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  1. Would very much like to hear from those who have had hip replacement surgery and how golf went afterwards? Obviously there is recovery time period but what I'd specifically like to hear about from those who have had this done is if you felt you were able to golf just as well as before you had surgery or before your hip even started bothering you? Thanks
  2. I have read where the wrists should be completely loose during the golf swing. Recently I also saw one of those Iron Byron golf hitting machines and I was amazed at how freely the hinge representing the wrists moved. There was no resistance. So that got me thinking...just how loose should the wrists be in a swing and probably a better question more difficult to answer would be how would you describe to someone how loose the wrists should be in a way that makes sense? Thanks
  3. Long story, short: I started playing at age 10 and was fortunate to have a bit of ability but also spent hours practicing and playing, so I got to scratch before I was 18. I even built my own crude short game area in our yard. Then when I was 20-21 I quit golf due to other interests and obligations. When I finally picked the game back up some 15 years later I was no longer scratch...far from it! (I remember my first round back was like 120-something! ) So to get back to single digit I played and practiced a lot (not like I could as a kid of course), especially the short game. I took a few lessons to get back some of the fundamentals. I never made it quite back to scratch but I don't care to be either as I rarely practice anymore nor do I have the desire to. I hover between a 4-7 handicap these days and I'll still play in some competitive events like our club championship or our match play events but for me golf is now more about having fun with friends more than anything. Good luck on your journey! PS...I agree with the posts above that say the lower you get the harder it becomes to go lower. Getting back to single digits was relatively easy but that's when it gets harder to shave off the strokes...especially, I believe, the older you are.
  4. Tiger is great but I voted for Jack. It's often said when comparing todays athletes with those of the past that todays athletes are in better shape/condition, which is true. However, I believe what makes any athlete great is that they did whatever it took for them to be great in their era. Hence if Jack was a young man today he would do what it takes, including being in better shape, to be great in today's era.
  5. Hi all. I just came across this sight somewhat accidentally. I am a dentist in the midwest. I started golfing at age 10 and then quit due to other interests and obligations about age 20-21. Fortunately I rediscovered golf ~15 years later. In hindsight I sure wish I didn't have that long layoff!
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