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  1. Is it even legal? Doesn't the rule say you cannot change the characteristic of a club during a given round? It's the reason why you cannot change your adjustable driver during a round.
  2. I would imagine after all the social distancing, it would feel a bit awkward sitting next to a person that is not from the same household. Just another thing we will have to re-acclimate when the restrictions are rescinded. As for sharing a cart, while it's true there is airflow when the cart is moving, I would be hesitant share with a stranger or even a buddy for now. There are times when you are sitting and the cart is not moving. Without a divider, I would not share a cart just yet.
  3. It was COVID-19 restriction. Prior to COVID-19, they did have online tee time reservation. During COVID-19, they went to phone in only in order to have the tee time pre-paid at the time of making a tee time reservation. I think they were not set up to take payment online.
  4. It was great seeing the U.S. finally getting back into launching astronauts using its own rocket.
  5. Yes, I did get to watch it. Thanks to a member to remain anonymous. I think without fans, players don't get the adrenaline rush as they much as they might otherwise experience with a good shot. Like a hole-in-one. I am sure it was a bit of a let down for pros not hearing a loud cheer.
  6. Finally, as of June 1st, many "phone-in-only" courses have opened up online tee time reservation. But with online, it's prepay whereas if you call, you can pay when you arrive for your tee time. Seems like somethings are beginning to look somewhat like pre-SARS-Cov-2.
  7. After taking all the heat already, I am surprised he withdrew. Exactly! Regardless of whether this is a "developmental tour" or not, it is based on meritocracy. If you don't like it, get better and beat him! Or get at least good to beat those on KFT to move up in the ranking so YOU won't be "bumped". Perhaps, this is the reason??? If so, I still don't see why he had to withdraw. Maybe to save embarrassment of not having qualified after all the hoopla?
  8. WTH??? I became a first time player yesterday. I was all over the place. One of the worst rounds in a couple of years! My score? 🤬 98 - 😱. Where did my swing go??? I feel like giving up this 🤬 game!
  9. This phone reservation only on some of the courses is causing problems trying to get through the busy signals. On another note, some courses are price gauging. Fossil Trace in Golden is charging $100 (it used to be $75), but after Covid-Sars-2, they recently increased price to $100. No thanks! You just lost a regular.
  10. that looks delicious! Here in CO, while restaurants for sit-down meal are open today, many are closing permanently. I have yet to see any open near the front range. They have take outs but none of the restaurants are open for sit-down dining. I am not sure if it will happen anytime soon.
  11. That is solved by some of the local course here by allowing only 2 carts per tee time. Basically, first come first serve for the carts for a tee time. It doesn't bother me as I prefer walking anyway, but I've seen some people who were not happy that they did not get a cart for their tee time.
  12. Yeah with some places only taking tee times over the phone (due to prepay requirement), it is almost impossible to get through. Other places take only online tee times but have to call 24 hours before or the day of to pay over the phone. That also creates phone jam. They should allow online payment and online booking to avoid these hassles.
  13. I love her raspy voice. Really sexy and captivating.
  14. I disagree. The first time I shot in the 70's was when I started with a double (could have been triple, I forgot). The point is, you should not let the first hole dictate your entire round. Like @saevel25 says, I am not a fan of allowing the first hole dictate my entire round.
  15. Best Coast - Everything has changed
  16. Me??? I wasn't there! Oh, Brady. Yeah, I can totally relate. IMHO, he was just having an off-day. I know I have waaayy too many off-days on a golf course. 🤬
  17. Ahhhh. That make a sense. Glad you are able to get out and get some fresh air. Hopefully you are also getting some golf in with a cart.
  18. How is electric bicycle going to help you exercise? But seriously, at least for me, carrying seems to be a lot easier on hilly courses. I've done both carry and use push carts. But I found carrying is a lot easier on hilly courses. On flatter courses, hands down push carts are easier.
  19. Definitely a lot more entertaining than the last week's event.
  20. Even though it looks that way, but with all that pressure, I won't be surprised if they are not performing as well as they would otherwise. I am waaayyy too familiar with not playing anywhere near to my handicap.
  21. I think Brady has lost confidence in his swing. I can totally relate.
  22. Where is social distancing between Tiger and Peyton? That’s what I see a lot on a course.
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