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  1. It's usually cloudy or foggy near Carmel and San Francisco area. For the majority of the part, it's actually cold during summers in SF bay area. Tiger just missed a short putt on 7th. Ugh! Put a fork in Tiger.
  2. From what I gather, it seems he travels a lot for work and that allows him to play different courses. Not that he seeks out to play different courses and plans trips accordingly. Same with me for the most part. I travel a lot for work. When I do, I often like to play golf with clients. When I am at home, I typically have 5-8 courses that I play most often.
  3. I can see how being a single allows you to play as much golf as you want. Congratulations on your achievement of having played over 1800+ courses. I just can't fathom playing that many different courses. I would love to, but I doubt I would even come close to a sniffing distance of playing that many courses.
  4. Yukari

    Brooks Koepka

    Hmmmm. Me thinks he is being facetious.
  5. If they keep the greens soft, I would bet on Rory to win. He seems to do well when the conditions are soft - like when he won at Congressional.
  6. That’s a lot of different courses. I’ve played about 150 different courses. No where near your number. And I thought I’ve played in a lot of different courses. Sheesh.
  7. I think Rory, Koepka and Tiger would be a good bet next week.
  8. It's usually always cold in Pebble Beach no matter what time of the year. Often it's cloudy or foggy to boot. I played Pebble in late June in 2015. It was cold, cloudy and damp for the first couple of days playing cypress point and spyglass, then on the third day when we played Pebble Beach, the sun came out and it was nice.
  9. Well, that explains my scoring -- definitely volatile.
  10. I have to agree. My guess is Kuchar lost a lot of fans especially those that were indifferent before - like me. With regards to the tournament, I hope Tiger and Rory at least contends for the title. But alas, Rory is not looking good after the first round.
  11. I agree with this assessment. I would like to see him comeback to his old form, but I highly doubt it. Once that doubt creeps in, it is hard to get back to the old self. JMHO.
  12. Just a thought. I recommend donating it to the local National Public Radio station. I am not sure if they will take it, but here in CO, they take any car, boat, RV, motorcycle, etc. in any condition. They use it to help others develop/teach skills in fixing and then sell the fixed up cars for use in supporting NPR programs.
  13. Golf is hard. I was routinely shooting in the mid to high 70's for a month, and then out of nowhere, I am now shooting in the mid to high 80's. I went back to the range to see what I was doing differently. I can't for the life of me figure it out. Everything just feels foreign somehow.
  14. Haha!!! I can relate. Kudos to BK for winning his second PGA Championship in a row. However, he did show he was not immune to pressure down the stretch. I don't know how many more majors BK will win, but it is interesting to see that Rory and Spieth have started out with a Bang! in majors like BK and have stalled lately.
  15. 😂 I guess you can look at it that way.
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