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  1. I just binge watched episodes 1-9. I agree, it was fantastic. Just downloaded Tehran from Apple TV. It looks really good also. I will watch it sometime this week and report back.
  2. Same routine. I will hit about 10-15 balls on the range, then chip for ~5 min, and putt for ~5 min. Previously, it was (i) check-in and (ii) head to the first tee.
  3. Well looks like we are far from getting rid of this pandemic... https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)32009-2/fulltext https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/26/world/covid-19-coronavirus.html?name=styln-coronavirus-national&region=TOP_BANNER&block=storyline_menu_recirc&action=click&pgtype=Article&impression_id=4c333441-0006-11eb-af18-af72e40000f9&variant=1_Show It looks to be a long winter...
  4. IMHO, when he was hot, it was his putter. Seemed like he would make anything he looked at from 10' and beyond. Close ones, not so much - just average. Unless he can get that flat stick working again, I doubt he will be what he was.
  5. One of my favorite bands! Currently listening to this on "Indie 1023" Dawes - Who Do You Think You're Talking To?
  6. I am happily surprised on Tiger and Rory. I hope they can keep that up for all four days. I would love to either one of those win this week.
  7. Holy crap! After seeing where Spieth's tee shot ended up on the second hole, now I know what happened to my tee shots that hit the tree. 🤣
  8. Great approach shot by Tiger! Of course JT one ups it.
  9. Am I missing something? It seems currently the Golfchannel is the only one with the live action. I thought USOpen.com would have the live action as well. I guess the USOpen.com only has U.S. Open 360 for now, and I will have to wait until 8:07 (EDT) for the featured groups to show up.
  10. Less than an hour before he tees off! I hope he has his putter working this week.
  11. They have a free sign-up. If you want to watch just the U.S. Open, there is no need to subscribe. It's a free sign-up. Granted you can subscribe to get more contents and ad-free movies.
  12. I am hoping to see some old magic from Tiger this week...
  13. On a good day it will be high 70's. Although when I am in a slump, I will take anything in the 80's.
  14. Sounds like my game. Although it is a significantly higher score than DJ's. 😄
  15. Geez! Without any spectators, how many will lose their ball in that rough? I imagine at least few of the players will have to take a lost ball penalty.
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