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  1. So I just wanted to update your info with the contents of my post that you implied was idiotic. Which matches your reply. Maybe read it again. Jeezus. I forgot how important arguing on the internet was!
  2. Exactly- that's the thought. The guys that say "Jack only beat 3-4 great players back then" don't take into account the tech of the 60's when comparing Tiger. Of course he had more great golfers to beat, but part of that reason is because of the technology of the 90's and 00's that the tour had vs. leather grip blades in the 60's and 70's. If that tech was in existence back then, the whole argument would be different. How many more majors and titles would Hogan have won? How far back can we go? I just think it's apples and oranges. Or maybe Macintosh apples and golden delicious apples...
  3. Let 'em flame away- doesn't make them right...
  4. I couldn't compare Jack and Tiger. Different era obviously, WAY different ball AND club technology, so many variables it's kind of pointless to compare. (for me at least) For the competition argument, I'd bet a lot of Nicklaus' competition would have been a lot better playing the clubs and balls of the 90's than the stuff they played in the 60's. I think they both hold their own place in their own era, just my opinion... :)
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  6. Hello everyone, Joined the forum hoping to meet some new friends and gain some knowledge for my resurgence of interest in the game. Mini-bio: I started playing Junior year in HS back in 1990, played a LOT the next 2 years and got fairly good fairly quickly- ended up all state by Senior year. Tried out in college, fell short a few strokes, and played sparingly in school. Graduated, got a job in sales so I could play golf () but for some reason, only played about 5 times the next 3 years. My clubs laid pretty much dormant ever since. I always missed playing, and really want to play again
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