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  1. Keep two score cards. On the first score card, record your actual score. On the second card, keep your score for your competition with him. If he shaves two strokes off his score, shave two off yours. Repeat for each hole. and at the end give him your "adjusted" score. Turnabout is fair play.
  2. To me a "D" wedge is when I pop my driver straight up.
  3. Looking at the specs of the i500 and the i210, they don’t look like they are designed to be directly blended. The i500s have a loft that is 2* stronger throughout the set. Fortunately, PING offer the set in “retro lofts” which brings them back in line with the i210s. Also, it’s not just distance control I’m looking for, but more control over launch and spin, which is something I believe the i210 would offer above the G400 or i500. I agree that modern sets have a “blending” already incorporated in the design. In my G400s even the shaft weight gets lighter as the club gets longer (PING AWT
  4. This is what makes golf a great game, multiple solutions to every problem. I just switched from my set GW to an RTX Zipcore 50* to be better able to flight shots lower, have better spin control, and to have better control around the green. I also switched from the CBX to the RTX-4 54 & 60* for similar reasons. I still think the CBX is better in the sand than pretty much anything else. I use my wedges for so much more than bunker shots.
  5. It is not about overall distance, it is about reducing the delta between the longest shot and the shortest shot on similarly struck balls. Using Shot scope tracking every shot I have taken on a golf course this season, I have learned that the shot consistency between my G400 set wedge and my Cleveland blade wedge in heavily in favor of the blade wedge. Empirically, I have noticed the G400s are far more likely to take off "flier" like a 145 yard PW when i normally hit my PW 130 yds. Once I started hitting the RTX wedge the distance became much more consistent. That is what I am looking for.
  6. I am thinking about replacing my irons. I currently use PING G400s for which I was fitted. In the last two years, I have gone from a 20 to a 9 and I am looking for a bit more distance control than the G400s offer. In my mind, I have created a theoretical set which contains a Cleveland RTX Zipcore PW @ 45*, PING i210 (or equivalent) at the 9,8,7, and 6 irons, and PING i500 (or equivalent) in the 5 and 4 irons. Does anyone have a similar iron set-up? Do you notice a bigger/smaller gap when transitioning between iron types? Does the difference in spin characteristic have a big effect on t
  7. To me this question revolves around how you use your GW. If your GW is a full swing club and you never use it for finesse shots around the green, then go CBX or set wedge. If you use you GW for a lot of bump and runs and other short shots around the green, then go RTX.
  8. My Goals for 2021: Lower Index to 7.5 or lower (Currently 9.6) This goal will be meet by achieving the following goals. Increase Fairways hit percentage to >53% (Currently 48%) Working with my coach to continue my ball striking. Better understanding of shot shapes and shot zones Increase tee P.Avg to >260yds. (Currently 255 yds.) Focus on ball striking, ball speed, and launch angle Increase GIR to >37% (Currently 32%) Range practice with alignment aids Ball striking (Different trajectories and s
  9. Lower index to <11 Achieved. My current index is 9.6. Increase fairways hit to >50% (currently at 42%) Failed. My fairways hit is now 48%, but my P.Ave for distance went from 232 yds to 255 yds. Increase GIR to >45% (currently at 28.52%) Failed. My GIR for the season is 32%. Increased 3.48% Increase Scramble (<50 yds.) percentage to >35% (currently at 26.6%) Failed. My current Scramble % is 34%.Increased 7.4%. Reduce 3-putts to <10% Achieved. Current 3-putt percentage is 10%, but for most of the ye
  10. Twilight are already discounted rates, and weekends are the most in demand. From a business perspective, it makes little sense to further discount a discounted rate and no sense to discount high demand tee times.
  11. Tinnitus. I've been a rock guitarist for 35+years. Always tinnitus.
  12. This.... When one is able to write off a vehicle lease as a business expense, it makes sense to lease.
  13. I will use a combination or yardage, rating/slope, and then the par 3s if I am caught between tees. I like to play between 6000 and 6500 with a slope in the mid to upper 120s. Most of the tournaments I play are around 6250. If I have never played a course before, I play shorter tees. Also, if all my buddies want to play a different set of tees, I'll go there as well (sometimes forward, sometimes back).
  14. Sean_D


    When I play with people whom I have never played with before, I always tell them on the 1st tee, "I plan on posting this score for my index and I need to finish each hole. I don't give putts and I don't take them." I stared doing this because people would "ship my ball back", and wait for me to give them a putt. I really don't care what they do, they can give themselves a 50-footer if they want. If we're competing, we're playing by the rules. If were not competing, I'm playing by the rules and they can do whatever they want.
  15. From all accounts I have heard, yes. They are adding strokes gained in the near future.
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