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  1. And I ended up ordering a set of Callaway Razr X Tours with my specs on callawaypreowned.com. Can't go wrong with a 50% trade enhancement.
  2. Now I have to decide between JPX 850 5-PW, JPX 850 5-6 & 850 Forged 7-PW, JPX EZ 5-PW, and JPX EZ 5-6 & EZ Forged 7-PW. Or wait for a demo day and try different brands with my specs. I have a soft spot for Mizuno though because even their cast clubs feel good with a good strike. And I love Tour Edge Exotics.
  3. Did a dynamic fitting with a Mizuno rep today. I'm 6'3" with a fairly steep swing, definitely more of a hitter than a sweeper. I've been playing with off-the-rack equipment and this told me a lot about the importance of custom fitting. The Mizuno process is really cool. You hit a few balls with this special shaft filled with sensors that measures a bunch of factors in your swing. A device mounted to the special club spits out a bunch of numbers. The rep plugs those numbers into Mizuno's fitting software and it tells you the three best shafts for your swing (in no particular order). Then
  4. I don't have DG Pro shafts in hand and no need to try them as I am happy with what I have. Was just curious.
  5. My favorite shaft I've ever used, the Project X Flighted 5.5, appears to have been discontinued. How does DG Pro S300 compare?
  6. Thanks for all of your help and suggestions. I took an informal lesson from a friend of mine who is a scratch golfer. I am now getting the spin I want. And WUTiger, I recently bought the wedges brand new from dallasgolf.com, so groove wear is not an issue.
  7. Yes but not shovels. And I am a decent ball striker. I should clarify: I have no problem getting spin if I take an aggressive, full swing. But I don't get enough spin on pitch shots.
  8. My initial thoughts are S200, DG Spinner, or one of the offerings from KBS.
  9. Hi All, The problem I am having is not getting enough height and spin on the ball with my wedges, and I suspect that the problem might be the S400 shafts. I think lighter, softer flex shafts might be the ticket. My swing tempo with wedges is generally slow and deliberate. Since I don't live near a fitting center, I would like your suggestions for new shafts. Thanks!!
  10. Different strokes for different folks! Some people must love the MP-H4s since they seem popular, get good reviews, and cost north of $1000. I made a quarter-sized mark right on the sweet spot, and they just didn't do it for me. WUTiger, we certainly must have been! I didn't make it to Wilson Staff since I got there fairly late, but I'm glad you were able to try out some of their stuff. I was there to play with irons more than anything else though since I'm not planning to change any of my woods or hybrids anytime soon.
  11. Went to a demo day today in St. Louis. I tried out a few iron sets and a fairway wood before my hands started to hurt (forgot my glove). A little background - I am a mid-handicapper and a good ball striker. Figured I'd post a few brief reviews of clubs I tried. Callaway X-Forged Irons - Project X PXI 6.0 shaft Very nice irons. Quite forgiving, in my opinion the most forgiving X-Forged irons Callaway has ever made. Easy to get the ball up in the air. Very nice looking sticks, very easy to hit sticks. They give you a little bit of help, but not too much help. I would con
  12. Agreed. Between those two sets I'd pick the Razr X Tours, but that's because after hitting both clubs at a demo day, I hit them better than the RBZs. I could hit the RBZs a country mile, but couldn't control them...I just sprayed the balls everywhere.
  13. I use them on all my putters and like them. Helps take my wrists out of my putting stroke. I say go for it. If you don't like it, cut it off and put a regular grip back on!
  14. Great suggestions above, I'll just add a couple that come to mind: -Cobra S2/S3, both also come in "max" versions that are more forgiving. -Mizuno MX 950, good forged set that comes with hybrids. -Mizuno MX 1000, I've owned these and will testify that they are quite forgiving. I'm a big believer in the Tour Edge brand given their quality and lifetime warranty, so I will suggest looking at a couple of them as well: -Tour Edge Bazooka HT Max & Max-D, perfect for beginners and you should be able to find them on eBay brand new in your price range. -Tour Edge Exotics X
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