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  1. It is hot here, but playing indoor like this could ne fun:
  2. Finally, I think I've got my final swing, yes it inspired by Moe Norman swing. More consistant and more accurate ball flight. Will update the full swing video at next range session, meanwhile watch this pitching indoor video:
  3. Updated, why always have somethings to be fixed... 1. I shouldn't lift my (left) feet at impact. 2. Keep my balance. 3. No chicken wing (thanks to Backyard Golfer) I think I can fix that all three with one stone: create some lag in my back swing.
  4. Updated my swing progress...still need improvement
  5. Updated....still forget some points, will better next time WILL NOT GO HOME TIL BALL FLIGHT WAS DEAD STRAIGHT
  6. I couldn't make this clean and straight ball flight with double swing plane. IT IS my FIRST day at range right after I change the MAIN CONCEPT of swing thought of Moe Norman's swing. And sure....it have much more space for improvement. I didn't said which one is better than another, just pick swing that put smile on your face 🙂
  7. Thank you RussUK, I have watched Kirk Junge and Graves videos, and last week just found eureka moment with it (video in upper post).
  8. Sorry the video is only ball flight not my swing, since it was my first day with the "right" Moe Norman's swing...so I just want to enjoy the eureka moment first (not thinking about video shot angle etc.), and I think the best part of Moe Norman's swing is the ball flight. I will update my swing in the next video. I hope I can break 90 with this swing in my next game. My biggest hazard in golf is not sand, not water but.....cash 😄 I've been Playing Golf for: 10 years (on and off) My current handicap index or average score is: 100 My typical ball flight is: straight The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: topping Videos:
  9. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it... I like the view, it trees, an empty course...it weather...I like it In my country, I dont have an empty course like that (especially at weekend).....and of course I dont have weather like that. :)
  10. now i have : 1. change my putting style 2. chipping style and use more spin wedge 3. bunker shot 4. improve my full swing consistency cant wait to make next vlog #singleplaneswing
  11. Single Plane Swing Vlog Of course it is not the same as Bryson Decambeau or Moe Norman... A journey to find the easiest swing... And yes, my putting and bunker shot are sucks...need some practices
  12. not the same swing with the legend Moe. but Bryson Decambeau could win some pga. and have 82% GIR.....correct me, it the highest GIR percentage in Tour... single plane Rock ! 😄
  13. Bryson Decambeau prove that single plane Rock !!! :D
  14. to improve my swing, to be more like Moe Norman (it will never be the same, just similar)....I need : 1. havier clubs 2. bigger grip If I got some spare money, I mighy upgrade in future. either next project gol or bitcoin hit 30k. :D
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