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  1. The suggestion for the R7 425TP is a very good one, I have one and like it very much. Great shape, great feel, and great sound. And, you can get 'em for like 100 bucks these days!
  2. I always think I feel that way, but as soon as I take a week off I'm jonesing to play again :)
  3. Those commercials were filmed 20 years ago, he is now the Dos Equis guy. Pretty legit.
  4. The breakfast chili dog at the clubhouse I had at the turn wasn't treating me right, I was playing alone, no one was around as it was an extremely slow day, so, I decide to let out the biggest fart of my life. I was sure I'd hit a 400 yard bomb after relieving that tension. Anyways, long story - short, the cart girl (who is a total babe) decided to cut through the trees to ask if I wanted another beer right then. By the time she spoke, it was too late to retreat, the spectre had begun to leave my presence. Needless to say, I didn't play too well the rest of the day, and she never did come
  5. -6 inches, but I broke a little piece of the tee off at least 2 yards.
  6. its pretty darn easy, I've even had to change a grip in a hotel room once without a vise and my handy little blade (bought a last secon replacement hybrid at a 2nd hand shop). I did it with a pocket knife and my muscles. It helped that the grip tape was water and soap activated of course. Worked like a charm
  7. I'll hold my breath for the Burner 2.30c featuring the 14.5* 8 iron. I've never had a bad TM product, but yikes, you get beat up in trade-in value since they have 12 releases of the same product!
  8. When I first started playing i really liked the Nike PD Softs...could get them for bout 10-15 bucks a box.
  9. Like previously mentioned, its best to get fitted. You will be suprised at how much actaul flexes vary between manufacturers, despite what letter is silk screened onto the shaft.
  10. The layout was indeed quite interesting. I liked #8...it was dogleg left w/heavily wooded stream running across fairway, and only a tiny space of open air between two giant trees to hit your ball through, with giant lake on other side. #9 was cool too because the green is on a severe uphill slope. And the people there were as nice as can be too...I find the junkier the muni...the nicer the folks. I just did not like the crab grass mountains, and what looked like hundreds of anthills on each and every fairway. PS- Aren't you looking fwd to UT vs UTEP? I know a ton of UTEP folks here in Da
  11. A: Putting for sure Q: What is the most dangerous thing you've ever done (on purpose)?
  12. LOL. I second that, I must play this course now...who wants to fly out with me?
  13. A lotta folks have mentioned they have played the worst courses...but I am fairly certain I have actually done so. Twin wells in Irving, tx is the place. My friend lives 10 mins away so we decided to get 18 in. There were so many ant hills on the fairway that it resembled a minefield...And if it wasn't that, the grass swallowed several of our balls...it'd be okay if we were way in the ultra tall rough, but these were spots 10 feet off the fairway. Wasn't even worth looking around for our balls... Just drop one and move on. Oh yes and Mosquitos gAlore! Twin wells...malaria wells. Some te
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