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  1. There are so many reasons why you may find it hard, or impossible, to approach the ball on a shallow path from the inside that the only way to really deal with it is to take a lesson. Ball position, setup, grip, shoulder turn, transition.. these could all be reason why on a "real" swing you have to make a compensating move across the ball. Or maybe it's not compensating, it's just the only physically possible option. Your swing path might be a symptom of something else, is what I'm saying. And working on the symptom won't lead to any success. Trust me, I learned this the hard way. Several times. See a professional.
  2. I think golf skills are among the least important things we should be judged on. When we die, they are utterly irrelevant. Even for Jack, Tiger, Old and Young Tom.
  3. Well that $600K in 30 yrs (he'll be 66) will be $4.5M at 7%. I'm not sure where it said any of this was tax-deferred or deductible. I would imagine they've blown past all the IRS thresholds for that.
  4. I no longer really hold TW's behavior against him. He's certainly no Jack, nor will he ever be, but I understand that the way he was raised was so odd that it would have been nearly impossible for anyone to expect him to act otherwise. He's seemed to have really come around this time, as far as interaction and fan appreciation, and just general decency and respect toward those who help make his life the way it is. Yeah, yeah, he was good for the game - or was he just good for the purses, and the golf industry? Even if he was (and he was), it was in spite of himself. He brought great, remarkable golf. And not one thing more. Contrast that to guys like Arnie and Jack and you can see why some will never accept him as the GOAT. But he's DEFINITELY proven himself on the course as the GOAT for me, the Masters sealed the deal in my mind.
  5. Just checking in to see if we've definitively put this matter to rest - it's Tiger, right? Or did we decide Jack?
  6. Sorry, I should have been more clear, too. My comments were directed at the younger-to-middle-aged crowd (and non-disabled). Obviously, bad back/arthritis/etc. would make for an exception. 13K is still pretty good!
  7. Carts are something of an embarrassment to me, as a golfer. Golf already has the reputation of being non-athletic, and on top of that we have out-of-shape middle to older men (the majority of players) driving themselves around in silly-looking carts, all the while claiming that golf is a "sport." If the idea of walking 18 holes sounds daunting, you are in horrible physical condition. You probably should start walking.
  8. That is incredible.
  9. Yeah, every teacher I've ever had (not just golf) could do what he was teaching. Very well.
  10. Done in by soul-crushing humidity? You must not live in FL...
  11. For sure. For every bad lie I've gotten in the middle of the fairway, I've gotten 50 good ones in in the rough.
  12. Having worked at a golf course long ago, I much prefer being a paying member than being on the other side of things. I like playing golf, not working it. God, just thinking about the drama around the Women's Golf Assoc tournaments makes me cringe. Teaching - now that sounds interesting, rewarding and like something I could enjoy in the golf business. But when I was making decisions, it was expected you become a PGA Professional, and no way was I going to spend years in a pro shop selling gloves, listening to members and guests whine about the course or service (or even better, fight with each other), being responsible for the antics of the cart attendants... no way. Seems you have to do all that just to be a teacher. Which I think is a career in and of itself and deserves complete focus when coming up thru training. The clicker was I knew I could never write those numbers in the squares neatly on the scoring sheets in that neat font that you only see at golf tournaments - which is always the same. That was the deal-breaker.
  13. I may be newish here, but I've not seen very many people humble-bragging (my ss is "only in the 120s") or outright bragging about distances. Maybe 1x or 2x, but then in context of their claimed handicap indiex and/or age, it seemed reasonable. Seems there's far more angst than the topic merits.
  14. Lol. I keep meaning to hit a bucket out of a bunker adjacent to our range to work on that. Maybe tomorrow.
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