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  1. I can not find a consistent swing. its brutal.
  2. how do i start a new topic in swing thoughts>?
  3. Gents, Are there any players who have won two majors, retired 10+ years ago, and are not in the HOF?
  4. it matters cause it has a story........see Lee Trevino.........not a country club kid......... yes, he was a crybaby, and a jerk, and NOT NICE to patrons......fans.........kids..........he's older, he was snubbed for TWO ryder cups being the 11th guy. he looked in the mirror, he made some changes. Perfect, far from it, as am I, however, dude can move it around a course, has two majors, 11 victories, ate his humble pie, and is now a better person for it.......still gonna cry, still gonna whine, but less so than before.........AND he was a positive force in 2016 Ryder cup as a assistant coach.........that shit matters! at least it does to me. Am I saying he is the nicest guy out there, everyone's buddy, HELL NO.......and never will be......but he is evolved as a person, and I do give him credit for that.
  5. Bubba Watson is definitely in the Hall of Fame.......lefty, self taught, two majors, 11 PGA tour victories, shapes his shots around the course......has many unique golf qualities besides only wins....and from here on it, he will be more fan friendly, more game friendly, and become an ambassador of the Sport, a few things he was not earlier in his career..........
  6. do u putt with an axe? your handi could be a 2 with those distances unless u hit it every where except fairways and greens.......... dude, that is such a good write up, thank you!
  7. Hi there, any events planned for either CT, NY, PA, or New England for 2018?
  8. cold being high 30s low 40s temperature, with wind chill being another 5-7 degrees cooler, so cold. Not typical golf weather. I was concerned that the 4H and 5w were going the same distance, so why have both in the bag. But from reading different posts, and my own experience, I feel like I am set up really good. 4H gives a ton of versatility and shot options, including out of rough to advance the ball to the right place. the 5w is great off the tee, short par 4s, and am confident with it off of the fairways as well. but yes, temperature plays a factor in ball distance, esp when considering real feel of 32 vs real feel of 74. The ball is going to fly farther in warmer / dryer air.
  9. Unreal someone posted this as a discussion as I have been trying to figure out what to do with that part of my bag. Just got the i200s after getting the Ping G 4H last year, which I hit some great shots with last year. Hitting at the range, it appears that the 4H and my R9 5w go the same distance, however, I think it is more the range balls / cold weather than actually real world yardage. Decided to play a few holes over the weekend, in between snow storms, low 40s, decent wind. 8th hole, wind down and out of the right, par 5, 495 yds. Hit decent drive 265 ish, leaving 225 ish in. Being a little wind behind, i choose the 5w, see attached picture. 5w is going no where. Closest I have ever hit one from outside 200 yards. Bag is good for now, other than testing some drivers come may / june.
  10. nice reply, was wondering if Bub901 got fitted or is still toying with the idea? I would say if u plan on getting fitted and take lessons, take lessons first with your current equipment, and get to a place you have some confidence, and then get fitted...... its a multi-step process...
  11. Did you get fitted for clubs>? My vote is absolutely get fitted, take your time, don't rush the process. Do not be embarrassed to have a 2nd or 3rd session. Its worth the time to find out what fits best. Good-luck and let us know what you went with.
  12. 1. consistent routine on shots; observe, pick best option, get lined up, commit, accept result prior to swing, step in and let it go...... 2. keep accurate scoring method, including fairways hit, gir and Ngir, putts, penalty strokes, no mulligans. tract my stats. 3. less actual time practicing, more focused practice with driver / irons. Short game practice still needs same time, just better focused time 4. play an entire round without every 'over swinging' or swinging too hard 5. currently 12.4, like to see it break 10.5 by end of summer 6. consistently score below 87, break 80....... 7. make no doubles or worse in a round 8. play 20 rounds that get posted. 9. have 3 birdies in a round 10. I have already made an eagle in 2018, so check that box. Now I get to add, score an eagle on a posted round. Gl to the others that have posted their goals.
  13. appreciate your responses.....look forward to hearing more feedback. I have found you have about 3 different types of buyers of new clubs: 1. buy something new every year 2. upgrade from 5- 7-12 years ago 3. getting back into the game. category 1 not really relevant, as they will have a new bag in 6-12 months. i mean, they have plenty of feedback, but just not sure if their commentary relates to my own game......like reading about a guy with a 122 mph driver swing speed, good for him, but his testing / gaming has zero bearing on my 102-104 mph swing speed. 2. this is the group most closely related to me, have hogan apex forged irons, the cavity backed ones. what a feel, and prob why i chose the i200s.....most closely related to the feel, albeit, not forged. better dispersion, a tad longer, more forgiving. 3. good to hear from, but difficult to judge, unless they have 10+ rounds with their new clubs.
  14. love those captain obvious commercials.....yes, can not buy a golf game with clubs, balls, shoes... curious of the people who bought, what happened to their handicap...... need an arrow that flies straight with a sharp tip to kill that deer.......
  15. what about the G400 vs the g400 LST vs the G400 MAX....?
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