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  1. That was the worst thing about setting up the home gym. The cost of weights has sky rocketed. I looked at the CraigsList and people there were also price gouging.
  2. Since the pandemic, the gym I use has either been closed or limited to 25% (now 10%) capacity. In order to be able to workout, you have to call and make a reservation. I did that up until November, when it became harder to reserve a workout time. So I ended up buying a home gym set with weights, cage, and a bench. Now I workout at home without any hassle of putting on a mask, making reservations, and wiping down the equipments. Anyone else end up buying a home gym set due to Covid?
  3. I never understood why people do that, especially on a golf course where a large amount of fertilizer is often used. Besides, that is just disgusting no matter where one does it.
  4. TLDR; Who here can actually say they did not yell something inappropriate when they got mad? Granted JT should always presume he is on camera when playing in a tournament. But let's be serious, I normally don't swear and don't like people who do just for the sake of swearing. But when I get mad or upset, I will be the first one to say something inappropriate. IMHO, it's just a human nature. I think JT said it without thinking. Maybe that's what he says when he is upset. When I am upset, I say "D@mn it!" Just my choice of word when upset. I wouldn't take anything f
  5. Yukari

    2021 Masters

    Even so, IMHO he won't have enough preparation time. More significantly, I think for his future sakes, he should not compete in professional golf. He achieved more than anyone else can (I don't want to hear about 18 majors).
  6. Yukari

    2021 Masters

    Well, Tiger won't be winning this one.
  7. How many penalty strokes is that for hitting the "sand" during the practice swing? As for the topic at hand, I am glad December 21 is in the rearview mirror!!!
  8. Pretty much sums of my thoughts.
  9. I am in a mountain so the natural setting is my lawn.
  10. Interesting. I had problem trying to post yesterday in any of the threads. I was thinking I got banned for wearing white belt.... Anyway, it's hard to imagine this topic would not involve some political bias depending on your view.
  11. My guess.... No. He's lost in a forest and can't see the road back.
  12. I will have to try that laser focus the next time I play a round.
  13. 90% of my rounds are played as a single and I always get paired up with strangers. I don't mind getting paired up at all. But at a private course, I can see why some people would not want to get paired up as they are paying a lot more than at public course.
  14. WW84. Double bogey. Plot was so-so, the story was bad and there was not much action. If you saw all the trailers, pretty much that's all the action there is.
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