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  1. When I began I didn't care where I teed off or what I shot. I was looking for that 1 shot that would bring me back the next time. I don't really think beginners start off getting down on themselves for shooting a high score.
  2. They are, as a whole, much funnier and friendlier. "That Tour" has a lot of good content for sure.
  3. Quite bit costlier. How will the networks pay for it? I can only think of 2 ways. 1. More commercials! 2. Charge more for commercials. Which will be hard to do if networks are losing viewership due to excessive commercials. I guess this can be solved by finding a new player better than TW ever was.
  4. Better and more affordable launch monitors can be a double-edged sword, like video cams back when it allowed folks to see their swing for the first time. "My driver swing speed is 42? My attack angle is -8.3? What kind of a loser am I? I'm going fishing."
  5. I think you are taking this thread too seriously.
  6. Most of the longer hitters hit it 150 on Tour. Some have juiced up clubs. They way they hit the ball, the height, the spin, wind affects it a lot. So downwind can really add distance. Out of the rough, who knows. I've flown a green from 200 yds with an 8-iron once. It wasn't my incredible swing speed that did that. It was an incredible downwind flier. They are also on elevated tees frequently hitting downhill. Golf commentators almost never mention this when they are hyping the distances these guys are getting. On the other hand, there are the Cameron Champ types. But not that man
  7. Anyone's who's played this game for any length of time can likely relate. You have a particularly bad case of whatever it is, but yeah, it can be frustrating to the point of infuriating. I second the opinion that a nice long break is in order. Long enough to where when you return, everything feels uncomfortable. Then concentrate on setup/alignment/grip (you know, the things everybody can get right regardless of ability). Good luck. I know what it's like to have a love/hate relationship with golf. I took up flyfishing as a fallback sport. Much more relaxing, have never broken m
  8. Someone yelled "Send it to the MOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN!!" on the 6th tee on Saturday at Bay Hill. Have to admit it was kind of funny as it was the only voice heard. Can't remember who's drive it was. Might have been Zach Johnson's, which sounds incongruous but I do remember he belted one up and out there a lot farther than I was expecting, 300+.
  9. Here's what I've learned after 47 years on this planet: Most people are full of s***.
  10. Take no more than 20 putts.
  11. Giving this more thought, I'll say the Tour has been good for golf. But currently that is in question. The prime outlet and connection they have to the fans is via television. And that product is currently in sad shape; greed for $$ has eclipsed everything else in their product for the fans.
  12. Ping makes excellent drivers. I can't stand the way they look. It's mental. I'm sure I could get used to it but there's not real motivation to. If it added 20 yds or decreased dispersion significantly I'd be motivated! Lucky for me, Callaway makes excellent drivers too. I could also easily switch to TM, but right now my Callaway consistently gets better results on launch monitors. Until I see something major change, or I break the thing, I'm good there.
  13. I was responding to the speculative post, I don't know that Jordan specifically tried to change anything. I was speaking more to the general idea that we've seen with some players.
  14. I don't get it. A world-beating game and they always try to "fix" something. Most times it doesn't help anything. There's far more to it than how one swings. At that level.
  15. JT would say It feels less uncomfortable with an $$$$ endorsement contract.
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