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  1. Yukari

    Michelle Wie, blonde hair

    I believe they are talking about their heritage not the nationality. JMHO.
  2. Yukari

    Hero World Challenge 2018

    Great to see Tiger finish top 20! /s
  3. Yukari

    Hero World Challenge 2018

    I did not see it but read about it.
  4. Yukari

    Hero World Challenge 2018

    Just check the leaderboard... Ugh. I was hoping he would do better than DFL (at least through 12 holes)
  5. Ditto. Regardless of whether he is doing it for the purpose of posting online or not, he is a moron for even attempting such a dangerous shot. Surprised Darwin's theory of evolution has not caught up to him yet.
  6. Yukari

    Downswing Rule #1 - Don't Hit Your Instructor

    Sure seems like it's the instructor's fault. A stiff drink will cure that headache, though.
  7. Yukari

    Winter Depression Thread

    I am suppose to be back in CO next weekend, but the forecast isn't looking too good. Hopefully, I can get a few rounds in before the real snow starts.
  8. Yukari

    Ever Played While It Was Snowing?

    I played a quite a bit during snow. One time in Colorado, we teed-off when it was cloudy but then after about 4 or 5th hole, it started to snow. We played on for another couple of holes until the greens got covered in snow. We could not putt as the golfball turned into a snowball during a putt. We had to quit after that. When I visit Korea for a meeting with clients, I treat them to a round of golf. These guys are die hard golf fanatics. We played when it was 0-5 *F. Sometimes the courses are covered with snow, but they actually have people clear out the fairways and greens so that we can actually play golf. Nuts!
  9. My loss of golfballs tend to fluctuate quite a bit depending on whether my game is on or off. Typically, I would lose one or two per round at the most, if my game is halfway decent for that round. In 2018, there were many rounds where I didn't lose any, but put the ball int he shag-bag either after the round or after about 10-12 holes due to scuffing. The course I typically play has a lots of hazards to lose golfballs. So, if my game is off, then I tend to lose 4-5 golfballs per round. I tend to buy last years models during the year as they are much cheaper than the current year models. So most of my golfballs are a year behind.
  10. Yukari

    Winter Depression Thread

    So far it's only freezing rain today. I have a tee time tomorrow at noon and hoping it does not snow at all today. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  11. Yukari

    Winter Depression Thread

    Ugh. The forecast changed to snow on Saturday. Hopefully they are wrong.
  12. +1. Drives me nuts when I see someone going 40 into 70 MPH highway. Don't they know they need to reach the traffic speed before merging? What are these people thinking? It is dangerous to go slow in a fast traffic.
  13. Yukari

    What are Your 2019 Golf Goals?

    Biggest obstacle in 2018 was mental mistakes and not accepting my swing is good enough and always tinkering with the swing. My goal for 2019 is simple: (i) STOP tinkering with the swing!!!; and (2) think around the course especially when in trouble spots.
  14. Easiest way is to run with them and change over. But alas, most people want to get to the other side as fast as he/she can.
  15. I need a caddie like that. My worst enemy on a golf course is me. On Saturday, I shot 82 (+10). That was with three (3) triples!!! All because I tried to do hero shots after a bad tee shot on three holes. If I had just took my medicine and bogeyed those three holes, I would have shot 76.

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