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  1. Steam sale has arrived. Picked up FC5 and a few others that I probably will never find time to actually open
  2. I preordered Cyberpunk. The theme isn't my favorite either, but after TW3 I've got confidence that CDPR will make a game that's worthwhile.
  3. Merch tent was a disappointment this year. When I see "A Fanatics experience" at any event I sigh. Still got my UA polo from a couple years ago at least.
  4. I keep almost buying The Golf Club then reading the reviews and backing off. I'm sad that I wasn't "into golf" during the Tiger Woods Golf heyday. I wish EA would give the franchise another go. I've played Apex a bit too. Enjoying it. Fortnite tried to inflate the active user numbers and offered a few challenges to get a free battle pass for the coming season. I did about a third of them then realized my gripe with Fortnite - I'm doing challenges instead of trying to shoot people. Stupid. Hope Apex continues to do well. Competition is good, it'll drive improvement in the whole battle royale space.
  5. Good luck! Prices are better now without the bitcoin miners driving video card demand, SSD's have become practically cheap... not a bad time to be in the market.
  6. Kindles absolutely rock but you'll go broke building a library if you subscribe to Amazon's daily kindle deals newsletter.
  7. PCPartPicker and build your own is the way to go I think. Then again, if your flyaway to build is the same as or close enough to the pre-builts I guess there's some value in getting whatever warranty or guarantee they offer.
  8. Proud LSW owner. Working on that "broke 100" award. Maybe next month. 🤕
  9. It can be "Fair" and still "Not a good look" This wasn't a good look. Glad Kuch made it right, but shouldn't have let it reach this point.
  10. Another 100+ round last weekend. Was playing deliberate bogey golf and actually was very happy with some putting and <100yard shots, but getting to the green is still more elusive than it should be. I blow up on par 5's thanks to that slice.
  11. Since I'm a hacker who has only seriously followed golf since 2015 or so, I've kind of gotten the perspective that the US Open being raged on by players and Phil having some kind of blowup is normal and expected. I'd probably feel differently if he'd actually wound up in contention after taking the penalty. Instead its more of a chuckle.
  12. Had a decent front nine last weekend (for me, 52), with a major blowup on the first par 5. Figured I might just pull off <100 but the back nine was an entirely different experience. Pace was bad which didn't help. I've got no control off the tee (might top, might go forever just in the wrong direction, etc), leading to... trying too hard for heroic approach shots Seem to have gotten my mind right around the green, though I started getting timid and leaving every putt short. Had enough good shots to not throw out the whole bag yet. Just need to start putting it all together. 😑
  13. Registration is in. Hopefully at least one member of my "usual golf crew" gets it this year. Last drawing was a bust.
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