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  1. Yukari

    2019 Genesis Open Discussion Thread

    I think it's a shame the PGA tour has no guts to enforce slow play penalties. Start handing them out like a candy and they will start playing faster!
  2. Yukari

    Star Wars Episode IX: No Longer The Last Jedi

    I use to be a huge Star Wars fan, but since Episode 1, not so much.
  3. Yukari

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    I've been saying throughout this thread that Kuch comes off as a cheapskate. I had no feelings for Kuch prior to his comment about $5,000 is a great week. I am not disagreeing that getting paid $5,000 for a weeks work is a great week. What I didn't like is his dismissive attitude and him sounding like Ortiz should be thankful and just shut-up. But after this episode, I can tell you I will NOT be rooting for him to win.
  4. Yukari

    Divot Or No Divot

    I tend to take a dollar sized divots on mid irons to wedges. Only ones I don't take a good sized divot is 4 iron upward. Having said that, I notice that my ball flight tends to be higher than my playing partners.
  5. Yukari

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    Yeah. I think Kuchar will lose a significantly more than $50K in endorsements going forward.
  6. Yukari

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    I did not know there were stories about this. From reading this section, you would have thought most people have (or had) a high opinion of Kuchar being a good guy. I never understood why he was so popular in the first place. He just seems like your average Joe PGA pro. Regardless, this incident just makes him look cheap. Whether he paid agreed up on price is another matter as even the parties to the agreement seem to be in disagreement.
  7. Yukari

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    That's where the story is unclear. That's MK's version for his action. You are quoting that as a fact to justify your position. According to the caddie: "Ortiz said that Kuchar said at the start of the tournament that he would be paid $3,000 for the week, plus an unspecified percentage of his winnings." 'They can keep their money': Kuchar's fill-in caddie breaks silence over pay dispute - Golf David Ortiz, aka El Tucan, said the final payment offer from Kuchar’s camp was unacceptable. “I’m a little bit pissed, a little bit confused,” he said. You have two different stories by two parties involved. IF the caddies version is anywhere near the truth or if the truth is somewhere in between, MK still comes off as cheap.
  8. Yukari

    Who Is Your "Golf Villain"? And Why?

    It's funny, he is one of my favorite because of his swing. It's amazing how he can finish like that given his swing speed. I can't think of anyone I really hate. I use to dislike Sergio's childish behavior (and again last week, apparently), but as a person I didn't care one way or the other. I kind of felt bad for him over the years because he has a great talent but seemed always to be an underachiever in majors. So I was glad he won the Masters.
  9. Yukari

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    That was for top 10. It is my understanding MK agreed to give a bonus for winning. The amount of bonus for winning was not spelled out or not mentioned in any of the articles I've read.
  10. Yukari

    Adam Scott Begs For Slow Play Penalty

    It's shameful how PGA tour seems to enforce all the rule EXCEPT for the pace of play. Good for Adam and Brook for shining more light on this issue.
  11. Yukari

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    As far as I can tell, there was no actual number agreed for winning. Just that there will be a "bonus". Given the size of the winning, that bonus based on his winning comes off as MK being very cheap. It's a huge PR nightmare. I bet MK lost or will lose more than 50K in his endorsements going forward. MK's attitude that $5K earning is a great week shows he is missing the point. He comes off looking like Marie Antoinette. That is just a callous and ignorant statement made by MK. Basically he is justifying his action of being cheap. Imagine what most people will say had someone like Tiger or Phil done this. Of course from the stories I've read, Phil would never do something like that. Although there are stories Tiger being cheap, but I don't know how accurate that is - this being the age of internet.
  12. Yukari

    2019 Genesis Open Discussion Thread

    Looking forward to seeing how much Tiger's game has gotten better in two weeks. But IIRC he never did well at Riviera.
  13. Yukari

    Saying Hello And Question on my 70-degree Wedge

    And people actually use this??? How far can they hit this? 50 yards? I carry 60 degree wedge and people think I'm nuts. 😛
  14. Yukari

    Las Vegas or Los Angeles???

    Thanks for the recommendations @Patch
  15. Yukari

    Saying Hello And Question on my 70-degree Wedge

    Is there really a 70 degree wedge? No pictures = imaginary 😁

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