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  1. Hey Cr, Probably sell them. You are right they are original. As I said not one ball has ever been hit with any of the clubs. I know Wilson made a limited number of sets for the top Club Pro sellers in the USA only and they came in the Trophy case shown. Originally my home course pro was asking $450.00 for them( tidy sum then). That year where I live my course was closed due to flooding from March through mid May. As such his sales of clubs were dismal to say the least. I started my offer much lower and lowered it as the rains continued and finally bought them along with a set of Ben Hogans for
  2. Actually the set is 2 through PW S400 Gold Shafts. Had to dig them out of storage. Funny but the Grips are still in fine shape. Not calcified or soft.
  3. Thx Erik. Ebay has nothing even close as these are brand new clubs. Trying to determine value as I think I want to sell them so they get used by someone who would appreciate them. I used Wilson Fluid Feel's ( used set) when I started to golf and was learning the game. Bought them in case someday I had a son who golfed ( LOL Had twin daughters). Hopefully they end up with a golfer who would use them.
  4. I have a set of New Wilson Staff Fluid Feel Irons. 3-PW. Steel Stiff shafts. They are still Brand New and have never been used. In original Trophy Case. Wilson made 100 commemorative sets I believe. Anyone have an idea where I can get a value for them?
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