 pars, 10 bogeys, and only 2 blowup 8s. My lessons (and practice routine) have been working wonders. In my least lesson, my coach got me to change from a strong grip to a neutral grip, and I have been hitting the ball straighter and further than I ever dreamed was possible.
  9. The way I judge speed and/or distance is I look at the hole and take my practice swing. I memorize the feeling of the practice swing and try to duplicate it. When I am practicing lag putting, I putt while looking at the hole. This has greatly improved my lag putting and speed in general.
  10. Sean_D

    Play in the Championship flight or not?

    In my opinion... If you want to be the best, you must beat the best. Never pass up an opportunity to play "up". I have learned more, and made the greatest improvements in all my athletic and coaching endeavors by competing against people/teams I had no business competing against. You may not win, but competing against superior competition will force you to get better. And if you win.... Then you have truly won something, and not just beat up on a bunch of scrubs.
  11. I had the exact swing flaw. To correct it, my coach gave me a "swim noodle drill". Have a partner hold a swim noodle behind you parallel to the ground about waist high. The end of the noodle should be right about where your hands are at address. The idea is to make contact with the noodle on the back swing and avoid the noodle on the down swing. This will cause a "loop" at the top of your swing and get your club on the proper swing path. The noodle should be placed far enough behind you that your club makes contact with the noodle about 6-8" above the club-head. In the event you don't have a partner to hold a noodle while you swing (I know I don't), Get an inexpensive microphone boom stand (about $15 at your local music store) and insert the boom into the center of the noodle. This drill helped me significantly with my swing path and all but eliminated my slice.
  12. Sean_D

    D2 Feel

    I have been playing the D2 Feels this year. I chose them because they're cheap and I lose a lot of golf balls. I really like the way they feel off the putter. I have not really noticed any determent on the greens, but then again, I don't have experience with any other balls. When I exhaust the remaining 3 boxes (I get $10 off coupons from Dick's all the time and generally spend >$10 for 30 golf balls), I am planning on trying the Srixon Z Stars, as I feel I am getting good enough (and I am losing starting to not lose golf balls) to experience the benefits of a more expensive 3-piece ball. All-in-all, I have been very happy with the D2 Feel ball and would recommend it.
  13. I am a high handi-capper (26.2 and dropping) who was asking the same types of questions you are. I just started golf seriously in February this year. I bought a six-pack of lessons from a highly regarded instructor in my area, and do not regret the decision one bit. I was shooting between 125 and 140 in February and I shot a 95 last week. I typically shoot between 47-50 in my 9-hole league now and I have been getting better each week. I am hoping to break 90 by the end of the season. I still lust after the launch monitor and Game Golf, but I am 100% positive I would still be shooting in the 120s if I had purchased either of those things instead of the lessons. Each will provide data on your game, but a good instructor will help you understand why a shot ended as it did, and how to correct it.

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