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  1. So basically, screw others I want to do what I want to do mentality. While it may not be fatal to most young people, it can have a long lasting health effect.
  2. Greyhound. Lip out eagle. Great movie as most Tom Hanks movies seem to be.
  3. Well, I know he seems to be playing from similar trouble spots as I am. 😆 But a very different results
  4. There is always a lag between diagnosis and hospitalization and death. All these people saying death rate continues to fall when the infection rate is increasing is dillusional. Now comes time to pay the piper: Dozens of Florida hospitals max out of ICU capacity amid surge in Dozens of hospitals in Florida are at their ICU capacity as the state struggles to contain its massive spike of COVID-19 cases. And death rates in Texas is recording a very significant increase as well.
  5. Practice, practice, and more practice! 😆 He was never great with the driver, so he ended up in so many difficult 2nd shot areas, he had years of practice. LOL!
  6. I wonder how much of the decision was due to players voicing not wanting to play without fans. My guess is it had a huge impact.
  7. I don't know about THE original design, but I was referring to the design prior to the lates redo in 3-5 years ago. I played the newly designed one two years ago and was not impressed.
  8. Now a days, I always carry. I was switching off between carry and using a push cart (about 70-30 split). But with gyms being closed, I've been walking and carrying. I like the extra workout even if it is only a small difference.
  9. #4 Pinehurst? Yes, I did play the newly designed layout. I actually prefer the old design TBH. But still a great course.
  10. So will Tiger be playing the Memorial now that it will have no fans? I assume he will as it is Jack's tournament. In the meantime, I've been watching this once in a while. Simply amazing.
  11. Wow! At -12 and in the final group AND a big swing and ... ??? I've seen Ernie Els top a driver many years ago but a complete miss???
  12. With that kind of behavior, his brand is sinking faster than the Titanic in my book. It's your job to represent your brand in a good light. It's not the cameraman's job to make you look good.
  13. Many businesses are going cc only. I see most golf courses are now cc only including beer carts and restaurants. And yes, there is shortage of coins.
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