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      Experience Augusta and The Masters this Year!   02/26/2018

      Experience Augusta, LLC is selling daily tournament badges (Thu-Sun) and daily Berckmans Place badges (Mon-Sun) for the 2018 Masters golf trournament. We also have several available homes within walking distance of Augusta National. Check it out today, go to the Masters in April!


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  1. 2018 Valspar Golf Championship in Tampa, FL

    Rory Sabbatini is tied for 7th... Haven't seen him in awhile
  2. 2018 Valspar Golf Championship in Tampa, FL

    Breaking: Tiger is human, both on and off the course.
  3. New member

    I had an impingement, calcification on rotator cuff. It got removed mid December. It felt great after three weeks, then during PT I tweaked my AC joint. Swinging driver is fine for now, will try partial wedges next week
  4. New member

    Lefty golfer, left shoulder. Seems not to affect the downswing, but my backswing is more limited now. Hard to keep right arm straight beyond parallel.
  5. New member

    I used to be on FGI a little, and for the past few years I have played very little golf. But now that I had shoulder surgery I'm looking to get back into the game. I've used to lurk on here, and I always liked the articles, so why not join.
  6. What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    My goals.. Play as often as possible Track all rounds with strokes gained spreadsheet Exercise and get back to normal range of motion Figure out my damn wedge setup Avoid "swing crack"
  7. TheWoat


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