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  1. Get in his face and tell him that ain't how we roll on my golf team, got it? Do NOT ignore his behavior; he'll interpret your silence as positive reinforcement.
  2. You've been playing golf for 25+ years, and this guy is old enough to call you "son"...? Perhaps he's a few cards short of a deck.
  3. The higher the handicap, the better the advantage. For Right-Handed Phil, it's a 5-7 stroke advantage. But he's a 5 handicap. For someone who shoots, say, in the low 100's, I can see course familiarity making a difference of up to10-12 shots.
  4. Just went to Golfsmith, looking for a good deal on a used wedge. I found a barely-used McGregor MT-pro forged 58-degree wedge for $49. It now sits in my bag, waiting for me to find trouble during my round this afternoon.
  5. Certainly since the early 50's, maybe even before then, there has never been one second with no golf balls in flight around the world.
  6. There was this old dude at the range Saturday night when I was there (mainly to take a few rips with my new Mizuno driver). So this guy would hit a few line drives with whatever iron he was holding, step back, see if someone needed his expertise, and help where needed. First, he walked over to this group of three guys and a girl and gave the girl a lesson so that she could begin hitting her own line drives. Completely unsolicited. Then he walked back over to his original spot and hit another three or four lasers. At this point, I had my sand wedge out. He stands behind me for a few minutes whi
  7. Wouldn't it be wild if someone like Ernie Els or Vijay Singh sported some of those pants. And just went about their business, acting like nothing was out of the ordinary? As for the facepaint: it's cool if they win but stupid if they lose.
  8. These are definitely ebayable (I think I'm the first person to use "ebay" in adjective form) items. I got that putter out of there before my mom got any ideas.
  9. I'm going back tomorrow. I'll probably find all that and fifty dozen brand new balls.
  10. I was poking around in my mom's garage today and came across an Odyssey White Hot putter. Brand new. As in unused. Retail: about $170. I was like, "Um, Mom? What's with the putter in the garage?" She says she won the putter awhile back...from a closest-to-the-pin contest. And since she already has an Odyssey putter, she just kind of forgot about it. I'd found it with her old clubs. She just shrugged and said I could have it, no big deal. Uh, that's a really big deal. Bye-bye, 16 year-old Echelon putter.
  11. Give me wide fairways, but stick bunkers on one side of the potential driver landing area and trees/water on the other. So basically, I agree with those who say high risk/reward. Crappy greens suck. Crimony, at least mow and water them. One of my favorite holes to play is a par-3, about 160 yards, with a green that is surrounded by water and protected further by bunkers. Oh, and hard, crappy sand really blows. I like a course to be 6300-6600 yards. That seems about right. I prefer parkland to links, but I've had some decent rounds on a links-style course. I think it's more an asthetic thing.
  12. They were on clearance, so it may be a regional- or store-based decision. I only saw that one box. I do love the ball, though.
  13. I tend to agree with your tendency to agree with the other guy's tendency to disagree with the original poster. There is no new era. Yang made us all go "aaaawwwwwww" like when fourth-grade girls see a cute puppy. Now Tiger will come out in the spring and literally devour anyone holding a golf club. If I get to Vegas before the Master's, I will put money on Tiger winning the 2010 slam. Seriously, he could when them all...check out the venues.
  14. As I mentioned in another thread, I'm currently loving the Top Flite Freak.
  15. Ha! Joke's on you, because I fished out the one you tossed into the water and hit it 290 yards.
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