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  1. Yukari

    Winter Depression Thread

    Yeah, I had a tee time for Monday and the course was closed due to snow. The very next day the course opened as all the snow melted on Monday. Ugh!
  2. Yukari

    Anyone Know If This Guy Eventually Hits the Ball?

    I could not put up with this guy. I would walk ahead after the first tee. By the time he hits a shot, I would be on the other tee box.
  3. Push carts, bags, golf balls, clubs, whatever you need. I got all of those with my tournament winnings in the past. They can also special order whatever you want for you. I had my cart/carry hybrid bag from Sunmountain ordered through my proshop with the winnings.
  4. Yukari


    So I will be heading to Pine Hurst next week with a golfing buddy of mine. We are set to play #2 (Thursday), #4 (newly designed) Friday, #8 on Saturday. I've not played Pine Hurst before, so any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Yukari

    How does everyone organize their trunk?

    I have FJ Cruiser with a shelf that I built myself. I put the clubs and my pushcart on top the self (more room) and shoes and everything else below the shelf (and out of sight). I also have a clothes bar that runs all the way across. I hang my golf clothes there on a hanger, when I know I will be playing golf.
  6. If I hear “fore” I always duck and cover my head no matter where the ball might be. Also I yell “fore” if there is any of the ball hit by my group heads toward anywhere but our own fairway or rough.
  7. Yukari

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    He is the only one who can move the needle. This is great for golf and sports in general.
  8. Yukari

    2018 Tour Championship - FedExCup Finale

    Next year’s FedEx cup will be a joke. Giving 10 stroke lead to #1 seed? Come on man. That’s not a tournament. Even tennis’s #1 seed doesn’t get any games points. Stupidest change yet for the FedEx cup.
  9. Yukari

    I Need Urgent Help Guys

    As @klinekasays, it is impossible to give you any recommendation without seeing your swing. My suggestion is to go to a driving range and "find it in the dirt."
  10. Yukari

    2018 BMW Championship - FedExCup Playoffs

    I shot 54 on a course, but I still had 5 more holes to go.
  11. Yukari

    2018 BMW Championship - FedExCup Playoffs

    My two favorites are on top! Rory and Tiger!
  12. Yukari

    2018 BMW Championship - FedExCup Playoffs

    I completely disagree. He needs to re-learn how to win again with his new swing and new bionic body. It would be great if he wins this week. He has yet to string together 4 good rounds in a row. I am hoping this is the week he does and "complete" his comeback season, if you will.
  13. I started playing when I first moved to PA (Collegeville near King of Prussia) and knew no one. Even when I made friends from work, none of them played. So I always went out as a single and often got paired up with strangers. Every weekend I would go out early in the morning to play and soon got paired up regularly with a couple of older gentlemen. After two or three weeks, they realized I was always there on weekends, so they took me in their "wings" and I had a regular playing partners from then on.
  14. Yukari

    Bryson - Play BMW Before the Tour Championship?

    I would play, if I was in his shoes. Taking two weeks off is not conducive to my golf swing. Besides, it would be trifecta to win BMW. Something no one has done. I alway enjoy a chance at history.
  15. Yukari

    Common sense and etiquette trashed?

    I tend to agree with this sentiment. Only reason old days seem better is we generally only remember the good parts. Also, I agree with @colin007it’s only at a driving range not on a course. You can’t expect quiet at a range as there are all sorts of people talking laughing etc.

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