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  1. Day 4 complete. I didn’t have much trouble with this one, it seems I was palmer flexing pretty well before this.
  2. As someone who has been a high level athlete (Olympic hopeful in 1992) and coach, I have always credited my coaches as performance does not happen in a vacuum. Instead of 5%, I’ll give you “missing link” credit. While about 5% in volume, its value is much more.
  3. Finished day 3. After doing the day 3 drills, I was able to go play today (Sacramento county has not yet ordered all golf courses closed though many are closed voluntarily). I focused on the three points from the last three days and hit the ball better than I ever have and shot my best score 84 on a 6550 yard 71.8/129 course for a 10.7 differential. Thank you sooo much for doing this!
  4. Day 2 completed yesterday. I was getting too upright in my backswing and this really helped me maintain the ocrrect spine angle.
  5. Day 1 in the books. I have been having trouble with my grip, and this helped a lot. I also used to roll the club back in the back swing. Focusing on the wrist made not rolling easier. I started striking the ball better almost immediately. Chipping is much improved as well.
  6. The golf courses around here have turned the cups upside down. This works really well. A reasonably paced putt hits the anchor of the flagstick and kind of pops right back out of the hole. When a putt is paced so that it just falls over the lip, half or more of its circumference remains above the ground. After playing 18 holes it was really easy to tell when a ball lipped out or sank and no contact was made with the flagstick or cup.
  7. Sean_D


    I agree... I can hit a 60* with 3* of bounce and I can't even fly a kite.
  8. Sean_D


    Yes, I am currently playing an 60* MD3 with 10* of bounce. I ordered the XLow 3* mostly because of the grind. I do all kinds of crazy stuff with opening and closing my 60* so having a very shallow grind is very important to me. Also I hit really well in all the situations I put it through during my fitting.
  9. Sean_D


    I just ordered a Cleveland RTX-4 60* XLow grind with 3* of bounce.
  10. I got my first ever eagle on Friday. I played from the white tees at Elk Horn Golf Club in Stockton, CA. On the Par 5 6th hole (454 yards per the scorecard). I hit my driver 275 yards over a fairway bunker on the left side of the fairway. When I initially hit the shot I thought I had gone into the bunker. When I got up to the bunker, I didn't see the ball and discovered I had cleared the bunker and was sitting on the left side of the fairway 180 yards from the flag. On my second shot, I hit my 4h to within 8 feet of the pin. The put was slightly downhill and left to right. I wanted to be sure of birdie, so I concentrated mainly on speed and ended up sinking the putt for my first ever eagle.
  11. I would leave my 4h out. I am pretty inconsistent at that end of the bag. My 3h, 4h and 5i are all pretty much interchangeable. I have been working constantly on hitting those clubs better and I am getting better with them, but I could easily get by without the 4h for a round if necessary.
  12. Sean_D

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    I don't quite understand the "Garapolo can't throw the football" narrative going around right now. He has led the 9ers to several victories, even from behind, by, gasp....... throwing the football. Hopefully the Chief's will make the same mistake and discover just how well he can throw.
  13. Sean_D


    While this is true, you'll never develop skill with a lob wedge if you never practice with one. I use my 60* extensively (60.10) and have since I started playing two years ago with an index in the high 30s. Generally more bounce is better than less bounce and 6* of bounce is not that much.
  14. In my experience they are notoriously bad at answering/returning email.
  15. Thanks for the replies, guys. Course handicaps are what they are, and I don't get upset over gaining/losing a stroke or two (or however many). It just seems curious to me that the USGA was instrumental and influential in the WHS and yet their recommendations look a lot like the old USGA calculation. That being said, your responses make sense and shed light on the situation. In reality, as long as everyone in the field/flight are playing under the same rules, it is a fair competition and the rest is up to the competitor.
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