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  1. Thanks for all the replies.Good insight from all. My original post was about a guy who was better about etiquette on the golf course than off. Yes there are jerks on the golf course. He just realized how “great” he was on the golf course with others...and why “he” does not apply the same standards off the course.
  2. I agree with what you are saying. He has been doing some reflecting and trying to understand why he acts certain ways in different situations.
  3. Yes! That is exactly what I was trying to share. But if course we all get angry on the golf course too...but only at ourself!
  4. Oh and he didn’t say this but of course being humble and vulnerable! Golf can be humiliating but so invigorating when all of that is okay.
  5. The man I date and who introduced me to golf said recently (we are going through a tough time ?) the following... ”I’m such an awesome person on the golf course because I know I’m just okay as a golfer so I never judge or criticize anyone. If I would apply this same etiquette to my personal life off the course how much better would all relationships be? This includes business, personal and of course girlfriends and spouses.” i paraphased everything he said but same message. I thought this was brilliant. What if I walked the life of golf etiquette of respect and patience and tolerance in real life. thought I’d share
  6. Jeanne

    Golf Scores

    Great feedback from all. I agree as a “new” golfer it is important to count every swing or shot so I don’t randomly join some tournament where I don’t belong....but at the same time it’s not about the score and just being out there and enjoying playing good or bad is a lot of fun too.!
  7. How’s this? i saw a woman playing alone how can that be we left our wives at home i saw a woman playing alone damn she can play her short game is like a pro i saw a woman playing alone her drive is down the middle i hit left right and moan i saw a woman playing alone why is she here its out of the norm i saw a woman playing alone who really cares but it’s been a man’s zone i saw a woman playing alone who am I to judge she could have sat at home ?
  8. Exactly. My ex thinks I’ll be trampled on by men if I golf alone. I disagree. Sure I might meet someone but I’m sure most men are trying to escape from their wives or women while they golf! He he
  9. Jeanne

    Golf Scores

    Legitimate yes that’s what I’m talking about. When I got my first birdie I was so excited and shared with my boss/owner. His comment was “was is legitimate”
  10. Jeanne

    Golf Scores

    Ok so I picked up golf a few years ago. I’m trying to understand my TRUE golf average. I golf with people and they say oh we only count to 7 or 8 or we don’t count woofs. I count every swing woof. Isn’t that my true golf score? Not pretty but 110 is s good day playing by the rules.
  11. And I will add that yes not all golf courses are best for a female to golf alone. So what? Am I’m not suppose to golf alone as a female? I love to golf..good or bad...but shouldn’t I be able to go out there?
  12. Thank you all! i just want to golf and get better of course.
  13. Okay this post is is old but I’m 58 and female and recently played golf solo. I never thought twice about it. I wanted to play and no one was available. If I want to exercise or take a walk by myself I do so why not golf??? I love the game. Funny though that I was approached by a male group ahead of me a few weekends ago and they couldn’t believe I was a female and playing by myself. We exchanged numbers as he said his wife was looking for a female golf partner. I golfed with her last weekend.
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