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  1. Since it is the general thought that long irons are not easy to hit, would one have to be adept with them to have any success with a (premium) driving iron? I'll hang up and listen.
  2. 3balls golf reputable dealer?

    I, too, have been pleasently surprised when a 3balls club, listed in Fine, comes still in plastic.. I never venture below VG.
  3. Help picking new irons!!

    Cleveland sent out a boatload of CG 16 7 irons......I got hooked and ditched my V3s for them. $377.00 shipped NEW on ebay. Try to get the satin chrome not the black pearl.
  4. Why are there grooves on drivers?

    Wooden woods had grooves.
  5. Grip tape

    Golfsmith.com should have it.....I had to settle for 3/4 tape from a shop.
  6. Par 3 Courses-Do you play them?

    Two that I like....Pine Shore North in OC, Md....27 holes....and Salt Pond in Bethany Beach DE (par 3 and 4)
  7. Recently found lead tape deep inside the cavity of my bought-used irons....should I dig it out?
  8. Do You Label Your Clubs?

    Golf Digest recently "lost" 25 premium wedges at various courses.....21 came back.
  9. If any forum-ites want to unload their Nib (except the 37*) contact me...does this site feature PM??
  10. Is the Nib more versatile with the grooved face than the Od with putter style face?
  11. Don't drink and Ebay...

    While drinking....bid on a Sabertooth on 3balls.....damm bid held up for well over two hours!!! Putter and me getting ready for happy hour now!
  12. Dumb scramble question....

    You haven't seen my team.