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  1. Sean_D

    Adding Sims to my Existing Bar/Restaurant

    What is the target demographic? Are you looking to provide fitting level information or are you just looking to have course sims so anybody can get together and play some virtual golf courses? If you are looking to serve the super technical golfer, the the GC2 or similar would be OK. If your target market is someone who just wants to play a virtual golf course then something like SkyTrak which offers a yearly subscription to several virtual golf courses could be the better option. The tracking data is less accurate, but if the target market is not looking for super specific data and only wants to play a few hold of golf at their favorite bar/restaurant, then the SkyTrak at $2k is the better option.
  2. I am definitely better than I was 1 year ago. I started my full-on golf addiction the day after the Super Bowl in 2018, so next Monday marks my golf anniversary. I was shooting scores in the 130s and had an unofficial index of 38. Today I shoot in the high 80s to low 90s and expect my initial official index (coming on 2/1/2019) to be 20.0 according to the trend metric in the NCGA app. I have taken lessons all year and I practice something golf related every day. Every aspect of my game has improved significantly, and I am expecting that to continue through 2019 and I have a goal to lower my index to under 14 this year.
  3. Thanks for all the ideas. Right?? I pretty much know this is what I have to do, but any way out is better than cooking... If I could just convince my wife to get up early...... I've competed and coached in hundreds of tournaments and big games/meets/matches in other sports and I agree with not doing extra or something different, but what I normally do is unavailable due to an earlier than normal (for me) start time, and I want to avoid the meltdown (and not just because I'll be playing in a tourney). I may very well be. I have always given nutrition in competition serious consideration and have a lot of hardware (not in golf) as a result. With teams I have coached I have seen markedly better performance from my athletes when they ate appropriately before/during/after matches. While my eating habits should not affect my round, I experienced what not eating does to my round... and I certainly don't want that to happen again. I still have several weeks and I will probably just heat up some leftover chicken in the nuke before I go, and I am certainly not going to obsess over it in the meantime. But I really appreciate the ideas. I keep a supply of protein bars, and will take one of those for the back and probably a Gatorade for some quick energy
  4. I needed two more rounds to get my initial GHIN index and was able to get a round in yesterday. Normally, I play in the afternoon and will stop by Chipotle and get a burrito before a round and that is usually enough food and a good balance of macro nutrients to get me through a round of golf. Yesterday, I didn't eat before my round and I started off well and went into the tank quickly. One of the significant factors was hunger and I could feel my energy and focus draining quickly. I recently registered for my first tournament, which is on March 9th and starts at 8:00 AM. After posting a score about 12 strokes above my average I started to think about how I can avoid this when the tournament rolls around. I won't be able to get my usual pre-round meal as Chipotle does not open until 10:45 and my usual breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal. The tourney is about an hour away from my house and I generally like to warm-up for about an hour before I play. I see myself having to get up at 5:00 AM (I normally wake up at 5 for work, so this is not a big issue) for an 8 AM tee time. I will not have a lot of time to make a decent breakfast and I am not too thrilled at the idea of stopping by a fast food joint for the crappy food they serve. How do you prepare for an early tournament tee time? Do you have a large meal to get you through a round? Do you prepare lots of little meals to eat through your round? Or, do you just wait and eat at the end? I really want to do well at this tourney, and as it is a low level tournament, I think nutrition is not something my competition will be giving significant consideration. Anyway, what has worked for you in the past?
  5. I was/am in the exact situation as you. I decided to get fit for a new set of irons, and it was absolutely the right decision. I tried AP1, AP3, Srixon 585, Ping i210, i500, G400, P790, and Callaway Rogue and Rogue Pro. When I went in I was pretty set on AP3 or P790. When the fitting was complete, I walked out with Ping G400s and I couldn't be happier. My recommendation is to definitely get fit and pick the clubs which give the best result regardless of make/model.
  6. Sean_D

    Buying New Irons

    SAM Putt Lab, I believe. I have been researching the Edel process and I will inquire about how SAM deals with aim and speed/distance control.
  7. I was just fitted for an iron set. Everything about how I hit a golf ball with my irons/wedges has improved exponentially. More distance, better control, more confidence... all of it. Getting fit was the best $100 I have spent on golf, followed closely by the fist $100 I spent on lessons.
  8. Sean_D

    Buying New Irons

    I received my G400s yesterday. I was delayed because PING close for 10 days for the Christmas/New Year's holiday. I absolutely love these clubs. They feel great, fit well and I hit them significantly better than the Cobras they replaced. I am going out on the course after work today to start gapping my new iron set. The course where I am a marshal has a long, straight par 5. I will hit 10-12 shots with my 5-iron and, leaving my bag as a marker of where I hit from, I will go out to the estimated center of all my golf balls and laser back to the bag of an average distance for that club. I probably won't get through the entire set of irons in one evening, but I'll get it done in a couple of days. As part of my fitting, I will also be going back to where I was fitted for a follow up. I don't know if a gap analysis is included in that appointment (I'll ask that question when I schedule the appointment tomorrow), but I am glad the shop where I was fitted has this as part of the fitting. Next up.... Putter fitting.
  9. Sean_D

    Buying New Irons

    I completed the Trackman Fitting yesterday and I am amazed at the difference a properly customized club makes. I started the fitting with AP3, P790, AP1, and G400 as the contenders. During my warm up I was hitting the 7-iron around 135 carry (I don't remember which club I was using) and that is about how far I would normally hit my off-the-rack Cobra Bafflers. We started out looking for the head which provided the best ball speed and spin. The AP1 spun too much and had the slowest ball speed, so it was eliminated first. As we progressed, the P790, AP3, and G400 were all very close in ball speed, but the P790 had the least optimal spin, so it went next. The AP3 and G400 performed almost identically. I liked the sound of the AP3 better and I liked the feedback the G400 gave on mishits better. When both were struck well the fell was very good with both. I liked them both a lot, and decided to go with the Ping G400 because they are significantly less expensive. My fitter also wanted me to hit the Callaway Rogue. I have read a lot about how people feel about the look of a golf club and thought they were crazy... until I saw Callaway Rogue. I absolutely hated everything about how that club looked. Way too fat, too much offset, and the color even bothered me. I hit one ball with it and handed it back... This is not the one! During clubhead selection, I was still hitting around 140 yards carry with a couple of outliers that would pop out to 150+. Then we started switching shafts... and that is when things started to improve dramatically. Through changing the weight, length, and profiles of the shaft, I started consistently hitting the ball in the center of the clubface. I didn't hit a single fat shot (one of my main misses) and I consistently started carrying the ball between 160-165 yards right down my target line. My dispersion tightened up and the impact tape looked like it had a single ball impression. I ended up ordering the G400 with the AWT 2.0 shaft, Green dot and +1/2" in length with a midsize grip. My clubs should be here just after the 1st of the year. I am excited for them to come and I don't even want to hit current clubs any longer. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback, I don't think I would have ever considered G400 before starting this thread. I was skeptical about the Trackman fitting and hesitant to shell out the cash for one, but I am glad I did. I will not buy clubs without doing on again. It made a 30+ yard difference in my 7-iron, and I am confident that as I improve my swing, I will see the results more quickly in my ball-flight.
  10. Sean_D

    Buying New Irons

    So I hit all the clubs in my original post last week. I couldn't hit the Callaway Rogue pros well at all, so I eliminated those first. In the end, I hit the Titleist AP3s the best, the TM P790s and Srixon Z585s after that. All in all, I didn't hit any of the clubs much better than I hit my current set of irons. I decided to get a full trackman fitting and I am including the Ping G400 and Titleist AP1 in my quest for new clubs. I have found that off-the-rack clubs are generally too light for my swing, so I am looking forward to trying the two Titleist clubs, the P790, and the G400 in my fitting with heavier shafts and proper lie angles. I appreciate all the advice, even the stuff I generally don't agree with. You have all given me much to think about, and your input will certainly help me end up with the clubs that work best for me and my swing.
  11. Sean_D

    Buying New Irons

    I just started with GHIN and have stopped entering scores into the app where I tracked my handicap. My current differentials in GHIN suggest my handicap will be around 17 when I get enough scores entered. I started the year at 38 and will finish at least 20 strokes lower. I have been taking lessons all year and my swing is much better than my handicap would suggest. I am looking for irons I can "grow into" so I am willing to get something that might be a little bit difficult to hit. I am certain I'll get there soon enough. I hit the P790s (from the demo day fitting) exceptionally well and carried the 7 iron ~160 yards. I found it much easier to hit consistently than my current 7 iron. But if I get to the shop and find those clubs impossible to hit well, I am not above changing my mind and buying something different or nothing at all.
  12. Sean_D

    Buying New Irons

    I've already done that bit of research. One of the main reasons I chose the sets I did is because the lofts are very close or equal to the lofts of my current set. I really wanted to be sure any distance gains were not due to strong(er) lofts but to other design elements or fitting. I already know my current set is too flat, too light, and perhaps too short. Hopefully matching those criteria to my swing/body will help me eliminate my fat mishit.
  13. Sean_D

    Buying New Irons

    That is a great question, and one I didn't think to ask or research. I'll have to ask when I get there.
  14. Today I'm going to start hitting clubs with the intent to select a set for purchase. I have been researching this for quite a while now and I have made a few decisions going into this purchase. I also went through a Taylormade demo day fitting at a local course about a week ago and learned a few things about what works for me. At the demo day, the Taylormade fitter fit me into a P790 head with a True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 shaft with S300 stiffness. With that information in mind, I'm going to go to the superstore to pick out my new set of irons. Here is my process. Through research, I have narrowed the field down to a short list which includes: Ping i210, Ping i500, Callaway Rogue Pro, Titleist 718 AP3, Taylormade P790, and Srixon Z585. Using the Ping fitting chart, I have determined that my clubs should be 2 degrees upright and about +1/2" in length. At the superstore I am able to take three clubs at a time to their hitting bay to test out. I plan on having them assemble each of the clubs on my short list with the TT Dynamic Gold 120 at 2* up and hit each of them to determine which one I like best. Once I have done that, I am going to have a full trackman fitting done to see what the recommendation is from that fitting. Then I will compare the club I like best vs. the club recommended from the fitting (hopefully it will be the same club with maybe a different shaft and/or loft, length. Then order the clubs and begin the waiting period.
  15. For those still interested... I have played my way through the Q Star Tours and the Bridgestone E6 Soft. As I played each ball more the differences in distance shrank to being very close to each other. Sometimes the E6 was further and sometimes the Q Star Tour was. I attribute that to my swing and that the two balls are equal in the distance category. The Q Star Tour definitely spins more on short shots, pitches and chips, and stops quicker on the green. I even backed up several of the QSTs on shorter par 3s. So for my purposes, the QST beat out the E6. Next Up... QST vs Z Star. Stay Tuned.

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