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  1. I wasn't expecting "earth shattering good play" - I just wondered if I'm hitting reasonable distance for an amateur with a lite flex, is it worth me trying a stiffer shaft, or could the flex actually be helping me? Thanks for the reply, think I will probably try find a decent regular shaft off ebay and see how I get on
  2. Hi Not sure on my swing speed, not had chance to get it measured. Ball speed at toptracer range is around 150mph but I don't know how accurate they are? I hit a Cobra F6 with the weight at the back, set to 10.5 atm. Fujikura pro 60 lite flex shaft, Srixon soft feel / AD333. Id say 5/10 are out the middle, slight fade if anything, a few are high toe draws. Had a good few that finished 230+ and a couple that were at least 250, can't really say how far on the carry but fairways not particularly hard. I know it's hard without seeing swing etc, but do
  3. As the title, I've got a shaft with adapter that will fit the Cobra Amp Cell, and can't find if any other heads fit this .350 adapter size I've tried it in an F6 and it doesn't fit and looks like anything since then all has the same adapter - anyone know if it will fit in the Fly-Z or anything else? Cheers
  4. No better really although I'm working on making sure I have good tempo, swinging too hard / fast can't be helping me
  5. I've started working on my Tempo lately to make sure I'm not leaving distance behind Thanks for the tips!
  6. Hey, despite lessons etc still don't seem to score much better than 15 years ago. After as many tips as I can find to get me lower than 24!
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