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  1. Here is a reminder why you still need to practice CDC guidelines even if you are fully vaccinated... So far, 5,800 fully vaccinated people have caught Covid anyway, CDC says About 5,800 people out of tens of millions who have been vaccinated against coronavirus have become infected anyway, the CDC tells CNN. Granted that's a minute fraction of the people who have been fully vaccinated. If not for you, but for other people who have not yet been fully vaccinated, people should pay attention to CDC guidelines.
  2. Winter just won't go away! Snowing today and expected snow all night. I guess my Saturday morning tee time is a waste.
  3. What possesses someone that old to fight like that? I thought people got mellower as they age - you know like old grandpa just sits on his rocking chair watching the world go by...
  4. Yukari

    2021 Masters

    I picked a wrong Japanese name...
  5. That's a misleading headline. A person not vaccinated does not suddenly develop immunity. Your immunity remains the same. Herd immunity simply means the rate of transmission is significantly decreased due to a break in transmission from person-to-person. Sort of like a having a circuit breaker. But individual's actual immunity remains the same.
  6. Yukari

    2021 Masters

    Winner: Collin Morikawa -14
  7. I always wear long pants. It is cooler than shorts as it keeps the direct sun off the skin. Here in the mile high city, the sun is intense. Long pants and UV sleeves. Only place I wear sunscreen is my face.
  8. Ditto for me. That's why I always wear UV sleeves so I don't have to put sunscreen on my arms. Although, I do have to put sunscreen on my face even with a hat.
  9. Do COVID vaccines work against new coronavirus variants? | Miami Herald It's like comparing apples to oranges. As the video post by @The Flush states, the vaccine trials were conducted at different times. Pfizer and Moderna's vaccine efficacy is NOT 95% and 94%, respectively, relative to these new variants. In fact, it is closer to J&J's efficacy rate when it comes to new variants.
  10. It will be a while before I can get back on the course again. Winter Storm Xylia, a Potentially Historic Blizzard in the Rockies and High Plains, Hits This Weekend | The Weather Channel - Articles from The Weather Channel | weather.com In parts of the High Plains, this could be an historic snowstorm. Here's our latest forecast. - Articles from The Weather Channel | weather.com
  11. LOL. Probably except I hate the humidity during the summers there.
  12. Ugh. Just in time for my weekend tee time and they are predicting ... SNOW! I am getting sick and tired of being snowed out on the weekends for golf. This is the 4th weekend out of last 5 weekends that courses have been closed due to snow.
  13. AFAIK, they are the same virus. When you are young it causes Chicken Pox. It then resurfaces when you are older as Shingles.
  14. for the same reason we are here talking about it. Thinking it will matter.
  15. Given what is in the press regarding his injuries, I seriously doubt he will ever compete in the PGA again. But then again, Hogan did after his accident.
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