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  1. See: (as I've said it is the rate of transmission being reduced) Herd immunity - Wikipedia That's not boding well. We just had the highest death in 24 hours anywhere from this.
  2. Forget pics. I want to see a video of trying to hit a golf ball with a paper bag over his head. That would be something. Back to the topic at hand... Seems some people here are trying to force the governor to close all the golf courses. If it happens, I hope it's after Thursday - after I get a round in.
  3. this seems to indicate we should wear a face mask.
  4. It's the tee boxes and the greens I am concerned about. Some research showed aerosolized virus can travel upto 27 feet.
  5. For those of you that have played, did you wear a face mask? I am thinking of playing on Thursday - first time in a couple of months - and am considering wearing a face mask while playing.
  6. Invisible Man. 360 degree around and dropping in par. It was so-so. Good thing I didn't watch it in theaters. It would have been disappointing.
  7. On a side note, how many have actually played a round of golf? Some courses here are reopening, but it is hard to get a tee time. Seems like everyone is playing golf during stay at home order.
  8. This article is dangerous in propagating misinformation. Seems like they are misinterpreting what the term "herd immunity" actually means. It does NOT mean those without immunity are protected simply because a majority of the herd has immunity. It ("herd immunity")) simply means the rate of transmission is significantly reduced because those with immunity fights off any infection and does NOT transmit the virus. Therefore, the ones without immunity is less likely to get infected as the virus transmission is significantly reduced. The term has nothing to do with having "protection". It refers to a reduction of transmission.
  9. As with any word, the more it gets used and becomes accepted, it will/is a correct word. There is no set rule, IMHO, as to whether a particular word is proper or not. All language changes overtime.
  10. Golf cart no. It will however change our lives. I for one wash my hands a lot more frequently. I think that will and has become a habit already. I am also more cautious of touching anything when I go out. That too may stick around after COVID fades.
  11. Worldwide coronavirus cases reach 1 million, doubling in a week as death toll tops 50,000 The virus threatens to spread widely across Africa, where several countries have seen hundreds of positive tests, according to Johns... So currently, even with China's fake numbers, it appears the mortality rate is about 5%. That's scary.
  12. Since everyone is under forced hiatus, it will give Tiger time to rest and heal. It will be good for him. I would think this break for everyone will be better for Tiger relative to others, so he may actually do well, if and when the Tour restarts.
  13. Nice bike! That's gotta cost a pretty penny. I always loved Harleys - very distinctive sound. You know it's a Harley without even having to look at it. Interesting note. They tried to trademark their sound but got turned down. I think they described it as saying "potatoes" fast. As for golf, I am hoping to play when I get back to CO. I got emails from some of the courses saying they are open with walking only. I often play a lot better after a little layoff. Only the long game, though. The short game suffers a lot. So overall, scores worse but the long game is a lot better. I think I get rid of some bad habits for the long game during a layoff and it slows creeps back in as I play regularly.
  14. That is hilarious!!! So far, I am unable to get back to CO as flights have been cancelled. I have a flight scheduled for this Friday. Hopefully, it does not get cancelled. I am looking forward to riding my Ninja out on my own.
  15. At this point I will watch any sports that is not a replay!
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