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  1. That is incredible.
  2. Yeah, every teacher I've ever had (not just golf) could do what he was teaching. Very well.
  3. Done in by soul-crushing humidity? You must not live in FL...
  4. For sure. For every bad lie I've gotten in the middle of the fairway, I've gotten 50 good ones in in the rough.
  5. Having worked at a golf course long ago, I much prefer being a paying member than being on the other side of things. I like playing golf, not working it. God, just thinking about the drama around the Women's Golf Assoc tournaments makes me cringe. Teaching - now that sounds interesting, rewarding and like something I could enjoy in the golf business. But when I was making decisions, it was expected you become a PGA Professional, and no way was I going to spend years in a pro shop selling gloves, listening to members and guests whine about the course or service (or even better, fight with each other), being responsible for the antics of the cart attendants... no way. Seems you have to do all that just to be a teacher. Which I think is a career in and of itself and deserves complete focus when coming up thru training. The clicker was I knew I could never write those numbers in the squares neatly on the scoring sheets in that neat font that you only see at golf tournaments - which is always the same. That was the deal-breaker.
  6. I may be newish here, but I've not seen very many people humble-bragging (my ss is "only in the 120s") or outright bragging about distances. Maybe 1x or 2x, but then in context of their claimed handicap indiex and/or age, it seemed reasonable. Seems there's far more angst than the topic merits.
  7. Lol. I keep meaning to hit a bucket out of a bunker adjacent to our range to work on that. Maybe tomorrow.
  8. My favorite is "I got unlucky and hit a cart path..." A guy actually tried that on me at the end of a match. Unless the cart path was not visible, and in the fairway, that's not a valid claim. And even if it was, it's good to know what you're hitting at. If the shot's blind, look at the card or crest the hill. Know where you're hitting it.
  9. Soggy conditions are a lot like hitting out of sandy, soft fairway bunkers. Exposes flaws in swing path/angle that firm ground helps mitigate.
  10. You are really reaching now. That "not about completeness" was a response specific towards the use of the term quantifiable in a prior sentence. Not the argument as a whole. I think you know this are just trying to play at "internet debate."
  11. It's not about completeness. That's why it's not quantifiable. Completeness is easy. Valuation is hard, subjective, and forever thus unquantifiable.
  12. Yeah it is. "Saying it is quantifiable doesn't make it so. Saying that more players/deeper fields means definitively that you "played better" does not mean it is so." I made it clear that I was talking about field depth in that instance. Depth of field is not quantifiable.
  13. I know that it means "countable." In the post above, what's not quantifiable is the value of 2nd place finishes, the dept of field (though one can try) in different times and different fields, etc.
  14. Right but a lot of people don't say that. And it does mean you beat the rest of the field and were therefore better. It says a lot about your consistency and performance over time. He is no more the arbiter of the "rules" for determining who's the greatest. In fact, he's disqualified completely due to conflict of interest. He counted the Amateur but since TW came along I can't recall him saying much about throwing that in.
  15. I see him winning quite a few more majors. Maybe a lot more. He's just stone cold... cold. Doesn't approach it like most.
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