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  1. 3jacker

    What driver brand do you use?

    I have the SubZero XR16. Otherwise, same experience as you though, can't believe how much I love this driver.
  2. 3jacker

    Hard sand in bunkers

    I hate hard sand. But it is a hazard, and not supposed to cater to my wishes... so... I have a 8* bounce 58* that I use for this. Less bounce for hard sand, more for soft.
  3. 3jacker

    Tour Poll Taken With Some Interesting Answers

    More talent = best results with least "work." Cabrera is 100% on topic, and player - i.e., professional golfer - is what I thought we were talking about?
  4. He said he hits them well but then said he's struggling with the transition. If these are better, stick with em. If not, go back to stiffer. EZPZ. We're milking the mouse here.
  5. Fair enough. Well, in my experience I find that stepping down in stiffness feels better. But I have to try harder (slow down my transition and acceleration - it's a timing thing) to hit it straight as I also experience the high/right result if I make no changes to my tempo. I also hit it shorter and with more spin.
  6. I'd fix the flaw first before introducing a new variable.
  7. 3jacker

    Tour Poll Taken With Some Interesting Answers

    I think in the sense it's used in the article "talent" refers more to God-given ability rather than anything "earned" through dedication and work ethic. Some guys just have it. Olds will remember Bruce Lietzky from the 80s.. never practiced. Just hunted and fished and showed up to earn a check when he needed to. Beat scores of harder-worker players anytime he wanted.
  8. 3jacker

    Kathy Whitworth Is A Stud

    Now that you've stated TW has 106 wins it kinda sucked the life outta this thread.
  9. 3jacker

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    Tell me more about this wunderkind Bradley? Is he the hottest thing since sliced bread on Tour or what?!
  10. 3jacker

    Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson Break Up?

    Sounds like DJ may have dodged a bullet here. If it's true.
  11. 3jacker

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    It's the core demographic, and it's very relevant. If you can't excite that part of your target audience, you're screwed.
  12. 3jacker

    Dustin Johnson Hits Jack's Old Clubs

    I guess my point is folk always focus on the "athletes" like Dustin and Brooks but ignore the fat guys (or terribly thin, like Bubba) who hit it just as far or farther. Both now and in the past. I think the physical conditioning helps to an extent. Especially with fatigue, and theoretically, injury prevention. But they still get hurt so I'm not sure about that second part. For every Brooks, there's an Arnie. For every Angel Cabrera, there's a fat Jack. I think it's all overrated.
  13. 3jacker

    Phil Mickelson's Twitter Account

    I guess if the Prez handles his own tweets then it isn't that much of a stretch to think Phil does. lol
  14. 3jacker

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    Ha, yeah.. he makes Rahm look easygoing. What I meant was, it'll be fun for ME, being on the other side. But only if he's getting beat. His demeanor won't be as fun to watch if he's handing our ass to us. 😀
  15. My golf course emotionally and mentally abuses me.

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