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  1. my latest swing,...next: a range session
  2. If one day I am going to vacation to USA, I will pick on winter season 😄 ...yes my friend come here and play some rounds, I was played with my Australian friend (expatriate)....but I don't know how scratch golfer like you and 90s golfer like us can survive 18 holes as one flight 😄
  3. Thank you...definitely I will try the tips. I am in Jakarta, Indonesia....yes it humid tropical country. Two days ago I play at course near my home.....here is the video : (hope I got embedded the video right this time.....just copy link, and hit ENTER) Some Intro: I change some swing thoughts....practice at home....and went to course ...as Infrequent Golfer...Hacker Golfer...Usually Double Bogey Golfer, ....I am happy with the result. I think, I am on the right path. Video was taken with tiny tripod, wasn't confident yet to bring huge tripod, and also can get same flight partners inconvenience. Progress: Break 100 consistently No lost ball for couple rounds. No bunker shot. Need improvement: Don't lift feet at impact dude !!! Practice putting with vary green speed. Wedge game (below 60 yards pitch shot)
  4. Thank you, that was still need improvement. Moe's footwork is the hardest part for me, because I tend to lift my feet at impact. Currently, I am practicing my footwork and tempo.
  5. YES!!! Finally, I Breaking the code of Moe Norman Golf Swing... my embedded link of improper backyard practice 1. Set up like Moe's 2. Why clubhead so far from the ball? to measure the bend of our body is at right angle to strike the ball. 3. Standing at inside of our feet (ready to rolling right ankle at down swing) 4. wiggle, practice to feel the club at impact, and feel how right hand snap the club, left hand remain straight and as trail. 5. swing and snap 6. finish right hand straight and extended (naturaly because of the snap). Swing though??? only one: snap snap!!! if it work on Thanos, it will work on us. 😄
  6. I'd like to know, are you still studying/swing Moe Norman's swing now?
  7. Thank you, great video....as long as I can remember, I never saw the vlog like this....very neat. And got two golf pros.
  8. Pitch shot shot practice at my back yard against concrete wall: I could hurt my self this time....but the positive thing is: I could hit thousand balls a day like Moe...if I have time.
  9. will see in april 2020 🙂
  10. would love to see a course vlog from a pro golfer
  11. I didn't know, this man swing just like Moe, I was surprised. Greg Lavern -
  12. List of ALL GOLFER that I found in Youtube which INSPIRED BY MOE NORMAN GOLF SWING [updated]
  13. Yup, agree....at extreme sentence, maybe one can say: Bryson's swing nothing like Moe's...LOT of differences there As long as I can remember, the only thing the same is only at their grip, they both grip with palm not fingers. Even that, I am sure they ware both have different palm grip.
  14. I can write many 'nonsense personal unrealistic fantasy' reasons....but at the end, it just for my fulfillment...just feel good if I can achieve that (straight shots) like Moe did. Life only once, I pursuit what make me feel good, especially in this game. I am happy with 80% Moe....or even 50% Moe. 100% Moe will be out of my world , because as everybody know, he hit tons of balls everyday which I can't. And Moe have specific clubs for him, which I don't have..yet. If we have time machine, maybe you also can ask the same question to younger Bryson Decambeau when he was not win any tournament yet, why he practice that weird swing? why he was not follow proven champion swing? I have an idea, I will ask Bryson about that, now ...yes now, on his instagram. If he reply, I will update.
  15. maybe it only me, I want straight ball flight like Moe's. If I meet a genie and give me choices: "play 70s consistently" or "straight ball flight consistently"......I will choose "straight ball flight".
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