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  1. Thanks for your input and suggestions. My 3hl wood carry is 200-205 and my 4-iron carries 175-180. I’m leaning toward a 5hl wood (21 degrees) over a 19 degree hybrid due to: (1)the high trajectory and softer landing will benefit me more on my home track; (2)I’m not an overly long hitter and would like to hit some of our long par 3’s and 5’s when into the wind. Taylormade m4 vs Cobra King f7? i enjoy reading the comments and banter on here, all the way from Australia. Keep up the great work and thanks again.
  2. My club set up currently is 10.5 driver, 16.5 3/4 wood, then the GAP needing to fill, then 4-iron (at 21 degrees) to my wedges and putter. I have tried a 19 degree hybrid but keep turning it over left and am wondering if a 5/6 wood may fill the GAP. But at what loft? Thanks for any suggestions that are given.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. To answer a question one of you asked me: the PING fairway wood is a 16 degree (it is labeled as a 3 wood but I consider it a 4 wood). At my home course, I find that the one long par 3, the three tight par 4's and two of the par 5's are finding me a bit short of the target too often. I like the idea of a Mizuno driving iron to match my set but will go and demo a couple of 5 woods this week to compare.
  4. Long time reader, first time post. I'm in need of assistance as want to purchase this week. I'm a short to medium length hitter but straight most of the time. Problem I have is that I don't know what my 14th club should be to fill the gap (as title of post suggests). Ping G400 driver and fairway. Mizuno EZ forged irons. Thanks for any suggestions.
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