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  1. I agree 100%. It seems very obvious.
  2. These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. If the greens are as bad as reported, the people at East Lake should be red faced. How can a premier course thats supposed to host the Tour Championship let the greens get away from them? Its not like they don't have a sprinkler system. Thats terrible
  4. Considering the way Tiger and Stricker have played when grouped together the last few weeks, it would make sense to team them up for fourball and foursomes in the Cup matches. Its no secret that Tiger has struggled in non-singles events in Ryder Cup/Pres Cup, but Stricker may be the perfect partner for him. What do you think????
  5. Several players have complained about the $10 million prize being awarded as a deferred retirement deposit instead of an instant payday. I'm not sure how much of a gripe it is, but both Tiger and Phil have mentioned it to the media.
  6. Ironwood is pretty good. They have 3 nines (Lakes, Valley, and Ridge) and all three are solid.
  7. I've had 3. The three balls I used are in my pic. First one with a 6 iron, second one with a driver, last one with a pw. I also had one in a hole-in-one contest with an 8 iron, but it was in the qualifying round, so I didn't win the $1 million prize.
  8. I'd take Alexander over LT. If Rivers struggles at all, LT will have that much less room to run. SA is averaging 1600 yds and 20 tds a year, plus he always gets the ball in the red zone. He's never missed a game either. Choosing between LT and SA is a nice problem to have.
  9. The article in usa today claims the clubhouse was the obstruction, not the grandstands. It also says after the allowable 5 minutes, officials determined Tigers ball had been picked up. It sure didn't appear that way on t.v. Check it out: http://www.usatoday.com/sports/golf/...f-ruling_x.htm
  10. I don't rely on cart mounted GPS units when I play at courses that have them. Too often they give a yardage waaaay different than a sprinkler head marker. Sometimes the GPS will read, say, 148 yards and I'll move the cart up a foot or two and the GPS will read 144. All that does is puts doubt in my head.
  11. Thanks for the clarification. Another wild thing about that shot was the proximity of the fans to the path of Tigers ball. It looked on tv like Tiger was aiming to launch his shot over the heads of people only 25 or 30 yards ahead of him. Even with the worlds best golfer, a little thin = death
  12. His second shot hit the sidewalk/cartpath long and right of the green and it bounced onto the roof of the clubhouse. The official said somebody picked up the ball in the parking lot over the clubhouse. Theres no o.b. stakes there. They determined it was interfered with by an outside agent and gave Tiger a drop under the temp. immovable object rule.
  13. Apparently, his ball was found and he was given a free drop. I thought there was a time limit on finding a lost ball before you have to rehit with penalty. Is that wrong????????????
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