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  1. Iron Fitting or Lesson

    I was hitting of the trailing edge of the club head a lot, and some marks on the heel and some on the toe. He recognized me as a former baseball player with a baseball swing. I would also bottom the club out early and strike the board a few inches before the ball. I basically left there knowing I would need to change my swing before I could get any kind of decent data on the clubs. I have made great strides on my swing, and have gotten rid of the baseball tendencies.
  2. Iron Fitting or Lesson

    I will get both, but as a matter of prioritizing, I don’t necessarily want to get fit if my swing will change dramatically, and then need to be refit. Likewise, I don’t want to start lessons if my clubs are going to make learning a proper swing and getting results problematic. It looks like the consensus is to take the lesson, and that was the direction I was leaning... but I have had this nagging in the back of head about not having clubs fitted. So much to do...
  3. Iron Fitting or Lesson

    The one lesson is mostly research. I intend to take a series of lessons, but I will “audition” several instructors by taking individual lessons initially. As an individual who is a highly trained coach (soccer not golf) I have very specific ideas about sports training and how to teach technique and tactic. I need to find an instructor who implements a methodology in line with my learning style and methodology. I am not limited to $50, though I understand I gave that impression. I recently bought irons and will have them modified to match my specs. I am really stumped on which should come first. When I bought the irons, I hit some balls off a lie board, and the marks were very inconsistent and difficult to interpret. My swing has changed dramatically since then, and I can see the results on the range and the course. But that experience has me wondering.
  4. Hi All, I am a 20+ handicap golfer who just (early February) started enjoying golf again. I purchased a new set of Cobra Baffler Irons, a Callaway XR16 driver and FW, and a set of Callaway X-hot Hybrids. I'm going to have a little extra cash coming up and I want to know what the collective feels is the best way to advance my game. I can get a 1-hour lesson for $50 or an Iron fitting for $50. My research has led me to believe lessons/fitting are kind of a chicken and egg scenario. My swing characteristics will influence the optimal club parameters, yet having ill fitting clubs will affect my swing. So which would you do first? Take the lesson or get the fitting?
  5. 15 clubs in my bag

    This is really the most honest and truest answer. When I play with my buddy today, I am taking all 16 clubs. Today will be the first time I have the opportunity to hit the hybrids on the course in genuine situations. When I went to the range last week, I was carrying the 5i and 5H similar distance. I have since made another stride in my swing, and I think I’ll be hitting the ball further with all my clubs. I feel much more powerful, faster, and in control with my latest swing adjustment. So I certainly want the full aresenal at my disposal as I continue to figure things out.
  6. 15 clubs in my bag

    I've been looking at portable launch monitors. It is certainly on the list of things I want to buy. Unfortunately my list currently exceeds my wallet. I am playing 18 holes tomorrow so hopefully I figure something out.
  7. 15 clubs in my bag

    Thanks for the wedge matrix idea. I am learning I need to figure out my distances for each club. Something which will take some time. My swing is evolving almost daily as I learn to apply different techniques and see the results. I am anxiously awaiting daylight savings so I will have more time to hit live balls on a course as opposed to hitting foam analogues into a shipping blanket. Also, warmer weather will be nice so I don't have to wear sweatshirts all the time. I guess figuring out what works, is more than half the battle. No substitute for experience, and practice.
  8. 15 clubs in my bag

    My hybrids are the Callaway X hots from 2013 I believe. I am still figuring out the different lofts of wedges. It get confusing really quickly as my experience with clubs was 9i, PW, SW and that's it. Seeing wedges identified by their loft and "bounce" I believe is study I have yet to do. My initial thought was to just drop the 60*, as I rarely use it. However, I am intent on learning to play "correctly" and to use the correct tools for the correct shots. So I want to learn what to expect from a high loft wedge, and how to hit one.
  9. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to figure out how to video myself taking a swing.
  10. Sean_D

  11. 15 clubs in my bag

    Yes... About 6-weeks of serious attention and study, although I have been hacking at golf balls (while consuming copious amounts of beer) most of my life. A rangefinder is certainly on the list, but I think the next investment is going to come in the form of lessons to be sure the things I am focusing on in rebuilding my swing are accurate are effective.
  12. 15 clubs in my bag

    Good catch... I guess when I added up the number of clubs, I forgot about the putter. Now I have to drop two clubs. At least the journey is fun!
  13. 15 clubs in my bag

    Getting my distances down is one of the things I am working on and I have a lot of variables. For my entire "Golf Life" I have played with a baseball swing. Last month I really started over. New clubs and I rebuilt my swing from the ground up. I am swinging more consistently and getting more consistent results. Before I really got the golf bug last month, it seemed every club I hit would go 100-yards. I am now starting to get a sense of how far I am hitting different clubs. The problem I am having there is I haven't been able to accurately measure my distances. I don't know if I can trust the yardage signs at the range, and I have been reading how range balls are not really an accurate measure of distance due to their construction. So I have to work that out as well. I like the idea of choosing between the 4H, 5H, and 4-iron... That makes a lot of sense. I still need to do a lot of hitting and figure this stuff out. As it is, I am hitting foam balls for about an hour a day in my garage, I go to the range ~ once a week and play 2-3 time a month. In my last round I shot +10 on the back 9 with 2 pars... probably the best 9 I have ever shot in my life. Really loving this game and the learning process with it.
  14. Hello Everyone, I have been playing golf intermittently throughout my life. Last month, I played a round at a low cost muni course and have been obsessed with golf ever since. I ditched my 30-year old clubs and bought a set of Cobra Baffler XL GI irons, Callaway XR16 driver and 3W, and three Callaway X hot hybrids, and a new putter. I set up a hitting station in my garage where I hit foam balls into a shipping blanket off piece of cardboard (to keep the golf club from destroying the burber carpet I have in the garage). I have been watching just about every instructional video I can find on YouTube, and I plan on taking a course of lessons at the local golf course. The package includes six 1-hour lessons and 9-holes with the instructor for $250. I have improved dramatically in the last month and can't wait to see where I end up with this new endeavor.
  15. 15 clubs in my bag

    I currently have 15 clubs in my bag. Driver, 3W, 3H, 4H, 5H, 4-PW, Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge, 60* wedge, and a putter. To get down to the 14 club max, I obviously need to leave one club out. I have never hit my 60* wedge very well and have rarely used it. I also have a virtual duplication in the 4H and 4-iron, and 5H and 5-iron. I hit my 5-iron as well as any other club in the bag and I have been getting decent results with my 4 iron recently as well. I just purchased the three hybrids last week (Callaway X hots all three for $80) and I have yet to take them out on the course, so that will happen before I make a significant decision. What I will probably end up doing is stocking my bag for specific courses... more hybrids for longer and straighter courses, and more irons for courses with more "bendy" holes. The main thing I would like to read is how have you handled this situation? Do you commonly carry a 4H and a 4-iron, 5H and 5-iron? Have you left a club out of your bag because you just don't hit it well or don't have confidence in your ability to hit a particular club?

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