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  1. The problem I have with this, and apparently others do as well is IF Tiger thought he saw the ball oscillate, of course he stopped moving things further to prevent it from then moving. I don't see why this is a difficult concept. Its been said a bunch of times but it seems to bear repeating that it's easy to see the movement in HD, slow motion, and from the angle recorded. What would it look like from above? I can't say as I wasn't there. If this is anyone but Tiger, and they said they thought the ball oscillated, people would not be making such a big deal. He took a 2 stroke penalty, what mor
  2. Why? I love the move by Dufner, but it wouldn't have been a dick move to keep the earnings of a bet won square and fair IMO. It says more about Dufner's class to return the check than being a dick if he hadn't.
  3. I did 30miles solo on my bike this morning. 19mph average.
  4. Exactly. He'd better learn to act better in he real world though or the field won't be an option.
  5. Pretty sure he grew up on a golf course and played regularly.
  6. Congrats to Phil. Westwood and Mahan did pretty much exactly what I expected them to do. I was rooting for Tiger but he just never looked like he was comfortable or wanted to win IMO. Also, I wish announcers would stop describing golf shots as "courageous". I can think of lots of good reasons to use the word courageous and a golf shot isn't one of them. Seems like a very underwhelming way to use the word.
  7. 87 today. Had 3 3-putt bogies. That is so frustrating. Also I tripled the 18th. Kind of a downer to finish but overall a good round.
  8. Shot 87 yesterday. Best round of the year so far.
  9. I'm actually having a very similar experience. After getting the last book I decided to do a full read through the entire series first. I probably have at least a couple of months before I get to the last book. On the one hand, I really want to know what happens and othe other hand I sort of don't want it to end...
  10. I did not realize there were other WOT lovers on this forum but I guess I should not be surprised. I will second what Ernest Jones has said. On topic, I never did play any old school RPG type games. We had an Atari and then Nintendo so it was all electronic for me.
  11. I'm sure he's wishing he would have just said "no" in response to the question and left it at that.
  12. He can thank God all he likes, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Just as a non-believer doesn't have to thank God. Or they can thank whomever they choose. This stuff is so out of hand, lol.
  13. I much prefer to walk. I generally play better too.
  14. Right on, gotcha. No quote confused me, sorry. Goes to my initial point though - big deal. Chris Broussard's beliefs apparently line up with Bubba's. It's not like that's a surprise or anything.
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