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  1. 3jacker

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    2nd greatest Mormon to ever golf his ball. He burned bright, but faded and his totals aren't crazy high in pro golf. But in announcing, he was without equal.
  2. 3jacker

    Paul Azinger to Replace Johnny Miller on NBC

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Best commentator in golf by a wide margin. The only one with any balls to tell it like it is. Not the best voice, not the best delivery, but by far the best content. Zinger is not afraid to say what he thinks, but he's a try-hard. With Johnny, it just came naturally.
  3. I would definitely play more golf, probably a lot more, if it were 12 holes. Hunting and fishing cut into my schedule, and there's only so much time to go around. If golf took closer to 2.5 hours to play a round, much closer to almost every other sport, I'd fit it in a lot more often.
  4. 3jacker

    Long par 3's and trouble with hybrids

    My course has 3 out of 4 par threes over 230 from the back. At least the 4th one is only 135, but it's an island green and it's by far the nastiest. If you're new to the game, keep at it. Hit it a few times and the confidence will come.
  5. That reminds me of the time I worked at a golf course in between high school and college. It was the Women's Club Championship, so we (me and my buddy on the grounds crew) decided that, lacking specific instructions, we'd put the ladies tees on the back of the ladies tee box. Not the back of the teeing ground overall, mind you, just the back of the forward teeing area. I mean, it's the club championship, right? You would NOT BELIEVE the amount of #$@!ing and moaning that ensued. And our head pro had to deal with it, not us. We were laughing our a$$es off watching them stomp into the pro shop to give him a piece of their mind. And we're talking extra yardage of 2-5 yards per hole. Still cracks me up. Anyway, he relayed the complaints to us with instructions the next morning to "not do that." We didn't, but at one point we briefly toyed with the idea of cutting the hole 10 feet to the right of the 4th green the final day. Off the actual putting surface. Thank God we had the sense not to.
  6. 3jacker

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    Palmer was similar in generating interest. Before that it was about as popular as table tennis.
  7. 3jacker

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    Couldn't agree more. Well summarized. Or "summarised" if you prefer.
  8. 3jacker

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    Go fishing
  9. 3jacker

    Ian Poulter - Ass

    It probably does. Having people kissing your ass all the time; I'm sure it leads to a bit of a little caesar syndrome. I mean... if people threw money and compliments at me all day I don't know what I'd be like. I don't overestimate my self-control on this, either. Probably end somewhere on the spectrum between Poults and Caligula.
  10. 3jacker

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    It's not like these long hitters can't reach for the 2 or 3 iron. I don't get the "length" issue. It's an advantage even for the less accurate guys. Not many are less accurate with an iron the Europe with the drivers.
  11. 3jacker

    Ian Poulter - Ass

    Depends on how old you are I guess lol
  12. 3jacker

    Ian Poulter - Ass

    I've seen Lee Trevino do it, Allenby do it, Vijay do it, Tiger do it, Greg Norman do it.. the list goes on and on. Jack Nicklaus treated my best friend like crap during a business meeting (that was just an introduction to prep for a medication ad). I've been an ass to people. My dad's done it. So has my mom. We're just human. Taking one or two incidents out of a lifetime isn't really fair. Not my grandmas though, they were saints.
  13. 3jacker

    Michelle Wie's New Swing Changes

    Funny regarding the less handsy 1-piece takeaway quote by Leadbetter. "This day and age most players set the club a lot earlier than they did years ago." I guess the new way is the very old way?
  14. 3jacker

    Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    I have one, but I don't ever use it. I play with guys of similar ability and we play straight up. I guess I keep it around in case I need it for a tournament, but most tournaments I do play in are either scratch or scrambles where it doesn't matter and we build our own team. I don't have any interest in winning the 3rd flight of the club championship.
  15. 3jacker

    Michelle Wie's New Swing Changes

    Watching yday, the main issue I noticed is she's still got the bleached hair. Her swing looked better with dark hair.

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