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  1. I've never had an issue drinking that much fluid either. Don't forget coffee also counts for fluid consumption. I drink 3-4 cups of coffee (black) a day. I also drink 2-3 16 oz. bottles of Perrier a day - Green Apple is my favorite flavor. On top of that I drink protein shakes after my morning workout (~16 oz of fluid) and another after lunch as a snack. I also drink 2-3 cups of water or ice tea with each meal. And there you have it a gallon or more water per day.
  2. If he was good, he wouldn't be there in the first place.
  3. I agree with @David in FL It's tacky.
  4. I play the Snell My Tour Ball Because they perform better than all others tour golf balls. Sean O'Hair -8; Bryson DeChambeau -8; Peter Uihlein -8
  5. I just replaced my Nikon D70 with Nikon D750 - a fantastic camera. Photography is one of my favorite hobbies (along with golf, of course). I have been photographing since college. While phone cameras have replaced your point-and-shoot cameras, to date they do not even come close to a good DSLR cameras. You just can't control the aperture, speed and ISO like you can with DSLR cameras.
  6. Sad story about David Feherty's son

    "A father should never have to bury a son." Such a tragedy.
  7. Anyone wear UV sleeves?

    At least here in CO, they do not take very long to dry. Actually, during hot days, I soak them in water when I play. It helps me keep cool. I would re-soak them with water (from on course water coolers) every 4-5 holes. It feels nice and cool when wet.
  8. Do you keep close watch on your score during a round?

    When I started out playing and got really hooked on the game, I used to recall every shot and remembered my score even when I wasn't trying to. But now that I have played for few years, I know how good/bad I am doing and know generally what my score is, but I don't know the exact score until I add them up at the end of the round.
  9. RIP Chester Bennington of Linkin Park

    Man! Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands of all time! Bummer. What is up with rock stars and rope lately? I will miss his singing style and music.
  10. McIlroy's two halves look like mine a lot of the times (not the actual score, but the discrepancies). Good for him to recover from that disaster of the front nine.
  11. LPGA To Enforce more Strict Dress Code

    Surely you jest. Why would anyone wear them? Oh I don't know, to get attention, to get more media time, etc. You would be surprised how narcissistic some people are in general. This includes professional golfers (Just look at the instagram and twitter of some of these LPGA players) as they are merely a representative of the society, albeit with a much better talent for playing golf. I can fully understand from a sponsor's point of view that LPGA players should dress professionally. I see nothing wrong with a dress code.