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  1. Since it is the general thought that long irons are not easy to hit, would one have to be adept with them to have any success with a (premium) driving iron? I'll hang up and listen.
  2. I, too, have been pleasently surprised when a 3balls club, listed in Fine, comes still in plastic.. I never venture below VG.
  3. OP here.... "no returns" is now moot, as ebay is swayed to the buyer. I wish I had that now. It is really a tool move to do this.
  4. My club sells Saturday on auction. Buyer pays, I ship Monday at 4, MD to CA. Mark as shipped. Emails OK at 5>Check email at 7, buyer wants to back out and refuse delivery. What do I do next...please help!!!!
  5. Cleveland sent out a boatload of CG 16 7 irons......I got hooked and ditched my V3s for them. $377.00 shipped NEW on ebay. Try to get the satin chrome not the black pearl.
  6. Golfsmith.com should have it.....I had to settle for 3/4 tape from a shop.
  7. Two that I like....Pine Shore North in OC, Md....27 holes....and Salt Pond in Bethany Beach DE (par 3 and 4)
  8. Recently found lead tape deep inside the cavity of my bought-used irons....should I dig it out?
  9. Golf Digest recently "lost" 25 premium wedges at various courses.....21 came back.
  10. If any forum-ites want to unload their Nib (except the 37*) contact me...does this site feature PM??
  11. Is the Nib more versatile with the grooved face than the Od with putter style face?
  12. While drinking....bid on a Sabertooth on 3balls.....damm bid held up for well over two hours!!! Putter and me getting ready for happy hour now!
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