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  1. i feel for yall. Have never had wisdom or molars, and i wont.
  2. Skoal straight long cut. Its not bad if don't do it too much, don't let them best you down. I love the taste is why I do it
  3. Peacock bass fishing in the amazon. Skydive. Play enough golf to break par. Try all the whiskies I can.
  4. Saint


    The bold statement would actually be up to the club. When you pay for golf, you pay for a green fee and a cart, so technically, they do have a right. Do I have a right to be there if I am just using the putting green?
  5. I do it as well. I hate it when I'm at the golf course, see a water hazard, and say "I bet there's a 10 lber sitting under that log," lol. I've yet to ask a course if i can fish their ponds though, dont know why though.
  6. I understand that it's not near the gentlemen's game it used to be, but look at the pros. They all wear polos and dress slacks practically. If I see someone sporting the tattoo golf wear, then my first thought is a hacker. Tattoos are a different story, but the tattoo golf is just stupid.
  7. I dont like the skull. It doesnt belong on a golf course. This is a gentlemans game.
  8. The greatest game ver played was the best movie. One, because it's true, and it has the perfect ending. I like tin cup and happy gilmore as well, but caddyshack, come on guys. It's okay, but it is a really dumb movie.
  9. Cant beat stock tank fishing.
  10. I sure wish I had some mtn dew and whiskey
  11. Everything sounds great, but did you know that chili isn't really chili if beans have been added. In a chili cook-off, it's automatic DQ.
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