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  1. Sean_D

    Play in the Championship flight or not?

    In my opinion... If you want to be the best, you must beat the best. Never pass up an opportunity to play "up". I have learned more, and made the greatest improvements in all my athletic and coaching endeavors by competing against people/teams I had no business competing against. You may not win, but competing against superior competition will force you to get better. And if you win.... Then you have truly won something, and not just beat up on a bunch of scrubs.
  2. I had the exact swing flaw. To correct it, my coach gave me a "swim noodle drill". Have a partner hold a swim noodle behind you parallel to the ground about waist high. The end of the noodle should be right about where your hands are at address. The idea is to make contact with the noodle on the back swing and avoid the noodle on the down swing. This will cause a "loop" at the top of your swing and get your club on the proper swing path. The noodle should be placed far enough behind you that your club makes contact with the noodle about 6-8" above the club-head. In the event you don't have a partner to hold a noodle while you swing (I know I don't), Get an inexpensive microphone boom stand (about $15 at your local music store) and insert the boom into the center of the noodle. This drill helped me significantly with my swing path and all but eliminated my slice.
  3. Sean_D

    D2 Feel

    I have been playing the D2 Feels this year. I chose them because they're cheap and I lose a lot of golf balls. I really like the way they feel off the putter. I have not really noticed any determent on the greens, but then again, I don't have experience with any other balls. When I exhaust the remaining 3 boxes (I get $10 off coupons from Dick's all the time and generally spend >$10 for 30 golf balls), I am planning on trying the Srixon Z Stars, as I feel I am getting good enough (and I am losing starting to not lose golf balls) to experience the benefits of a more expensive 3-piece ball. All-in-all, I have been very happy with the D2 Feel ball and would recommend it.
  4. I am a high handi-capper (26.2 and dropping) who was asking the same types of questions you are. I just started golf seriously in February this year. I bought a six-pack of lessons from a highly regarded instructor in my area, and do not regret the decision one bit. I was shooting between 125 and 140 in February and I shot a 95 last week. I typically shoot between 47-50 in my 9-hole league now and I have been getting better each week. I am hoping to break 90 by the end of the season. I still lust after the launch monitor and Game Golf, but I am 100% positive I would still be shooting in the 120s if I had purchased either of those things instead of the lessons. Each will provide data on your game, but a good instructor will help you understand why a shot ended as it did, and how to correct it.
  5. My lessons have focused on getting rid of my slice. I had an outside in swing path and an open club face. My instructor gave me drills to correct my swing path, rotating my hands, tempo, and weight transfer. My new shot shape is a draw. My new problem is a straight pull with my driver. I’ll have my coach address that in the next lesson.
  6. Guess who has two thumbs and shot 95 today... This guy!!! I shot 95 at Bartley Cavanaugh in Sacramento, and it was the first time I had played the course. I had 4 GIR, hit 4 fairways, and had 33 putts. Really stoked at how I’ve been playing lately. Also very happy with my lessons.
  7. I shot 108 yesterday, 54 on each nine holes. On the back nine, I shot 28 on the first six holes and 26 on the last three. I wasn't keeping track as I played, so I had no idea what my score was as I started the last three holes. I hit a couple OB and had a difficult time getting out of a greenside bunker on the last three. A couple of different decisions and I could have broken 100... Maybe I'll learn, probably not.
  8. Two weeks ago I reported shooting 64 for 9-holes. Yesterday, we played a stroke format in league and I shot a 48 on the same nine holes. I hit 2 fairways, and had 14 putts. I was hitting my 60* extremely well and left my five of my pitches and chips within 1' of the hole. I managed to play the entire 9-holes with the same ball (also a fist for this course). My lessons have been showing great results and I am very excited to continue learning and getting better.
  9. Last week I shot 64 on 9-holes in a warm-up round for a league in which I am filling in for a fried who recently had surgery and can't play. I was in trouble from each tee shot and hit only two fairways. My approach shot from each of those two fairways ended up in the trees to the right and I blew up each hole. Today I return for the start of the league. I have been taking lessons and have started making more consistent contact with a more predictable ball flight (which is finally not to the right!!!!). I am determined to swing easy and focus more on keeping the ball in front of me instead of in trouble. My coach has given me a good tactic to accomplish this: pick the shot (i.e. swing easy), get my swing thought (for me that means swing my driver toward right-center or 2 O'clock and hand rotation for irons). Once I have my mind made up and I know what I want to do, clear my mind, step up to the ball and hit it. I am to not ruin my shots by fixating on what I am trying to do. Hopefully it works better that my previous approach. I'll let you know tomorrow.
  10. Sean_D

    Iron Fitting or Lesson

    This week, I took my first lesson. It was a phenomenal experience. I chose this specific instructor because he is one of the top 100 club fitters in the country. He identified my largest flaw immediately (outside-in swing path) and my lack of a proper follow through and had me performing a drill to rectify those flaws. The drill: He held a swimming noodle behind me while I swung and asked me to hit the noodle in my back-swing and miss it on my down-swing and wanted me to focus on my body position on my finish. He actually got me hitting a few draws instead of my signature slice. During my session, I was hitting my 8-iron and pelting the 150-yard marker. That was a 5-iron shot for me before the lesson. I have recreated the drill in my garage and practice it daily... Can't wait for my next round on Friday! I had a fear that getting fitted and having my irons bent could have been a mistake, and it would have as the results were a 4* lie adjustment. I even asked my instructor about getting fitted and he told me to learn how to hit first.
  11. Sean_D

    Your Workout Today

    Recently I started a 6-day a week workout program. Days 1&4 are cardio, days 2&5 are resistance training, and days 3&6 are yoga. My cardio workout is on an elliptical machine in the garage. The resistance training is done to YouTube workouts using resistance tubes with resistances of 20 lbs. - 150 lbs., and yoga is also YouTube videos tailored specifically for golf. Today my workout is 30 minutes of cardio in the morning and putting training after work. For putting, I create a 3-foot circle around a hole with 8 tees. I putt until I make 16 consecutive putts. I then move the tees back a foot and putt until I make 8 consecutive. I then lag putt into the 4-foot circle from 30, 40, and 50 feet. After that I putt around the practice green twice, Par 2 and pull back each putt 3 feet.
  12. Sean_D

    Iron Fitting or Lesson

    I was hitting of the trailing edge of the club head a lot, and some marks on the heel and some on the toe. He recognized me as a former baseball player with a baseball swing. I would also bottom the club out early and strike the board a few inches before the ball. I basically left there knowing I would need to change my swing before I could get any kind of decent data on the clubs. I have made great strides on my swing, and have gotten rid of the baseball tendencies.

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