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  1. Wow! Just read about his video regarding his slow play last week. His statement says it all: "So screw all y'all haters, no big deal. I still love you all, even though you hate me." Passive-aggressive douche.
  2. Why in the world would you be aiming at the forest???
  3. Well, I've been looking for the latter since high school. I guess my time is up. But as @Augusta_Guy says, he plays once every 5-8 years. So not having lost a golf ball in 8 years is not too far fetched if he only played one round, although even that in itself is pretty hard to do. I seem to lose one or two every round - source of my blow-up holes. With regards to the topic at hand, you just have to find it in the dirt - a la Ben Hogan.
  4. For myself personally, I take a usual stance and then move my back feet (right as I am right handed) slightly further back. This causes the ball to move forward relative to my usual parallel stance. For a fade, I do the opposite. I find this is the most simplistic method in avoiding having to adjust other variables.
  5. Just shoot me and put me out of my misery.
  6. My voice, when my opponent asks where do we stand [front nine, back nine, or overall] ... "you are down # of strokes". 😂
  7. I can only think of one type of player I would rather not get paired-up with: slow players. I can tune out any noise as long as it is not a sudden loud noise. Sometimes, people would apologize for talking during my swing. I tell them that I honestly did not notice them talking.
  8. I take it today is the day in 1996 that Tiger turned pro??? With regards to the topic of this thread, I just can't see how one can justify taking more than two minutes for an 8 foot putt. It just baffles my mind that someone can over analyze it so much. Given how badly that putt turned out to be, I think Bryson suffered from paralysis by analysis. PGA should be ashamed of themselves for letting this thing get out of control for so long. They have no integrity to stand by their own rules.
  9. Many times I take the water from water coolers and douse myself with it every 4-5 holes. Feel very refreshing. With low humidity here in the Rocky’s, it dries off after a couple of holes.
  10. Wow! Over 2 minutes for a frigging putt??? And him trying to explain his way out? One thing I can not stand is slow players. He's narcissistic douche. I would have walked off and teed off like Rory Sabatini did to Ben Crane a few years back.
  11. When I have a bad round, I head to the range after the round to figure out my swing.
  12. This is what I do as well - sometimes. Usually I just look for a flat spot.
  13. I stand corrected. He seems to be a rare exception rather than a rule.
  14. He needs to worry about the future of his health more than any record at this stage. He will be GOAT as far as many fans are concerned.
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