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  1. Good luck with your new obsession. I am now 4800 putts into a 10,000 putt odyssey to get better. I also use the Blast Motion swing analyzer and a wellputt mat. Juan is absolutely correct..changing your putting stroke is difficult and time consuming. I know that, in order to improve to the level that I want, that it is a necessary change. I am willing to spend the time and energy to see just how good I can get. Besides..it is fun...a little aggravating sometimes, but fun.
  2. Hey Juan. Just wondering where you are on this putting journey. The book has been very helpful, by the way. Also, I had no idea how difficult it was going to be to go from 1 degree of rotation change to .1 degree of rotation change. Using the blast also, but man that is a lot of work!
  3. Good on you..you have found the secret to improving your game. It is all in the swing..make it better and the game becomes easier and way more fun!
  4. If you do nothing else, get fit for a driver and a putter. Both work much better if they fit you.
  5. My black Vokey is definitely wearing off in the spots where the ball is struck and on the sole of the club..looks ugly, but it still works great!
  6. I shortened my driver by 1 inch. I cannot tell the difference in the weight. The difference that I can see is in the launch angle. I now hit the ball on a lower trajectory. I have adjusted the loft up from 9.5 to 10.5 and that seems to have made the trajectory back where I started. Distance is within 5 yards of what I started with. I am hitting 2 more fairways per round than before I started. I am happy with the changes.
  7. I use a mirror mounted on my putter..and a laser (Home Depot) to insure that my 10 foot putts are properly lined up. I practice in the house for just that putt. With enough repetition, the line begins to really appear for a 10 footer. I have gone from 32 putts to 28 average and am now making more of those "easy" birdies that I used to leave as tap in pars. As someone earlier said, "at 10 feet it is more about the read and bead..get that putt on the line and they will start going in.
  8. Deauxrite


  9. Last year a 9.2. Now a 5.8. More time to practice, more time to practice like I really mean it. Much more time spent on the chipping and putting greens. The goal is to be a 4 by the end of the year. Importantly, remember that it is a game. Enjoy each day on the golf course. They are finite in number..smell the roses.
  10. I had my first sighting of the year this week in Sierra Vista, AZ. It is that time of the year indeed. One small nudge with the ball retriever and he (she) headed into the gully and out of harms way. We normally see half a dozen or so a year..early or late usually and call the local snake catcher to relocate them. Live and let live is the motto..just dont plan on living in the yard or the golf course:)
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